Blue's Surgery & Recovery

First, Tyler & I would like to thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the support. Because of you, we were able to afford the MRI that gave us the diagnosis we were so desperately searching for, for so long.

As much as we hate to admit it, we still need your help.

If you haven't heard, Blue was diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumor on the sciatic nerve. Due to it's location, Blue will not only need his leg amputated, but part of his pelvis as well (hemipelvectomy). This is a much bigger procedure and, therefore, more expensive ($4000).

Blue's surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday, 8/30. We haven't quite figured out how we will pay for this procedure, but cancer is unpredictable and we can't wait for it to spread. We are exhausting all of our options (depleting savings, credit cards, and a loan if necessary), but we could use all the help we can get.

We've been on a roller coaster of emotions for a long 8 months now and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Blue's doctor is very optimistic. We expect Blue to do very well as a tripod and return to his happy-go-lucky self. (WE CANT FREAKIN WAIT TO SEE HIM HAPPY AGAIN!)

Every dollar counts, but we understand that everyone works hard for their money and everyone has bills to pay. If you'd like to help and donation is not an option, PLEASE SHARE this post.

And because we simply cannot take without giving a little back, every person donating $10 or more will receive a koozie. We hope that every time you use it, you're reminded of the sweet pup you helped save. 


Life takes you in unexpected places. That is especially true of Haley and Tyler, who have faced significant change in the past several years. From multiple moves, the birth of their beautiful daughter Scarlett, to loss and adversity, Haley and Tyler have handled life's unforeseen curve balls with grace, humbleness and determination.

Because of that, they have resisted asking for help with caring for Blue's mounting medical costs. They are the type of people that will help their loved ones whenever they can but they wouldn't dare of asking for help in return - even when they desperately need it.

Unfortunately, Blue has had a streak of bad luck. What started as a slight limp and enlarged prostate has turned into terrifying and costly process. They have already invested $5,000 of their savings intended on purchasing their first home.

With an uncertain diagnosis, that amount is expected to climb significantly. Now, instead of house searching, they are frantically looking for ways to help get them through while still making Blue's recovery a priority.

Once Blue clears his infection, the orthopedic specialist will develop a plan to identify a final diagnosis. This will likely include a very expensive MRI and possible surgeries. Poor Blue has taken his issues in stride, calmly letting others poke and prod him, but his owners desperately want to get him back to normal.

As Tyler is the sole provider for their household, they are understandably struggling. They have resisted accepting help; Tyler is seeking additional work despite working already long hours, Haley is trying to sell what she can. But I can't bear to watch them struggle, and Blue suffer, when I know there's a way to help them. We know first hand that money is tight so even if you just give us a share, we would greatly appreciate it.

****** As a way to thank those who donate, we will be giving a "You're My Boy Blue" koozie to those who donate $10 or more and to the top sharers! ******

Other ways you can help:
- Share, share, share!
- if you have any handy or plumbing work that needs done, contact Tyler! He's an experienced plumber and is seeking side work to supplement their household income.
- Luke Mullins, a friend and talented tattoo artist, is offering blue paw print tattoos for $40; all proceeds will go directly to Blue's medical costs. For more information, please visit "Luke Mullins Tattoos" on Facebook or contact us and we'll get you touch with him.

Again, thank you to all of those who have offered their help, prayers, and time. We all love Blue so much and we want nothing more than to get him back to his normal, cuddly self.

For those interested, this is what he has endured, in in chronological order:

Slight limp > enlarged prostate > worse limp > neuter/dental > xrays > hip dysplasia > arthritis > ortho surgeon consult > 35 medications (including home injections) > recheck prostate > torn cruciate > sports medicine consult > not torn cruciate > more xrays > severe muscle atrophy > unknown diagnosis (tumor or muscle tear) > wrap foot for support > stops using foot > develops open "pressure wound" > severe swelling and infection on foot > weekend ER stay, second internal infected wound discovered, two antibiotics administered > back to specialist > bandage changes everyday (at vet, each time costing $28) > still fighting infection > Diagnostic tests once infection is cleared
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