Blessings for Eric Monte

Update: We’ve reached our first goal! Mr. Monte’s ultimate goal is to be able to move into a decent housing situation. If you’d like to help us meet that goal, please continue to give and spread the word about the fundraiser. Thank you. 

My name is Dara Starr Tucker. I'm a short-form documentary filmmaker & singer. Recently, I did a story on Eric Monte, who was a co-creator and writer of "Good Times" and helped create the George and Louise characters from "The Jeffersons." His movie, "Cooley High," was the basis for the show "What's Happening!" See the 9-minute documentary here: Eric Monte vs Norman Lear Short Form Documentary 
His role in the creation and development of black characters in American television should have ensured that he was financially set for life, as many of his contemporaries are. Mistreatment by industry insiders ensured that he would never be properly compensated for his contributions.
I have recently made contact with Mr. Monte, who is living in an assisted living facility in Southern California for disabled veterans. He has suffered multiple strokes and is responsible for his own care. Anything we can raise would help to ease his burden.
100% of the money raised will go to Mr. Monte. If you've been touched by any of the shows he worked on, I'm encouraging you to send him a gift to show your appreciation.
Thank you,
Dara Starr Tucker