Blessings for Blaize

As a parent one of the absolute hardest things is to have your child sick. On top of that medical bills and taking time off of work can make things a lot harder. One of the things I love about Tillamook is we pull together to help when one of us needs it. Im hoping we can do that to bless their family and ease some of their burden.
Below is the story that Justine shared about what happened with Blaize..

Thursday at 9am Blaize had a Dr. apt to mainly test for diabeties after some signs that were brought to my attention, the appointment went well and his Dr. agreed there was something wrong and sent us to get labs done at the hospital. I shortly after got a call back from his Dr. about his lab work. She told me to bring him to the ER right then, his blood sugar levels were so high they were off the charts and unreadable. They informed me that normally children with these levels when caught are basically comatose. Luckily he did not get that far. The 1st readable blood sugar level we got was 490, for a child you'd expect their range to be between 60-100. We then got him as stable as possible and he received his 1st dose of insulin to gradually bring down his levels without damaging his organs, along with IV fluids, etc. We waited for a panda to arrive (pediatric Life Flight ambulance,) and got transported to Dornbechers Children's Hospital at OHSU in Portland. We arrived at the Emergency Department where we awaited to see what was happening and if we were going to be placed in the Pediatric ICU. They continued to monitor him very closely as his sugar levels dropped so drastically, down to almost 50 in just a few hours. They upped his sugar intake in his fluids and tried to balance it out with more insulin that released slower. They figured out what they needed to and sent us upstairs to a room, not in the pediatric ICU. At 10pm they had him at a level of 225 and 80 ketones, they finally let him eat a little and drink water, took him off fluids and another dose of insulin. At 12am his level was 375 and only 15 ketones. They will continue to balance sugar intake with insulin until we manage to stabilize his sugar levels and bring them gradually back down to the normal range. Then we will go from there.
My 3 year old son is diagnosed with type 1 on set juvenile diabetes. This is something we will forever deal with. Although it runs on both sides of my family, most if not all of them have type 2 adult on set. Never once did I actually think this was going to be a reality until today. I'm so grateful to Stacie Hanenkrat Fricia for bringing this possibility to my attention, she may have saved my son's life just by pointing out why he might be drinking excessive amounts of water and peeing so frenquality. Also I can not praise and thank the staff at Tillamook Hospital and here at OHSU & Dornbechers enough for all they have done to help Blaize and our family. Thank you to all our family, friends, loved ones for all your support and loving prayers and good vibes.
Please continue to pray everything will be ok for Blaize! A sick child is a parents worst nightmare and the unknown is terrifying.
P.S. he never cried... Not once, with all the needles, pokes, blood sugar tests, hospitals, IVs, everything, not a single tear. Our boy is truly amazing in every way and I will never let this stand in his way!
Parents know your children and do something right away if anything seems out of the normal, it could be the difference of seeing them another day!

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