Billy Brought Us Together


My beloved companion Billy was diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system) prior to the Holidays.  

He already has begun Chemotheraphy, an intensive 25-week program which requires weekly visits, additional medication to offset the side effects of treatment, a Heart Specialist as he has a pre-existing murmur, tests, ultrasounds and x-rays. Treatment will near a five-figure sum. We have put aside as much as we could in preparation for treatment, but the fact remains it is very expensive.

We are appreciative of everyone for their ongoing support. Thanks to you, we do have some funds remaining to take care of his early course of treatment from our last Fundraiser. Many of you have asked how you can help again and we welcome with open hearts, all your support.

As a friend we are calling upon you for your generosity if you are willing and able to contribute. We couldn't ask for more than you have given and are grateful no matter what. Any amount is appreciated.

More on our Decision:

After a six-month bout with his immune system which surfaced suddenly last July, Billy has continued to receive treatment on a bi-weekly basis.

A little before Christmas, I was bathing him and felt two large bumps on each side of his face. Thinking his lymph nodes were just swollen as they often would get with his condition, I thought it soon would pass.  Days went by and I began noticing him struggle to swallow his food.  Noticing no improvement, he went in for a Biopsy. One day later, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

This news was devastating as he was showing every sign of improvement. Other than having to see his Veterinarian regularly, he was almost back to his old self.

The Holidays should have been celebratory but it was a time of inconsolable grief not knowing what to do.

Billy always has been more than just a pet to me. I don't think anyone who knows us well would disagree. He is like a son to me, a best friend whom over these past 14 years has shown unwavering love, holding me together.

In all our struggles this past half-year, my love only has grown stronger for him seeing his willingness to fight and get better. Thinking about a world without him when I come home at night, breaks my heart and is a reality I will have to face imminently.

In a strange way, it is poetic that he was with me through my own battle with Cancer and now I am supporting him through his own ordeal. We truly were meant to find one another and perhaps it was written in the stars this way.

After weighing all our options these past few weeks,  reviewing facts and opinions from multiple veterinarians, we have elected to go the route of Chemotherapy, which of all alternatives is most likely to give him the longest life expectancy. Some friends have told us not to go this route, but this is the choice I feel is right knowing Billy best and I stand by it.

While it is no news that Chemotherapy is very costly, it also is proven to have the highest remission rate. Treatment will take place over the next six months, each visit ranging from $300 to $1,500.

We are well aware even after remission should we be fortunate enough to achieve that, we would have only a limited amount of time left with Billy. 13 months survival is a median and to say it crudely, we are buying time.

Billy has reached the age of 14, turning 15 in March, surpassing his life expectancy already. We have every reason to believe he has a good life ahead yet. His well-being and quality of life is my first priority and I will let him take the lead always. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing I didn’t give him everything I had and I wouldn’t do it unless I was certain he had it within him. I am putting aside my pride and asking once again for your help as a friend.

We are affected deeply by your love, concern and support over the past half-year. Your kind words and generosity have carried us though the toughest of times only for us to face our toughest battle yet. There isn't a place I go where I am not asked how Billy is doing. It isn't till all this occurred that I realized the special place he has in many of your hearts too.

We already are humbled by the support you have shown and couldn't expect any more from you. Any amount is appreciated, we are grateful for anything you are able to give. Even if you are not in a position to contribute, please share this with your friends and family.

We will not take this one last chance for granted.

With love,

Will and billy

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