Bear's Knee Reconstruction Surgery


Meet Bear, my 10yr old “Mutt-Mutt”.  (His Dad was a mix of Yellow Lab & Australian Shepherd with a little French Mastiff and Flat-coated Retriever mixed in.  Mom was a mix of English Cocker Spaniel & Miniature Pinscher with a little Schipperke & Sussex Spaniel mixed in).  He is one of the most gentle, sweet and loving dogs I have ever known.  And I have known a lot of dogs over the years.

About 2 months ago my 70# Husky was being his typical Husky pest and playing too crazy with Bear.  Bear’s back leg buckled under him, causing his left knee to “blow out” - tearing the ligaments.  Since that time he has been unable to use his back leg at all – peddling around on 3 legs with his somewhat overweight body and arthritis in his right shoulder. 
I have to carry him up and down the stairs, which is a risky endeavor for both of us.  (He weighs 48# and I have a hip that needs replacement and rods in my neck)  He has been a trouper but it has become obvious that he will require knee reconstruction due to the extent of the damage.

** Surgery is scheduled for June 29th ***
Surgery itself is around $3,300.  (He will need the TTA procedure due to the extent of damage) 
Due to his age and the delay in getting it done (because I have not had the funds) he will likely require some specialized rehab, which will run another $500.  I have done everything I can to try and raise money but am still $2,200 short for the surgery itself. 
I scheduled surgery because he cannot wait any longer and still be able to regain use of his leg.  It was also done on faith and the hope that I can come up with the remainder by next Thursday.

I am retired and hence live on a fixed income.  My Care Credit is maxed out due to Bear, who in the past 9 months has required treatment for Anaplasmosis (potentially life-threatening tick borne disease) and 2 necessary surgeries – 1 to remove multiple large masses that were suspicious for cancer (fortunately negative) and another on his eye (so he didn’t lose his sight). 
My only credit card was maxed when my vehicle required thousands of dollars in major repairs that were unavoidable. 

This is my last resort, which I have been dragging my feet about doing because I realize that he is “just a dog”, but he is “My boy” to me and I would love for him to be able to enjoy life again – running through the fields up north or just going for walks and playing in the back yard.  All of which he needs to do so he can take off a few pounds again.

Whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated!!  
If you can't help, please share this post.  
Thank you in advance for your generosity!!
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    • $100 
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    • $100 
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    • $30 
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    • $55 
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    • $500 
    • 58 mos
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