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Thank you in advance for your Support. My Name is John and this is our daughter Faythann. Both Faythann and I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta  or OI (brittle bone disease). First, we want to say that we are very blessed to have the life we do. Despite our physical challenges we live life and that there are others that have OI and suffer far greater than we do.  Now, the reason why we are asking for your help. In 2015 while on a trip to NY to visit one of her best friends and attend a  music festival in Central Park to see Ed Sheeran, Faythann’s wheelchair hit a bump in the street and she was thrown out of her wheelchair to the ground below. She instantly knew she broke both legs. The first call was for an ambulance and then to my wife Brenda and I. If you have children you know how we took the news. Faythann was taken to a new small hospital in the city. Faythann was the first patient with OI to be brought to their ER department. Although treating people with broken bones is very common that is not always the case for those of us with OI. There are issues with internal bleeding, breathing concerns due to decreased lung capacity caused by OI and many other considerations. Faythann has had many surgeries placing stainless steel rods in her legs in hope of preventing fractures not to mention major back surgery.  Brenda and I opted to wait at home to see just how bad it was and what the Doctors at the hospital along with Faythann’s specialist here wanted to do. Not an easy task by any means. We were so blessed that her best friend did not leave her side for even a minute. After getting Faythann to the ER and getting her immobilized and getting her pain somewhat under control. The Doctors there felt it best that she was transported back to RI to be treated by her team of specialist that knew her best and had more experience treating OI. We agreed!! Now the problem was how to get her home safely without causing more trauma. Our two options were a 4-hour ride by ambulance or 40-minute med-flight to local airport then 15 minute ride to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The ambulance ride would have required heavy sedation and could cause more trauma for sure. Our bones can fracture with very little force. Also like I stated above breathing issues were definitely concern. Medication used for pain control does effect one's breathing  The med-flight was recommended by both doctors and even though we knew there was a chance that our Health Insurance my not cover it, this was the best option for Faythann’s safety. What would you have done? Just to add one smaller obstacle, this was the weekend the Pope was visiting NY and the Air Space was in lock down until the next day.  The next day Faythann was flown home (best friend by her side) and then taken to Hasbro Children’s where they performed surgery and placed her in what is called a spica body cast. Two days later she was home confined to a hospital bed. She was in a lot of pain but she was home. Where we are now. Faythann has fully recovered and will be graduating Rhode Island Collage this summer at the top of her class. Her major is communication. Don’t be surprised if you see her on TV someday with her own show. Faythann is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I know you’re thinking (you’re her Dad, of course you feel that way) If you know her, you know I speak the truth and if you don’t, I challenge you to prove otherwise.  She has taken on the financial responsibility of college and prides herself of standing on her own two feet. No pun intended.  After two years of fighting with BlueCross and Medicare the total bill of $54,000 is Faythann's responsibility.  As her parents we would pay this in a heartbeat if it were possible. The company Air Methods has been very patient and understands our situation but still needs to get paid something. They have offered to settle the bill for 12,000.00 if paid by February 22nd. We are hoping that you can help us take this financial burden away from Faythann and relieve her worries. This is very hard for us to do. Asking for help like this. I have always tried to be totally self-sufficient despite my physical challenges and have tried to teach Faythann the same.  Sometimes in life, We all need a little help. – Thank you
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