Bassix Studios Vision

Who We Are:
Bassix Studios is the official studio & a division of Mac Life (EIN 85-3217657). Mac Life is an acronym for Minds Achieving Change Living IForgotten Environments which was started in 2014 as a platform created by Rashaad "Shaadie" Nunnally & Brandon "KB" Henry in Vallejo, CA to release music as well as give back to the community by providing entertainment & outreach events. After moving to Utah in 2016 Shaadie has since made a name for himself within the Utah music scene. As a member of The Lane Changers cover band, Shaadie met & built a musical & personal friendship with fellow singer Kirsten "Kiirt Banks" Banks. After joining musical forces & sharing their dreams of having their own place to record outside of their homes, their prayers had been answered and the universe dropped a diamond in the rough of a location that fit their budgets. Hence the black owned & operated Bassix Studios (EIN 85-3313491) located in the Sandy Union Square Shopping Center where we strive to be the entertainment hub based in Salt Lake City, Utah as the go-to company for all things within the entertainment industry. We are simply "getting back to the basics" when it comes to focusing on the local up & coming talent & their music b y connecting them with the resources & community they need to succeed. We are not just a recording studio, but we are also artists who know the struggles of being an up & coming artist on a budget. This is why we keep our rates affordable for the working artist to be able to have a professional place of quality to create within their budget. With our extensive connections & great relationships we have built with other artists, videographers, photographers, models, actors, managers, labels & agencies, we can provide all the resources to assist. Think of us as the hallway that can lead many different artists to the many different doors to help them achieve their goals. Bassix Studios also partnered with the STRT ( company. With our common goal of creating a community of creators, we plan to bridge the gap between the tech & venture capitalists world with the music & arts. Together we create events & opportunities such as our Founders Fridays events where we invite CEO’s, entrepreneurs & investors from the tech & venture capitalists world to come meet artists, entertainers & creators in an exclusive setting to share their stories & needs directly to those who are willing & able to invest. To learn more please follow the link: 

Social media handles:
- Website: 

- Bassix Studios: @bassixstudiosslc on Instagram & Facebook

- STRT: @go_strt on Instagram

- Mac Life @maclifemovement on Instagram

- Shaadie: @teamshaadie on Instagram

- Kiirt Banks: @kiirtbanks on Instagram

- KB: @dodamage28 on Instagram


Our Goal:
We are Bassix Studios are looking for donations to upgrade our equipment & keep our doors open to service the artist in our community. With a little help of receiving a few thousand dollars, we would be able to pay our rent in advance for 6 months to a year as well as upgrade equipment to ensure that we are more than capable to handle the growing demand of our clients. Below you can see a breakdown of a "wishlist" of what we can do with a blessing of $5,000 - $10,000. As new small business owners, we are still day & night job working men with families. As much as we would love to be able to save up our funds as best as we can with our current financial responsibilities, we know that it will be a very slow process being solely up to us. This is why we are reaching out to our friends, family & fans for some assistance. We are open to all options, advice & donations as everything would be greatly appreciated in the growth of our studio. As currently active recording artists, we simply wanted to have a place of our own to be able to record 24/7 as well as allow those in similar situations to be able to have a place that they can utilize. With your help & generosity we would be able to comfortably know that we have a place to call our recording home as well as be a recording home for the many other artists that need a professional, comfortable & affordable place to create. As you can see below, we have listed a few options of what we could do with our current location & its costs. We have also listed what it would take to ensure the same goals, but in a bigger unit as well as both units (the big unit is next door & attached by a window to our current unit) that we have been offered as a potential move. With a bigger unit or both units we would be able to utilize more of our in-house services with the photographers & videographers that we work with as they would use our facilities for their photo & video shoots rather than renting somewhere else. We would also have enough room to rent out the bigger unit for small gatherings such as open mics, movie nights or meeting space while still having our current location to work simultaneously. Although we are asking for funds to ensure we can stay in our current unit, we felt that we could at the very least inform the public of our other possibilities & would it would take to make that a reality with the generosity & blessings of those who are receiving this. Please review the information below as well as the breakdown of our services & what income we can generate. In just our first month of business (we officially received our keys September 3rd of 2020) we have been able to get the word out that we are open for business and have booked over 10 hours of paid work from our various services that we currently offer in a few short weeks. We have made connections with many different artists who have already used our facilities for recording & rental space for their projects as well as built some interest with potential investors & sponsors. We look forward to what the future days & months has in store for us as we continue to book new clients & set up meetings & events that are creating more opportunities for work & relationship building. We would love to make things happen for ourselves & the clients we are building relationships with; and with your generosity we know that this dream can become a reality for us all sooner than later. Check out the testimonials of those who have worked with us on our website as well as on our Instagram page @bassixstudiosslc (


What to do with $5k - $10k??
Current unit: $200 per month
Bigger unit: $300 per month
Both Units: $500 per month

Option 1: 
Pay rent for 6 to 12 months:
$1200 - $2400 (current unit)  or $1800 - $3600 (bigger unit) or $3000 - $6000 (both units)
Full studio recording package: $400 - $2000

Totals w/ current unit:
$3200 (equipment + 6mo. rent)
$4400 (equipment + yr. rent)

Totals w/ bigger unit:
$3800 (equipment + 6mo. rent)
$5600 (equipment + yr. rent)

Totals w/ both units:
$5000 (equipment + 6mo. rent)
$8000 (equipment + yr. rent)

All totals reflect max equipment amounts 

What to do with $5k - $10k??
Current rent: $200 per month
Bigger unit: $300 per month

Option 2:
Pay rent for 6 to 12 months:
$1200 - $2400 (current unit) or $1800 - $3600 (bigger unit) or $3000 - $6000 (both units)
Surplus iMac: $200 - $600
Pro Tools: $300 - $1000
L-shaped workstation: $130 - $140 (
Kaotica Eyeball Mic Isolation: $200 - $250
Krk Rokit Monitors: $180 - $300 each
Soundproofing:$20 - $45
LED lighting: $20 - $50

Totals w/ current unit:
$3900 (equipment + 6mo. rent)
$5100 (equipment + yr. rent)

Totals w/ bigger unit:
$4500 (equipment + 6mo. rent)
$6300 (equipment + yr. rent)

Totals w/ both units:
$5700 (equipment + 6mo. rent)
$8700 (equipment + yr. rent)

All totals reflect max equipment amounts 


Bassix Studio Services
Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 5pm - 10pm
Sat - Sun: 10am - 10pm
**$10 Extra for working outside of business hours**

Current Location & Equipment:
$30 an hour = $750 a week & $3000 a month (at 25 hours a week)

- We tailor to the up & coming artist & would love to keep our rates affordable for recording this is just one of the many services we can offer.

Larger Location w/ Equipment:
$40 an hour = $1000 a week & $4000 a month (at 25 hours a week)
$45 an hour = $1125 a week & $4500 a month (at 25 hours a week)
$50 an hour = $1250 a week & $5000 a month (at 25 hours a week)

- With a bigger space we can utilize our photo/video services through our various photographers & videographers that we work with that are looking for rental spaces & locations they can use for their clients. We would love to be able to house all of this under one roof to get the most of our resources & services. Also with a bigger space & upgraded equipment we would have “the look” of a high-end studio which could charge more for recording, but we would still like to stay affordable for those who simply need a professional recording space that can still have the high-end look & feel.

Mixing Services:
$50 a song

Mastering Services:
$25 a song

Production Services:
$25 w/ stems

Songwriting Services:
$30 a song

Rental Space:
If someone wants to rent the space for their podcast, meeting or what’s to bring their engineer & equipment to record within Bassix Studios: $10 per hour

Package Ideas:
5 session package for $150 includes 1 hr of studio time each session for 5 sessions plus mixing and mastering.

10 session package for $400 includes 2 hours of studio time for 10 sessions plus mixing & mastering.

Extra Services:
If client wants a in house employee such as engineer, producer, photographer etc. prices are below:

Photographer:  additional $15 an hour
Engineer: additional $15 an hour
Videographer: additional $15 an hour
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