Back To Being Grounded

Where do I even begin...

Oh I know!

I took a trip across the country for a month and a half and packed the car with what I thought I might need to survive whatever obstacle was thrown my way. Living out of the car, tents and hotel rooms I had a crystallizing moment...I was happy. I was extremely tired because of the driving and setting things up then taking them down but I was happy! I was driving around the country seeing so many things I've never seen before and realizing all the stuff I left behind I didn't care about anymore. I had exactly what I needed and probably still too much haha. I was happiest in a tent, with my gear and you can't tell me coffee on a brisk morning made from a jet-boil French press isn't the best tasting coffee even with the bits from the beans!

Im a photographer, videographer by trade and now a drone pilot so I was able to exercise my creative muscles to the point where I was just overwhelmed with new shots. I was living the life I always thought was impossible.

Fast forward 1.5 months later and I'm heading back home and the thought on my mind was, "I need more, I want this lifestyle!" I started selling everything I knew I didn't want or need and a few months later I packed up my car and moved to Colorado with no real plan in March. I was living the same way bouncing around from campsites, friends couches and hotels which was getting somewhat exhausting and I was wondering what would fix this. By July I had finally set roots and got an apartment in downtown Denver, it was a little studio and I love/hated it (noisy neighbors and a terrible landlord). More on what I mean about that later. I started working, A LOT. I had 5 jobs during my time at this complex and yes you read that right. I was trying to make friends, do all the Colorado things and raise a new puppy and I thought to myself, "this is living? this sucks" 

I thought I needed bigger space so I moved into a one bedroom apartment in the same building and it was about 400 sq ft I believe and honestly that was the perfect size, horrible layout but its what I could afford even with all the jobs I had acquired. Oh right I didn't tell you what I was doing! I was doing security Monday - Friday normal 8 hour days, I was a drone pilot working for a company out of Texas where I'd be driving all over Colorado to do site surveying, I was a wedding photographer on the weekends along with other photo things during the week, I was driving a food truck in the summer and I was the photographer and doing some logistics coordination for the marketing company for Moet & Hennessey. Yes I was a very busy person but yet I still tried to find time to be social and raise a good pup.

So this is where the story gets way too coincidental. I had to shoot a wedding in Telluride with my drone and I rented a car to drive there since it was 6 hours away from Denver. I found this app called Turo and found a WRX to rip around the mountains with. I get the car, drive all the way there with no hiccups. The next day I tell the crew I'm going to go shoot some B-Roll and I get to this amazing spot and fly the drone around. I get back into the car and the car is the mountains...with no service...4 hours before the wedding starts...CRAP! I won't get into the little details but I just made it to the wedding after driving into the town of Montrose and back with a car that still wasn't working. I had contacted the owner of the vehicle and he felt horrible and he told me whatever car I wanted I could have for a week, I denied his offer and said just let me take photos of the cars and help you market yourself. I knew that reputation was a huge part of this Ride Share business and it wasn't his fault the car died but the management company that handles his vehicles. 

I was thinking to myself I can't keep doing this I need to do something different since it was negatively affecting my mood so I found an out of my lease and an opportunity to move to San Diego. Let's see so that would be about July of 2019 and I went home and thought id be moving everything back to NY to figure out what's  next and when I went back to Colorado a few weeks later I decided against California and started packing up and selling everything again. 
I was enjoying what I thought was my last few weeks in Colorado. The guy who I had rented vehicles from said I should probably stay and I told him the only way I can stay is if I had a job. It dawned on my that he hated his management company that handled his cars so I offered to manage his cars and him not have to worry about crappy reviews or his cars breaking. 

August 2nd I move into an apartment I never thought I could afford and it was $2300 a month plus all the utilities that go along with it so I was making more money and had a nicer place. I again was having trouble with my neighbors so I moved into another unit, 3rd floor 1000sq ft, 2BD2BA. Holy Crap I live in this massive place with my dog, now I need to fill it up so it looks like a home. I bought all new furniture, decor and made it look really nice  but I wasn't happy. I took over the business in Febuary so I would be finally making 60K-70K a year which means I could finally afford health care and take care of all the bills without any help. I was working 90-100 hour work weeks from August until Covid happened. I WAS ONE MONTH AWAY FROM BEING FINANCIALLY STABLE! 

So at the end of April I sold a bunch of things and left everything else in Colorado and moved back in the my parents. Yep it sucks.

So if you read the part about my tiny apartment and probably wondering what that has to do with everything. That tiny little apartment was my favorite  and actually the studio which was even smaller was the perfect size, it was cozy and then I had my massive apartment that, sure I liked it but it was too much, I had to fill it up with meaningless crap, spend all this money on things rather than experiences.

OK! Now to the point I'm trying to make and the reason I'm trying to raise money.

I've always had a fascination with tiny homes, homesteads and community. With this pandemic, these riots, social media and all the things that has negatively impacted peoples well being, their mental health, their wallets and quality of life I had an idea of being free and creating what I think is the best, grounded way of life.

When you go home after grinding all day, you may life in the city and still have to deal with the noise, the neighbors, the traffic, going to the grocery store and trying to find fruits and veggies that you hope wasn't touched by people who are sick, Covid or not. (I know you wash them when you get home, but do you really know where they came from and if they really are organic) After you get your paycheck if you are living paycheck to paycheck wondering if you can afford to take your significant other out after you paid for rent, groceries bills and everything else. If you are on salary and you want to save up and go on vacation or buy a house but it looks like that is going to take years rather than months. What if you just want to live a more self sustaining and simple life but don't know how?

I have seen these tiny home communities where they live next to a highway or an industrial park which I feel defeats the whole purpose of why these tiny homes were created. What I want to do is have a community where you go back to your roots, you're grounded and you're at peace once you get home almost like a homestead but without the crazy cult leaders haha!

Picture this because I don't want to give too much away!

You're done with work, you get in your car and drive lets say about 20-30 mins our of the city to a road that seems like you're driving into Narnia and you come to your turn and head down the driveway, about a mile and head into a clearing where you see your Landlord outside talking with neighbors in the social space where they teach yoga classes amongst other classes, you see your street name posted up on a sign like you see when you're on the trails in the mountains, you drive past the little lake where you see people fishing and relaxing on their paddle-boards and wave to them because they live in your cul-de-sac and you're having them over for dinner this weekend. You drive to your tiny home in that sits about 50-100 feet away from your neighbors and your significant other or your pet is waiting for you and you get into your home, put your feet up and just disconnect. Your phone goes off and its to remind you to pick up some veggies, so you go outside into the middle of the cul-de-sac and pick some fruits and veggies from the garden and head back in and you open that book you've been trying to catch up on and just enjoy looking out  your window and enjoying the view of nature knowing you bought this little home for as much as a new car and now your financially free and can just enjoy life the way you want to. You feel like you're a million miles from work but in fact you're maybe 30 miles away. Your home is powered by solar, you have a little wood stove in your home for warmth, you fill up your water tanks once a week depending on how much you use. That composting toilet that needs to be dumped out right? just head to the area in your section where you can just toss it in the bin. Your trash, you can drop off at the community house.  Not having to worry about paying the rent since it’s so low since you’re renting a plot of land that if by chance you’re out of work and the first of the month comes up you’re not paying what I use to pay, close to $2300 when I moved into what I thought was my dream apartment and that left me with hardly any extra cash to save for any endeavors or whatever it is you want to buy. Instead maybe 300-400 for rent?! 

I think you get the picture right?

If that sounds like something you're interested in please donate!

OH! Each area would have a tiny home specifically for the grounds keeper so I would be offering affordable living and jobs to those who need it and would enjoy living an off grid lifestyle.

I want a community to where it feels like a small town but everyone there has so much in common and you just feel free.

I don't know where I would put this community yet but the amount I'm asking for is to pay for the land, a few tiny homes, excavation, setting up a well, insurance. If you donate a substantial amount you can live in the community free of charge for the first year.
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