BabyJack's Orthopedic Treatment

This fundraiser is to cover surgeries BabyJack has already received to pin  his fracture. In addition, he needs to have an outside traction bar removed, staples removed additional xrays and possible pain medication. Initial rehab will require a 4 legged wheel chair , then a front-left wheeled support chair only for his leg he lost 13 years ago. He will also need a brace for his current injury to support repaired and pinned back leg, when using the front wheel chair.

BabyJack has had 2 surgeries already, and one week of in-patient care. I brought him home thinking I could care for him myself, and didn't realize that I couldn't even pick him up. My son arrived from out of state for Christmas and is able to take him outside, but he is mostly immobile and has not used any muscles or his good legs since December 9th,the day of his accident. Sadly, now, I can lift him myself because he has dwindled down to nothing. He is still eating, loves his big bones, and refuses to stay on a blanket or pad with even a few drops of his own pee, so he self-advocates well,and keeps us all busy, around the clock. He uses his front leg to pull himself off of the pad if it gets even a little wet.

When his vet first put the plate and pin traction into his leg, December 9th, 2020, he said that Jack should see an ortho specialist, but that was out of the question due to lack of financial resources, and because it was just a fracture, I honestly felt that he, we could overcome it pretty easily, having survived the first limb loss.

However, I was unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation because he has but 3 legs, and injured his back leg on the same left side of his missing front, so he can not even stand on his remaining two legs with sling support to pee.

His "traction" pin/stabilizer had to be re inserted during surgery a second time because it came out the day I brought him home.

He will need a 4 legged wheel chair for a while , and then will probably need to rely on a front leg wheel chair later because of his age and arthritis, and now muscle degradation.

BabyJack's Life Story:

BabyJack Boudreaux turned 12 in October of this year. I keep track of this because he "came" to our family when my son was in 7th grade. Right after I picked him up running down the street, I took him straight to my son's football practice and let him run around the filed. My son only did football in 7th grade, so that keeps track of Jack's ag. My son is 25 now, so BabyJack has been a huge part of our family for over a decade.
I "found" Jack that day, struggling to carry his huge head on his then, 3 month old legs, down the street. It was like God had read my mind and sent me the exact specifications of my dream pittie, down to the  short nose ,square head Staffordshire characteristics, brindle and white with an eye patch like the old RCA record doggie  I loved as a little girl. 
I guess I knew that he wasn't some random stray, but I was able to pretend he was mine for a few hours until I got home form football practice and started trying to track down his owners.
Turns out he was my neighbor's papered dog who, at her wits end, no longer cared what happened to him, because she had 3 little kids under the age of 6 that had her momentarily, continuously beaten down. Apparently, she couldn't deal with trying to keep Jack from running away, one more time.
Kids, husband, other pets, friends, neighbors, in and out of their gate an doors constantly ,providing Jack too many ways to sneak out. Right then I should have been able to make a rational decision, and drawn some reasonable parallels. All of her frustrations and challenges should have been setting off five alarm sirens. I too was already beaten and exhausted by my 3 kids, two other family dogs, leopard gecko, etc (minus the wage earning husband to feed) but also frequently failed at  being a proficient 24/7 "door" , or "gate monitor. All that ran through my head was how crazy she was for giving away the most beautiful, sweet, dog in the entire world.

Well, 3 months later, the kid's dad was over installing a swamp cooler and had the front door, garage door, back door, french doors, all the doors in the entire house open, without informing anyone he needed to do that to test the pull or draw of the cooler,and BabyJack lost his first leg that day.

My phone rang and when I answered it they said,"Do you have a dog named BabyJack?" I realized at that moment that he was gone, and then learned he had been hit by a car over a mile away. I was so devastated, and thank goodness their Dad was there to go with me to get him, because I wasn't sure what I was going to need to deal with .

I was so relieved when I arrived to see not a spot of blood on BabyJack,nor a scrape or scratch. He was just holding his front little paw like it was sprained, broken, or had a thorn. The woman said he had rolled under the car that had hit him but that they had just kept going, and so she had pulled over to get him out of the street. I thanked her a rushed Jack to the pet ER, to get his cast, or splint.

The news hit like a ton of bricks, and I was positive that the first vet was a scam artist, or being over dramatic. They said he needed surgery and a prosthetic joint and leg because the nerve had been pulled from the spinal cord. First estimate was $3800,or I could amputate for $1800, or put him down.
Second $2500,third was about $1700....and so on.
The last vet, which by then had me  well over $750 into  3 opinions, just pooling for compassion, did state that there was a 10% chance the nerve would eventually grow back and BabyJack would regain use of his leg. Since I had no money left and had applied and used CARE credit just to get that far ,I left with Jack and the 10% odds.
We made a sling for Jack's leg around his neck and he learned how to hop around ,fetch, climb stairs, get in and out of car,etc on one  front paw. 3 years later when we did the poke test his nerve had grown back, and he had feeling again, but the paw was frozen in a hook position from the sling.
I was told about a country vet who would amputate for much less than I had been quoted, and in fact did the amputation for $300. He said it ws a common surgery, that dogs jumped out of farm trucks daily and had exact injury, and amputation was typically the best option.

Well,10 years later, and countless, sometimes daily failed and successful escapes from BabyJack, on 3 legs, has led him to his current medical complications. I thought when he was 2, after being fixed, it would curb his running behaviors, but that had no impact on the "jaywalker".

I finally had a new fence built in the backyard after multiple mends from him head butting his way through rotten wood,and was attempting to fence front yard. BabyJack had gotten so stiff from 12 years hopping around that he barely ever moved anymore. So, I decided to try CBD to help improve his quality of life.Well, all of a sudden he was sneaking out again, running down the street, chasing cats, barking, doing all of this stuff he did when he was a puppy, and although that was great, it led us to this.

BabyJack has been part of our family for 13 years, and although many people think we should just put him down, had we listened to them 13 years ago, BabyJack would not have had such an inspirational tripod doggie life. His current injury is only a broken bone, and he should be able to get back to tripod life after wheelchair and splint support rehab.


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Suzannah Rabbass 
Fresno, CA
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