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Hi My name is Liz, I have been with my partner Chris for over 13 years and we live in Warwickshire

We have 6 Rescue Kitties 1 off the streets who turned out to be Pregnant we kept the 5 Kittens but we have Space and a lot of Love Left for a Baby too!

I Suffered for many years from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) & Endometriosis. Chris has a fertility issue too.

After spending over a decade of trying unsuccessfully to have a baby we approached the Coventry IVF clinic to seek professional help, we were granted one free run although costs for additional procedures and medicines totalled over £1000 which we were happy to pay for.

All went well to start with, after many months of setting all things in motion including lifestyle changes, diets etc, we were told that the Embryo Transfer had been a success and I was 4 weeks into my pregnancy

I was so happy, all my dreams had come true, I was going to be a Mum at last.

I had a number of early stage alarms and worries but all seemed well, the scan at 7 weeks clearly showed Baby (who we called Peanut) alive and well with a very strong heartbeat.

This is Peanut:

After several more weeks of agonising waiting we went for our 12-week scan, the nurse spent some time running through the procedure, she finally looked at me with a tear in her eye and informed us that Peanut had died not long after the first scan date.

I was devastated, I found it hard to live through the next few days, on top of which I had to cancel Midwife, Doctor and further hospital appointments, I grieve everyday now, it’s hard to hold back the tears.

Peanut had to be surgically removed the day after the scan at the local maternity unit which was full of happy mums and their new born babies, it was a very difficult time for me. My world had fallen apart.

Following the Miscarriage our next course of action was to return to the clinic to discuss what had happened and plan to start the procedure for a FET (frozen embryo transfer) we had one embryo only so this is our Last Chance. This all took some time as the whole procedure starts again with all the pre-medication and conditioning. Dates were all set, i'd been drinking POM juice and eating a slice of pineapple a day including the hard centre (supposed to help build the womb lining) All was good, every scan just as it should be so all ready for Transfer Day, I was excited and nervous about our Embryo (we already nicknamed Sprout) not thawing out, he did and he expanded as he should, took on water and the transfer also went very well! After the implant was completed we were informed that everything was looking as good as it could be. 

Then a day and a half later I started bleeding, it was Sunday so I couldn't call until the next day and when I did I was met with a highly unsympathetic nurse who said it wasn't normal and just had to cross my fingers....Cross my fingers when we put our hearts and souls into this, all our hopes and dreams!
After researching this like crazy I discovered I needed to be given more progesterone, so called the clinic again and was told I was on the max dose (I was not) and that it would just be a waste...the bleeding could've been stopped and Sprout saved so again, a heart wrenching situation that was unexpected and completely devastating.

We are now faced with starting the whole procedure again from scratch, the costs in time, emotions and money are considerable so again we are looking for support to aid us on our journey.......but not at that clinic :(

I just want one tiny miracle all of my own to love and cherish, I am saving like mad, selling everything I own in the hopes to realise my dream, the cost of the next IVF round will cost thousands which we do not have at this point.

My family encouraged me to look for help online which I am now pursuing even though it goes against our grain.

Just one baby please to make my dreams come true.

Thank you for reading my story, please help by donating if you are able and if you can’t donate please share my story because maybe someone else can, thank you

All my love Liz.

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