Natalie (18), Katherine (20), Tiffany (21)

 Last night June 19, 2022 my daughters Natalie, Katherine, Tiffany and my father Luis Vázquez were taken from me in a car accident involving a semi-truck. I am truly devastated and mourning the loss of the ones closest to me being taken away so suddenly. My youngest daughter just finished high school and was on her way to university along with her other sisters and both had such promising futures. My daughters were loved by everyone, they treated everyone with respect as if they were their own family. I know they are in a better place and I am grateful to know my father is with them watching over them just how he has watched over me.
Unfortunately due to the circumstances being so sudden I was not prepared for such a financial hardship. My daughters were visiting their grandparents (my parents) for the weekend and were struck by a semi truck and were apart of a hit-and-run (the person involved was eventually arrested). I need to pay for the funeral expenses of my three daughters and have them flown over from Guatemala to the U.S. If there's anything you can donate even if it's $1 it would be greatly appreciated and would help me so much during this horrific and sudden life altering incident.