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My heart is already filled with gratitude as so many of you are supporting me with encouragement, advise and the hands on work it’s going to take to do this project. Thank you!
.Now I am asking 108 friends and family to each donate $33.00 so that I can purchase 108 pieces of sustainable Cedar plank for the floor of my Yogi Garden – Yoga Studio.

 Also in return for your donation, you will literally be a part of our foundation! As your name will be branded into the piece of wood your donation covers.

 Plus you can attend 3 regular 80 minute yoga classes for the same $33. Donation. They will never expire and are also redeemable as a trade for one sustainability / cooking workshop, if yoga is not your interest.

You see this space is sacred to me so I have incorporated in it, the laws of geometry with the number 108 and its significance. It is the distance of our planet to the sun and it repeats throughout the  natural world.

In yoga it the sacred number of Mala beads that surround a Guru bead, worn as a Mala, which intentions and Mantras are spoken and repeated on in a JapaMala prayer.

I will  use this as a walking meditation as I will touch this floor everyday day of my life and think of your kindness in helping me as my community grows!  

    My 50 plus students that are already members and volunteers in the build out, are trying to get the studio area open by August, that is why this is so important  that you donate now. 

If you can help and share my cause I would really appreciate it! The rest of the project, the indoor class room and learning kitchen  will be  completed in late fall as this is a 3 part campaign, 

So  if you can donate to help me build part 1, the Cedar floor, then I can invite you to my  studio so that you can see and experience nature, yoga and green living., part 2 and 3. At its best...

...Here is the rest of my story, if you want to know more about me and my passion project.

Hi I’m Catherine, call me Cat…I want to tell my story as you can help turn my dream into a reality for my community… but the more important story is the one on the state of our environment. 

This campaign is a call to action to put Earth first. The time is now. By donating, you take a step on a green path helping to restore eco-harmony. Be a part of this solution and know that we all can live a simple clean life that will benefit the environment, the planet and all of us!

I’m just like many of you. I've had an exciting life, lived in the fast lane, savored urban living, fallen prey to the lure of money in the corporate world.

I was a Spa Designer and Wellness Director for a boutique hotel chain in Miami and Beverly Hills.

Eventually, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. My original intention with my profession was in helping people, but as the spa business took off and evolved, “wellness” became something only for those who had luxury income.

I began to seek more meaningful pursuits. I became a Yogini. I taught myself Permaculture concepts. I learned that as just one citizen on earth I could help our planet with every action I took.

Well, I fell in love with this green alternative! I took this lifestyle to an art form! From practicing yoga every day, to organic gardening, to soil to table cooking, to canning extra harvest, to composting everything. nothing was wasted!

The whole happy experience of being in control of my nutrition and in sync with nature was such an amazing feeling! I was in great physical shape from the work and great mental shape from studying and training.

In a few years I had built up my land and my house had become an urban homestead. I was so passionate that I made organic food baskets filled with flowers and herbs at an economic price for those in need. A community had begun and I had found my purpose; yoga, gardening, and helping people.

Earth is my church. Like a conduit, the works led to a spiritual connect through nature… I had found myself. I found hope for the future. I learned what was important in life, and in my home. I want to share my knowledge. I have become a teacher, an inspirational speaker and an advocate of environmental activism. It is only natural to my mission to promote the benefits and qualities of Earth Consciousness in any way I can. I started to design and build the studio spaces.

Then some changes threatened to unethically take my home and my dream away from me. I felt like an ant taking on an elephant as the consequences of losing my home was a huge probability!

I was determined in saving it because it had become my refuge, but not just mine; it was also a refuge for my trees, my honey bees, wild birds and butterflies, recue pet and farm animals (I even had a goose named GIGI who did pet therapy in nursing homes for the elderly!)

Just as importantly, it was for my community of parents and children, yoga and meditation students, and people who wanted a change to the left of the grid.

So Bravely I chose to fight the corruption. Finally after three long financially draining and thoroughly stressful years, I won my lawsuit and was able to keep my home.

My sanctuary was safe although it was in disarray and poor condition. That was 6 months ago…

…Now my vision truly begins again! I want to build a simple, community space based on donation, volunteering or trade for classes in yoga, mindfulness and sustainable living. I see this turning into a nonprofit where many classes will be free.

I envision my property’s spaces restored into annexed learning areas connected to each other through beneficial gardens, covered walkways that lead to the learning kitchen, meditation spaces, teacher-in-residence apartment, and a yoga studio/greenhouse.

For those like you, who care about our mother earth and want to stop our dependence on mass manufactured food and help save nature, this campaign is for you. We all can take simple steps to decrease our use of the supermarket and dependence on our cars. I will teach you fun alternative ways to not just survive but thrive. Life will be healthier and you will feel vibrantly alive!

Please help me, then come and learn with me. I promise to show you a greener, healthier, cleaner and calmer way of life!

A Yogi’s Garden Wellness Studio: “To help and heal nature - as we help and heal ourselves”.
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Catherine Be 
Miami, FL