Autism Recovery & More

Hello Loves!

My name is Jennifer.
I am the mother of my non-verbal autistic young adult son Michael. We have YouTube channels set up. To help share awareness that is very enlightening and our naturally recovering autism journey and more!

This Go Fund Me Page is partly set up to help us afford the program Naturally Recovering from Autism. Which is monthly to take herbals, elixirs, supplements, a diet change to organic foods that are homemade etc. We are to take the program for a few years or until complete to recover from Autism.

This go fund me page and our social medias and YouTube channels is to help show our naturally recovering autism journey. To share the challenges and progress and to give hope to other parents or caregivers of autistic or special needs children and adults. My son is a young adult now. And this program is for any age!

I haven't seen yet any other programs that works with adults with autism. But this one does. And when we started taking this program before he fell and broke his femur in March 2023. The program was working wonderfully! So i want to give hope to others with autism or special needs adults.

My hope and dream is to afford the Holistic doctors who are needed and all of the herbals, Elixirs and supplements and all that is needed to recover autism.
While giving hope to others that this can come true! Even for adults!

My son and I monthly have supplements, Herbals, Elixirs and more that we take. And as much as we can eat organic foods so we're changing our diet and more. The cost is not cheap. And we will be on this program for years!

And for some and maybe my son too we don't know yet. But this can at least help alleviate some of their pains like tummy aches or headaches etc.

For some people who might consider doing this or any other program to might be helpful to see firsthand before deciding if yall will partake in this type of journey too or not. By seeing our journey unfold on our youtube channels.

We Welcome Holistic Doctors or Medical Doctors or Care Givers and Nurses, and Parents of Special Needs Children, or Adults. Or If You Work with or want to work with us. Please contact me!

We might be open to working with you too. If not, please use our videos to help with what you need them for, and it will better help our Special Needs and Autism Community. Please share this Go Fund Me Page and our YouTube Channel to spread the word!

Part of what set us back at the moment and for a while is the cost of the program and the herbals and elixirs etc.

Including out of my pocket I have been paying for his Rehabilitation/ Nursing Home. Since he fell in March 2023 and broke his Femur. He is now home and i paid them up until October 2023.

He and I were in the hospital for nearly two weeks. I had stayed with him since we had never been apart in life ever! Until now.
Near the end of this written section on this page. I put his Amazon Wish List with some of the supplements and other stuff that we take for this naturally recovering autism program. I will put more on there in time. If you donate here helps with all of the cost. Including the herbals and elixirs and some other things that are not available or listed on amazon.

If I weren’t desperate this page would not be made. I am fighting myself to keep this page up.

It is awfully hard! When I should be taking care of us. And not seeking help. But life is not allowing me to!

I will have other options below that you can choose from if you prefer to purchase my services or products etc. over donating.

You can still do both if you would like. To donate and purchase something off from the Amazon Wish List or my Etsy Shop or my Patreon or Pensight etc. I am trying to give as many flexible options as I can to help cover our costs. And areas that you might be at so it is easy to help.

One of Our YouTube Channels

(Follow This One for Updates and Much More We Do on This Channel. Not Just for This Go Fund Me Page. This Was Before We Needed This Page. And To Help Spread the Word of Naturally Recovering Autism.)

In this video, I share a picture of his broken femur and him in the hospital bed. I am giving heads up in case it is hard to watch.

Trust me, it was hard for me to watch myself or share this in hopes that when he recovers from his Autism that he will not be too mad at me for sharing this. I am sharing this for many reasons that I hope are helpful reasons.

When he first got home on October 1, 2023. He's trying to figure out what the medical devices are. And he is showing his injury his broken femur. Which is now a full titanium rod as his femur.

This video is an updated version of our youtube channel intro with info for this GoFundMe page. We created this on Oct 4, 2023.

This short video is when he got home October 1 2023. He is wondering being observant about the new medical devices in his bedroom and he shows his leg meaning his injury.

This video shows the program we're taking called Naturally Recovering Autism herbals, Elixirs, Supplements etc. I forgot to mention the cost. I'll try to make a seperate one sharing the cost.

The reason I created this go fund me. It is for several reasons.

I am not able to safely travel with my son nor is there a daycare in this small town or any family member who can watch my son for me to work. My mom was adopted which limited our family size. She is departed now too. My father is disabled. My brother lives states away and has his family to take care of.

So my work is online. I will depend on my services and teachings which are my courses for an income.

That is the only way I can work. However, with online Algorithms, my course-making is not complete yet.

I am not making an income yet. The only way to get out there is by buying ads which are not affordable and by advertising which only maybe a few people might see.

And to do interviews might help. If you can get Interviewed.

So, I am not able to travel and do my work yet either. Or at least make it aware of what I do.

Once I might be able to get word out of what it is that I do. It is not a steady or good income!

I am trying to get it there. By making lots of live videos or pre-recorded etc.

On My YouTube Channels and My Facebook Pages.

None of my YouTube Channels are Monetized. And Youtube takes a big cut of it anyways.

I am trying my best for my son to help keep a roof over his head and food and all that we need to survive.

With the situations I am in and am provided with. Which are extreme limitations.

The world is not set up for us to survive. In our unique situation.

Other costs that he needs are dental surgery work and in grown toenail surgery work. Which is part of why he fell.

His father does have some Insurance for him. It is the fact of the costs still.

If I cannot make an income how can this work?
How can I afford his surgeries even though he has Insurance through his father?

  • I will have to figure another online option out. Maybe energy healing gardening videos that I do.

Because that is another thing I will be doing. And more people are interested in that than my services I guess right? Because it's practical to many i guess.

I am trying to figure out any online options that will succeed.

Lists of the Costs

  • Medical Bills (Dental Surgery, Ingrown Toenail Surgery, etc.)

  • * Living Expenses (Food, Gardening Helps Me Buy Less Groceries and Cheaper to Harvest What I Can of My Own, Electric, Water, Bills etc.)

  • * Naturally Recovering Autism Program Yearly Cost
  • (Monthly, Herbals, Elixirs, etc.)

  • * Holistic Doctor or Any other that we need then during the naturally recovering autism program

(A Holistic Doctor that We Will work with one in time once I can afford. Including any other types that are needed then.)
I will share updates with pictures of costs. Most will have to be blocked out as far as the company and any personal info on the receipts. As far as the program goes.

Anything that is not run by a small family and that is a company I will be able to share.

If by a small family I would not be able to share the names. Only prices. Meaning names and other aspects will be blocked out from viewing.

Look into the program she mentions it somewhere.

I will share each time on the updates where the money goes or will go towards. Including on the videos on our youtube channel.

The reason for $275k is to cover everything until I can get on my own two feet somehow. In the meantime, I will be figuring those steps out.

My dreams is to help him recover from his Autism and to alleviate his pain and if we get blessed to go further then he can work and get married have a family go to college etc. It can happen with this program! I just need that help to make our dreams come to! It cost a lot! And with a little pitched in from several people this dream can come true for us! <3 :)
Of course, the money will go towards other things to like Land Tax 5k a year, House and Flood Insurance 5k a year, Electric, Water, etc. Until i get on my feet again.

After food costs comes bills etc.

Then it goes towards the program to recover naturally autism

then towards medical bills etc.

So first is food

then living expenses bills

then autism program

then extra bills etc.

So at least it is known that whatever comes up costs wise and which more than likely orders it will be in will be like this. But the updates I make will have the exact reasons and costs and why etc.

If and when my situation allows stability, then whatever happens for me to achieve that.

I will close this Go Fund Me Down and create a new one in the future if needed. I am hoping not.

But I cannot say it will not happen again because of my situation.

So yes, this will cover everything needed for us to keep a roof over our heads to eat and survive and get the help needed. In time this will help cover a Holistic Doctor cost once one works with us and when I can afford one.

We are wishing you and your loved one's dreams, goals, wishes to keep coming into fruition with ease and grace. We are sending you much love, gratitude, and thanks!

I hope you get to join our naturally recovering autism journey too! And become a part of our healing journey! And in our community!

I really do hope we are able to reach others and help others too!

Just as yall are truly helping ours!! <3

We are forever blessed by your donations, prayers, love, and support! I hope we return the same for you to somehow! <3

Here are other ways you can help us!

Our Amazon Wish List

My Services and Products on My Etsy Store

My Facebook Page Where you can Donate Stars and receive free mini or mini donated readings or healings. When I go live or on a post, I make that we can comment back and forth on until your mini reading or healing is complete. My Etsy Store is where you purchase my full readings or healings services. Please read the description for full details.

My courses will be on my etsy shop and in time on my academy page again and on my Pensight Page.
The courses are certified accredited practitioner / teacher.
Many topics such as
Energy Healing
Angelic.... And Much Much More!

Right now one of them is for people wanting to learn to do their own readings from their paid professional reader. Meaning you will learn how to. Instead of depending on a reader. My other courses are to become a reader and other options. But this will also help with both readers and sitters. Ill explain more sometime.

This is my Website. As of the ending of October 2023 will be the last time i have this website. I cant afford its yearly cost.

I might use this Patreon Channel when I get a chance to finish working on this website and the cost and what all I can do. I cannot remember if it is free or not. If not, this might also be shut down too. But I figured I would share anyway. As another option if these all remain available.

Here is my Pensight Website Has all of my social medias and will have my courses to.
I hope any option that I am able to give is helpful when deciding on how you can help us with your love and support! Besides just this go fund me page. And if no financial help in any way.

We ask if you are comfortable with this to please pray intent or pray for us to find the sources and help that is needed to afford and what else you feel is important.

If not we welcome all the well wishing you want to give lovely! You can share our go fund me page or any of our social medias or anything you feel that can be helpful. Please share.
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Give $20 and be a founding donor

Your donation is the start of Jennifer's journey to success. Your early support inspires others to donate.

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Jennifer Bonner
Vidor, TX

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