VIC Authorised Workers Unite Against Mandate

The Victorian Premier has put all Authorised workers into the same group on the 1st of October. We are pro choice, and believe everyone should have the right to chose and be informed. 
We are an executive team of Emergency Services workers who love our community. We are and always have served the community. We have the leadership and skill set to support ALL Authorised workers through the battles ahead. This fund-raising is to raise the much needed money to pay for civil proceedings that will be taken to the Supreme Court, to take this abhorrent breach of human rights and have the mandates overturned.
We are all hurting right now - Please contribute so we can all stand and fight this together.
Please put in what type of ‘authorised worker’ you are, so that we can show that we represent all workers in Victoria. We will work non stop on this issue.
We all need to support each other.
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Keep fighting and spread the word!
The Mandate Executive Team


Organizer and beneficiary

Krystle Mitchell 
Melbourne VIC
Krystle Mitchell