Expand Democracy in Amara Regions

በዛሬዋ ኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ ውስጥ አዎንታዊ የሆነ ማኅበረሰባዊ እንቅስቃሴ ይታያል። የዐማራ ኅልውና ለኢትዮጵያ አንድነት ድርጅት የዚህ አዎታዊ እንቅስቃሴ  አካል በመሆን፣ ኢትዮጵያ ወደ ዕውነተኛ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ግንባታ እንድታመራ እና ዐማራው ተገቢ የሆነ ፖለቲካዊና ማኅበራዊ  ውክልና ኖሮት፣ በአገሪቱ መፃዒ ዕድል መጫዎት የሚችለውን ሚና እንዲጫዎት ለማስቻል አገር ቤት  ገብቷል።

ለዚህ ግብ ዕውን መሆን፣ዐኢአድ ከቀበሌ እስከ አገር አቀፍ ባለው ማኅበራዊ ቁርኝት የማደራጀትና የማሳወቅ ሥራዎችን በመሥራት፣ ዐማራው በየትኛውም ዘርፍ ተገቢ ውክልና ኖሮት ፣በአገሪቱ ፖለቲካዊና ኢኮኖሚያዊ ሕይዎት ውስጥ መጫዎት ያለበትን ሚና እንዲጫወት የሚያስችሉ የመገናኛ  ድልድሎች ሆነው የሚያገለግሉ ጽሕፈት ቤቶችን በተለያዩ የአገሪቱ ከተሞች ለመክፈት አቅዷል። በነዚህ ጽሕፈት ቤቶች አገናኝነት ማኅበረሰቡ ስለመብትና ግዴታዎቹ፣ ስለ ዜጋና ዜግነት፣ስለኢትዮጵያዊነት ዕሴቶች ምንነት እና የኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ ባሕል፣ ስለግላዊና ቡድናዊ መብቶችና ግዴታዎች ጠንቅቆ እንዲውቅና ለአገር ግንባታው የሚጠበቅበትን ድርሻ በንቃት እንዲወጣ የሚያስችሉ የማስተማር፣ የማሳወቅና የማደራጀት ተግባሮችን ለማከናወን አቅዷል። ለነዚህ እቅዶች ተግባራዊነትም የገንዘብ፣ የዕውቀት፣ የመረጃና መሰል ድጋፎች አስፈላጊዎች በመሆናቸው፣ ማኅበረሰቡ ለዕቅዶቹ ተፈጻሚነት የሚችለውን በማድረግ ሕዝባዊ ወገንተኝነቱን በቁሣዊ መልኩ መግለጽ የሚችልበትን ይህን የእንተባበር ግብዣ አዘጋጅቷል።

ለሚያደርጉልን መዋጮ በቅድሚያ በታላቅ አክብሮት ምስጋና እናቀርባለን።

In light of the positive change in the political situation in Ethiopia, the Amara Survival for Ethiopia's Unity Organization (ASEUO) will be participating in the peaceful building of a strong democratic process in Ethiopia. ASEUO’s goal is to bring about a fair representation of the Amara people in Ethiopian politics with the firm belief that the future of Ethiopia is richer if all ethnic groups that makeup our multi-cultural and multi-lingual country are represented fairly.

To achieve this objective, ASEUO has committed itself to organize at a grass root level within the Amara region in Ethiopia in preparation for all levels of political representation by establishing offices in several regions. We will pursue a path that includes:

-  Educating the people to understand the rights and responsibilities of the process of democracy in their context,
-  Realizing that every human being irrespective of gender, age, ethnic makeup or religion observed is a valuable member of Ethiopia.
- Supporting a process that values peaceful and mandate-driven processes to elevate the lives and expectations of all Ethiopians.

We are asking all Ethiopians, our friends and supporters of Ethiopia of any citizenship, ethnic background and of all the religions observed in our country to help us realize a peaceful and sustainable positive change. We plan to establish a minimum of thirteen branch offices in Ethiopia to help bring about this change. The offices will be the nerve center for the embodiment of the aspirations of people of Amara origin as we seek to better the lives of our brothers and sisters as we embark on a democratic future. The offices will be setup to provide relevant information and education to constituents in their respective areas. The needs and aspirations of the constituents in each area will also be channeled via the regional offices to Ethiopians in the country and Ethiopians and our friends in the diaspora.

A breakdown of the intended use of funds will be published along with a monthly update of our status for full transparency.

Thank you for your time and your valuable contribution.
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Aseuo Operations 
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Shewayigza Mekonnen 
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