Art Business Mentorship & Training

Hi, my name is Claire, and I am asking for help to finance an Art Business Mentorship & Training program that I was recently accepted into.
If you have followed along, you know I have been working as an artist for some time with several stops and starts due to health challenges. I have been proud of the work I have been able to create, but it has been an uphill battle. Most recently, I had a six-month struggle to find the proper treatment for my epilepsy, making me feel like I wouldn't be able to maintain my art practice. The good news is that I finally have stabilized! I feel like I am surfacing again and motivated more than ever to pursue my art vocation. I believe in the work I am creating and can create in the future, but I am still learning what it takes to make a viable living as an artist.
I refuse to believe in the myth of the starving and struggling artist, but I recognize that I need guidance to make the business side of my art thrive. I have been looking for mentorship and guidance from those who have gone before me, which led me to find Ann Rae's "Making Art Making Money" program, which I applied for and was accepted into!
Selling Art does not fit into traditional business models, so I was very excited to learn about her program and support network.
The program lasts for 90 days with weekly meetings for guidance and accountability. I will have access to the materials for a year. To graduate from the program, I must make my money back at a minimum, and if I don't, they will work with me until I make the sales I need to cover the tuition.
I have been accepted but need financial help to begin the program! Would you consider investing in me so I can take my art practice to the next step?
If you decide to partner with me, I would like to offer you value in return. Any amount you give would become credit toward my artwork of your choice of the same value. The credit would apply both to fine art prints and original work. I will also include you in my newsletter so that you can share my journey and progress.
The tuition will increase on June 12th, so time is of the essence if I want to get into the program at the current cost.
Will you consider investing in me?
Thank you for following along and believing in me!
– Claire

P.S.  Here is an article about the program and the founder if you are interested in knowing more:
  • Anonymous 
    • $200 
    • 3 d
  • Anonymous 
    • $40 
    • 13 d
  • Anonymous 
    • $390 
    • 14 d
  • Brent Parr 
    • $50 
    • 14 d
  • Lisa Berg 
    • $20 
    • 15 d
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Claire Carter MacKenzie 
Eureka, CA