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Hey guys ! My name is Liz Bullock. I am the sister (really 1st cousin-we are closely knit) to Bradley and Amber Crawford, RN and also the Annie to their precious curly red-head blue eyed baby girl Annsley Elise. Our mission here is to help uplift this little Christian family with as many prayers, gifts and donations as possible ! So hear us plead, to help those in need. After 9 looooooooong months of anticipation and suspense waiting, wondering, for an unknown gendered baby ... FINALLY on Friday, June 9, 2017 the Good Lord blessed the Gregory and Crawford families with a 5 pound 7 ounce curly red-head blue eyed beautiful (might I add quite feisty) baby girl named Annsley Elise Crawford. - I call her Annie until other wise instructed - From what the eye can see she is absolutely perfect, in every single way. Just 1 1/2 days after her birthday Annie had her first night home. It went to be expected. On Monday, Becky Scott (Mamaw), Tate(my son)and I just had to go check on sweet baby girl. She was snoozing away in her white ruffled bassinet. Until Tate kept wanting to "hold tha babay" and play with her toes. It was an incredible site ! Tate lubs the baby !!  Annie seemed to have had a great next few days (5 days home). On Saturday June 17 Bradley (Daddy) and Amber (Mommy) had been noticing little changes in Annie's behavior and physical appearance. That night they decided and took her to the emergency room in Starkville. While there they were faced with something no parent should ever endure. Annie was air lifted to Blair E Batson a children's hospital (Cardiac PICU) in Jackson; luckily Mommy got to ride with baby girl. Mommy said "I couldn't see baby girl but I could hear through the head phones everything that was going on." By 4:45 AM (Sunday) they were told Annie had a birth defect and that something might have to be done. She was still having test ran for them to figure out exactly what was going on. The next few hours were some of the most crucial for Daddy and Mommy. (Day 2 no sleep for them) Randy(Bradley's dad), Sherry(my mom)and I made it to the hospital around lunch Sunday. Daddy and Mommy were back seeing Annie when we arrived. We seen Melissa(Amber's mom) in the waiting room and naturally went to her for reassurance, hugs and questions. As she was attempting to choke out the words SFC Wayne(Amber's dad) walks up and directs us to a bigger location for us to all be able to sit together. When we got settled in chairs Kyle(Amber's bro-n-law) and Allie(Amber's sister) walk up to greet everyone. Just a few minutes later here come Daddy and Mommy down the stairs to where we were sitting. Both of them looked like walking zombies. Mommy sat beside her dad for a moment then he quickly escorted them to a hotel room he provided(is still providing) for rest and alone time. We did not ask for hugs upon this arrival. Nor did we even speak. It was that silent "we love you and are here for you" type scenario. While Daddy and Mommy were being escorted to their hotel room we were informed that no one could go back into the PICU without a badge or either parent. Meaning until Daddy and Mommy were back from attempting to rest that we would be waiting not knowing exactly what was going on or being able to see Annie. That was fine as long as the PICU was doing their job. And that they do ! Standing, waiting in anticipation Sherry begins to ask questions no one can really answer. Allie then pulls out this sheet of paper. As the paper is being unfolded I notice its a blank sheet with a drawing on it. A drawing of what the heart should look like and a drawing of what Annie's heart looks like. Allie stated Annie's doctor drew this for Daddy and Mommy to better understand. She began to explain what all the pictures meant and diagnoses. After hearing all the different (multiple) abnormalities I just could not contain myself any longer. I turned away from our family as the tears began to pour and hurriedly walked away. Just walking in a daze trying find the nearest room I could shut myself in. When I came upon the restrooms there were two doors, a left and a right restroom. I went into the left one for a reason. -Annie's left ventricle is constricted from blood flow, no blood flow no growth- Once I finally figured out how to lock the door ... I fell to my knees. With the tears falling like raindrops I found myself before God praying without words. I could not find anything to say. All I could manage to think of was Dear Heavenly Father please forgive me of my many sins .. that was it. Nothing more. After a few moments (they said it was more like minutes) I felt this very distinct warm blanket of comfort come across me - like being in the shower with the water just right and pouring from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes. As in Psalm 23:4 "even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me." After an hour or so of sitting in the tightly packed waiting room we begin to get antsy. Few by few we wonder off into various parts of the hospital. By 3:30 PM we have all few by few came back together in a outside sitting area. Wayne tells us that "the test results" should be in around 5PM and that Bradley and Amber should be back around that time. When Daddy and Mommy arrived back at the hospital we were all at the main entrance to surround them with love and assurance. As we escorted Daddy and Mommy back up to the PICU some make small talk ab how God's presence is with us and about all the county's praying for Sweet Annie, Daddy and Mommy. (We can not express nor say thank you enough for these prayers) Daddy never said a word and Mommy only spoke a few ... then back into the PICU they go. After a while Mommy comes out so that Randy can go back. While Bradley and Randy have their time with Annie, Amber gets the paper and begins to explain just what exactly is going on. She held it together much better than I ever would have; she is a very strong courageous lady. It's one of the reasons Annie is such a fighter ! Annsley Elise has multiple heart abnormalities including but not limited too : Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) Venteicular Septal Defect (VSD) Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) Aortic Stenosis (AS) Yesterday June 19 Daddy and Mommy were faced with the hardest decision (Im sure) they have ever made in their lives. They made the decision to proceed with the Norwood Procedure. And their entire family stands right beside them in this decision. Prayerfully and if all vitals stay stable Annie's first surgery will be tomorrow Wednesday June 21.  She will be taken back between 7AM-8AM. I beg that you take a moment of silence maybe even PRAY for this angel child. At my place of work .. we will be coming together around 7AM to join together for a prayer. (One or more in Jesus name will be heard) Now as I come to a close ... I want to thank you for allowing me to share "my story" of our precious Heaven sent angel Annie. Now I ask that you help us help Annie by doing whatever you can and feel like you are called to do for this little Christian family. "FOR YOUR GIVING WAYS; WE GIVE YOU PRAISE !!!!" *If there is a way, this site will be updated as we find out information about Annie.

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