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So here we go........My son, Andrew, was diagnosed last year with an eye disease called Keratoconus, a condition were the cornea (clear tissue covering the eye) bulges outward into a cone shape.  Keratoconus is a progressive disease and the rate of progression varies from person to person.  This disease is not new to our family as my father has it , I was diagnosed at the young age of 11 , my oldest brother at 13 , and my youngest brother at 21.  My father and eldest brother have suffered from numerous corneal transplants and all the issues that come with the surgery,  rejection being one of many complications that can arise.  My youngest brother and I have been lucky so far and can still wear the specially made Rigid Gas Permenable  contacts  in order to have our sight.  

Andrews case hopefully will be different than all of ours!!! His disease has progressed significantly in his right eye in the span of a year, leaving him legally blind In that eye.  His left is about the same as last year, still affected with the disease but not as progressed.   We are going to get him fit for contacts but that right eye, and the rate of progression, he could be on the transplant table within a years time. 

There is an exciting new, recently approved by the FDA non- sugical procedure called  Corneal Cross-Linking  and it is promising!!!  In mostly all cases it will stop or severely stall the disease,  some even digress.!! The doctor seems hopeful, excited even,  that we can save his right eye without surgery.  And that is where y'all come in

No insurance company will cover it, not one, not any.  My son has Medicaid through the state and they will not cover it!  The procedure is $1595 per eye, and he is scheduled for October, we had to schedule now because in a months time the cost for the procedure will double!! I had to lock it in to get the better price.  We have up until one week prior to pay so , I am gonna do everything I can to get him there.  

If if you know me, you know I don't ask for much of anything, I try to do it all, but I simply cannot do this alone.  This is my son, his's heartbreaking to not be able to just write a check and get it done.  I am asking from the bottom of my heart, anything you can give.... You will forever be in my heart and prayers, if I can do this for him and save him a life of doctors and transplants and steriods and drops and infections I will do anything......

Now I'm not to proud to put in some work!!  I can help out,  volunteer if you'd like for some donations,  also I hoop dance  If your throwing a party or know of a DJ in the local area....I would love to work out some type of performance fundraising type deal.  

Yall know a mothers love has no bounds..... I will go to the moon and back for my boys. Anything, anything  you can do is appreciated!! No amount is to small  Much love to all

To to read more about Keratoconus and Cross-linking click the link below
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