Anderson the Come Back Kid2!

                 Anderson Horatio Lowrey IV

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Take a walk-in Andy’s shoes.
When I was six years old, late at night, I woke up to the sounds of cars and the rumbling of a car engine I realize I am in the back seat of our mother's car. My brother Shawn and I were laying on top of my mother's mound of clothes. Our mom said she was getting a divorce; love is gone, and I am going to send you away. Our grandmother had found an ad in the newspaper. Mom dropped us off with the family that is going to take care of us. We will live in the unfinished basement, two bedrooms with no doors, I walked into one bedroom, and a divider wall was between the two bedrooms, there is no bathroom. As a 6-year-old kid, crushed. At that age, what is love, So I thought I had to earn it? I just started to be a little achiever.

Frank was the older son at the house, way older 3 or 4 years. He told me that our parents did not love us any more; your parents said they were never coming back. He would get into our heads, make us do weird stuff, make us take off our clothes. Months later, at night, I was brushing my teeth at the only bathroom upstairs. All the kids came up to watch me, 4 or 5 of them, and Frank, they stood right outside the bathroom door,  watching me brush my teeth. It was so odd for them to follow me to the bathroom. As I started to brush my teeth, they all started laughing at me. Frank would play doctor and would place things inside us kids to see how far up inside it could go. My toothbrush had been up inside someone, where the sun doesn't shine. The big glob of toothpaste that was already on my toothbrush covered up the odor. Shawn was too scared to tell me at the time. Months later, the younger son of the family wanted me to play a game in the basement. He said if you don't play now, I will tell my mom you hit me. He yelled up to his mom. A big woman grabbed a paddle, came downstairs, and beat the crap out of me. I denied hitting her son, and she called me a liar as she hit me over and over with the wooden paddle. At six years old, I was not feeling loved. Can I trust anyone?

Skip to age eight years old, and we are now living with our mom, she was always nice sometimes to kind, and her new husband, our stepfather Bob. Dinner time was not any fun. Our stepfather would come home from work (ordinarily drunk). When I saw my stepfather finish his soup, he picked up the bowl and poured the last of the soup into his mouth. Weeks later, I decided to pick up my soup bowl and do the same thing. My stepfather hit me on the side of the head and knocked me off my chair. He leaned over at me with his armed half-cocked, where did you learn your manners. If I said anything good or bad it was called backtalk, I would have gotten a beating with a belt, sometimes the metal of the belt was at the wrong end. Our mom would yell at him, Bob would settle down, but nothing ever changed.

Asleep in my bed, earlier in the day, I forgot one small garbage can when I placed the trash out by the street. I woke up with a massive sting on my leg, then a sharp pain on my side. I looked up and saw Bob giving me a beating with the belt. To this day, if you try to wake me, I will jump.

At Christmas time, we were with the stepfather's large family Christmas party. I was hanging out with the other kids, just having fun, when we walked back to the back door, my stepfather turned our way, as I passed him he walked around the corner where no one could see and jabbed his three fingers right under my rib cage knocking the wind out of me. Then he said, you are to be seen in public, but not heard, I better not hear one word from you. Till senior year in high school, you could see me in society but not hear me. I did not talk to anyone; I only had a few friends. Senior year high school, something changed, I had enough credits to graduate in the middle of the year. I felt better for the first time, I won, I could leave, I was free, I felt untouchable, but why should I quit. I started to enjoy myself. I started talking to people at school. I ended up being voted as the president in our business class for the last semester. Everyone use to have friends sign their yearbook. I never had anyone sign my yearbook before. This time I had a lot of people say, I thought you were stuck up, I answered no, I am just shy.

My younger brother Shawn at 17 years old, dropped out of school and told me he was going to run away. Later, he moved to Texas; I helped him. Once visiting Texas, I was curious if Shawn remembered Frank and what happened? His answer was yes, and I don't want to talk about it or tell anyone else about it. No one ever knew until after Shawn passed away in his 40s of a drug overdose.

What We've Done
As a child, I thought maybe working hard would get me the love that I needed. I started working in the office but soon transferred into the shop as a 518 union Iron Worker for my father's company. I put my nose to the ground, made it to the top working foreman position. In my head, I had always thought that is what I needed to do, work hard, but there were no fireworks that went off, the voice in my head said, is this all there is. I overheard a worker say I made it to foreman because it was my dad's company. I will never forget his name, Donny Littlefield. I was fuming, but I did not get any breaks and did not need any breaks, The little achiever in my head said you could do better in the big field of life, I soon left.

In my 20's Real Estate was something I tried, without having a decent car to drive people around, that did not work for me, even though I had a guy there that took me under his wings. In the same building as the real estate office, One of the most prominent restaurants in the Saint Louis area. That was my first restaurant as a waiter, bartender until it closed. Overall I became a manager, General manager, and even owner. The biggest challenge was that I had to talk to people. I studied personalities and learned how other people think. I started to teach a waitress who was struggling with people, and other staff members wanted the same training. I ended up teaching most of the servers at that restaurant. As a manager, 60 hours is the average hours per week. I wanted more time with our family, so. I decided to leave the restaurant business, I only had two nights left, after closing time, a guy with a gun was standing in the doorway of the back office, All I saw was a ski mask over his face and a shiny gun pointing our way. He demanded that I open the 2nd part of the safe that I did not have the key. All I thought about is not being able to see my family again. After that night, I had many flashbacks, and sometimes at night, I would go into my kid's rooms and watch them sleep. It is something to see them all curled up with their fluffy pillows and a favorite toy or doll next to them.

To Be A kid Late In Life.
Before having kids, at 32 years old, I found the one that I would marry, and we ended up having kids, three beautiful children, I had the chance to raise 3 of our very own that was so exciting. Every day I looked forward to playing with these precious kids. I called them my monsters. They would grin or giggle and say, daddy, we are not monsters. I was able to be a kid myself. We made up games to play in the house. Our first child was a daughter at 3 or 4 years old she loved to play fall-down. I still did not have much trust in people, but our daughter would stand backward on her tall toy box, she had total faith that when she fell back, I would catch her mid-air every time, about 20 times a night. Now she is 28 years old and still remembers playing fall down. When Kendal was 7, her idea, she would go to work with me at the restaurant. She would go with one of the waitresses to each table and talk to the customers with her little note pad, in a real uniform we made for the whole restaurant staff.

Kendal would take their soft drink orders and bring them back to the table. She was to be SEEN and HEARD. I wanted her to have a voice to be able to talk to people. Customers sometimes gave Kendal money for her work. Kendal would want to stop off at Walgreens to make a purchase. I liked letting her choose what to buy,  one aisle she could buy three things in the other she could buy two. I enjoyed Kendal putting on her thinking cap and coming up with her final decision, what a learning experience. Later she became a waitress and bartender at the same restaurant. Sometimes, she would wear the old uniform shirt that still fit.

            Kendal, a dress girl always
50652770_1598201591209426_r.jpeg In the early morning, Once Kendal woke up, I would go into her room, she was looking out the window at the deer that would show up in the front yard many times. We both squatted and slowly moved towards the window, Kendal would lean up against me, her hair would have that clean, fresh baby smell that I would enjoy as we were watching the deer. We would stay there quietly until the deer would slowly walk away.

Only two kids at this time, but all 3 loved to hang out together.

Starting  Over
Almost 25 years later, I find myself going through a divorce that ended about four years ago. Before we were married, I started a print shop out of our home. That is what gave us the benefit of private school and not having to send our kids to the baby sitters or daycare. It's the last day of our home. I walked out and get into my car. I just started wiping the tears out of my eyes. No more waking up with the kids and having breakfast with them. No more hanging around doing things together or watching a movie. My ex already moved to her mother's empty house with the kids. Two in colleges staying home so they can make ends meet, the youngest one, a junior in high school. As I am driving away from a 2400 square foot house with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, I move my bed and dresser in the middle of a cold damp unfinished basement with no toilet, as I did once before. Spider webs everywhere and having spiders crawling over my face more than once while sleeping. You never know who really will help you when the chips are down, someone that I only knew for a few years offered me a place to live. 2 months later, I move again into my friend's basement, where I still live today. I don't have a real place of my own to invite the kids over. Leaving our home for the last time knowing I don't get to wake up and see the kids every day was and still is, devastating to me. You only have so little time before they are grown up and on their own. Instead, I have been working two jobs trying to make enough to repurchase my freedom back again, something has to change, not being able to buy a house or spend much time with the kids. At the end of the divorce, I ended up on the wrong end of the deal. When the one person I thought I could trust left me empty-handed. When I heard, I swear to god on our children's lives   I am not lying, cheating, or stealing. Not knowing I have 365 days to find out anything, but when I found out 368 days later and hear her the leader of a big church say, do not ever trust the person that is divorcing you . That has been harder to take then all of the things that happened when I was growing up.

** Education is the most powerful tool.**

Education is for improving others' lives and leaving your community and world better than you found it.

Now in my 60s, Real Estate, two years ago, I found a real estate training course that came to Saint Louis. That led me to a local Real Estate investing monthly meeting or REI for short. On my second local meeting, the speaker was doing very well financially and said I am looking for a couple of people to teach what we do. I interviewed him and signed up, it cost upfront $9000.00. All the training that he mentioned never happened, maybe about 10%. I trusted that he would come through, but he never did. One of the experience short sale investors I met at my first REI, about two years ago, he talked about creating a training course. I signed up for some of his other courses at his home, which led me to his primary Real Estate Foreclosure Course. I spent the last two years learning on my own. I was ready to learn from someone who has real experience. We started putting everything together quickly. No time wasted. I started getting results; everything was beginning to look great until Covid-19.

I am starting Another Business in my 60s, from Zero to way below Zero financially but not emotionally.
My focus is on foreclosure properties. There is a way to turn them into a win-win for the owner and the buyer. I signed up for the main training course. Everything is going great until the Covid-19. To take on the training, I have to be creative to make this happen? In the past, I have used credit cards only to build credit. Now to start over, my only way is to use credit cards and a bank personal loan. Since the Covid-19, all foreclosures have stopped (postponed) With the moratorium still in place, mortgage foreclosure activity fell 83%. I helped a few Families out, which was excellent, especially when they thank you and even give you a hug ( hugs Pre-COVID-19), But the credit cards and the loan are still adding up. I have two jobs keeping everything afloat. My nighttime job has stopped entirely, and my day job was just cut back to 4 days. Most of the Real Estate training cost is like paying for a college degree except that the cash has already been paid upfront (Credit Cards).

My youngest son wants to work the Real Estate with me. From the first Bootcamp training, I liked the Short Sale concept. I am getting in over my head, as I said before with credit cards and the loan. Covid-19 as stopped everything all foreclosures except small banks foreclosures have all ceased to exist. My son just asked a few days ago, to see if I would like to buy a house together, how awesome is that, but I was denied because of my credit score. My credit score has always been high 700s or low 800s. With Covid-19 stopping everything, I am now thrown into the two train wrecks explained below.

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Community Soon - The BIG CLOUD that will affect many homes soon.
With the moratorium still in place, mortgage foreclosure activity fell 83% BUT DID NOT GO AWAY!!

 **Many Properties will require HELP!!!** 

Many people are hurting and need help. Most will put their heads in the sand, feeling hopeless, not knowing what to do. Most won't even share anything with other family members, and I get it.

Many are on a train heading for a train wreck, but there are three trains, two trains have a devastating financial disaster, and one has some minor financial cuts and bruises, some can even escape all three train wrecks.

We have a fantastic real estate breakthrough program to help people do this.

Everyone has a story that needs to be told we listen, and we help.

I love inspiring people to transform their lives, by providing them with their freedom, so they can get their lifestyle back, and live their passion.

We can't save the world in one stroke, but we can make a difference one family at a time.

**We will be grateful for any support.**

The cost of education has given me opportunities that can help change families' lives. The lack of money should not be the reason with so much potential that should be snuffed out.

Your donation will help clear the rocks from the path I have had to stumble over my entire life. Your donation will help keep the Sun burning bright.

My goal is to get #BackToZero. I was able to put some of the training on a pay as you go on the (Credit cards) Many of the tools needed that can not be turned off or you lose everything are also running on credit cards.

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