A MEMORY OWED - A Bomber Command Short Film

Join us on our ambitious goal to shoot a short film that will help raise awareness of the remembrance of Bomber Command and a small Lincolnshire museum with an even bigger goal. 

Action, heroism and courageous acts are what defines great stories of war, a definition that has been documented both in major motion pictures and short narratives.
But what about remembrance?
With the rapidly depleting veterans of the last Great War, the ever increasing distance between generations how do we teach the importance of remembrance and how do we inspire future generations to pass it on to the next?
A MEMORY OWED  is an emotive short film that reminds us of our own responsibilities in remembering those that gave their lives. 

"A tension filled bombing run by a Lancaster crew in 1944 is contrasted by a young Abigail arriving at a museum in present day.
Seeing an elderly gentleman, Fred, sat alone, Abigail's inquisitive nature inspires an invitation to join her as she explores the museum. Fred tells the story of a young man he once knew, bringing the exhibits to life as Abigail learns about the daily lives of the young men of Bomber Command, but who is the man in Fred's story?"

"A Lancaster Bombing raid hasn't been seen in a feature length film within the last 50 years, let alone a short."

See  a snippet of the intense opening scene below:

Though I am fortunate enough to have attracted many people who are willing to volunteer to get this made, there are many aspects of film making that need investment. For example:
- Insurance
- Food and drink for cast and crew
- Transportation
- Costume hire
- Equipment rental
- Hair and makeup supplies
- Location fees
- Musical score
- Colour grade
- Sound design
- Festival submission
Your donation will help us cover the cost of these fees and ensure the film is made with the highest possible quality in the safest and most responsible way.

All donations will receive a thank you credit at the end of the film.
Donations of £1000 or more will receive an Executive Producer credit, will be allowed to join the cast and crew on any day of shooting and will have an opportunity to read the script in advance, giving any creative opinions to the director for consideration.

Having worked for over ten years in the UK film and television industry, Martin has vast experience within camera crews
shooting content from Feature Films, Television Drama and Comedy through to Commercial, Educational and Reality TV. His drive, determination and attention to detail are qualities that Martin carries over to projects he has directed and produced. Martin’s understanding of both the artistic craft and the technical aspect of creating content has allowed him the confidence to head crews on
ambitious projects that have very limited budgets whilst delivering high end results. Most importantly, Martin’s lifelong passion
and interest in WWII formed from a close relationship with his grandfather, makes
him the perfect candidate to tell this story with the care and attention it needs.

Here's a short show reel of some of his past productions:

Emily began her career in indie film marketing, where she worked with companies such as FOX Searchlight, Curzon, and BIFFA.
During the first pandemic, she decided to pursue her passion and attend London Film Academy courses to begin her journey to
becoming a producer. With her already established knowledge of the filmmaking
process and experience in film marketing, it wasn’t long before she was being snapped up by productions to work within their
teams, with credits as Production Assistant including: The Colour Room (Sky Originals), Flux Gourmet (IFC Films) and The Age of
Tony (Working Title). Emily shares Martin’s “go big or go home” ambition and can’t wait to get her producing teeth stuck into this rare project.

James is the co-creator of YouTube channel  InCamera who specialise in creating cinematic scenes using scale models and practical effects. Having relatives that served in Bomber Command made jumping on board with the project a no brainer. Practical effects are a sure way to create interest and simply look superior to any sort of CGI that a budget could allow for a project of this scale. His experience with this kind of film making is second to none and can be achieved at sensible cost, whilst delivering Hollywood results.
The clip at the top of the page was created precisely in this way and James and his team are now on to the next phase of creating all of the exterior bombing raid scenes using a large scale, 1/32 Lancaster that was specifically modified for this film (see below).
A Lancaster Bombing raid hasn't been seen in a feature length film within the last 50 years, let alone a short.

The  Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre  own a MkVII Avro Lancaster bomber called “Just Jane” – NX611 which can physically run and move but is unfortunately limited to ground operation. They are a privately funded, family owned museum that rely on ticket sales and donations to keep going. Their ambition is to get “Just Jane” back in the air again by raising funds and every winter slowly restore her back to airworthiness, each section at a time. She will become the second flying Lancaster in the U.K and the third in the entire world.
We will use the museum as the setting for the film. All interior Lancaster shots will be filmed inside "Just Jane," exterior taxiing shots of the Lanc  and the emotionally climactic ending to the film where Abigail learns the importance of remembrance will be filmed there.

The film will be submitted to various, worldwide festivals which will hopefully in turn create exposure for the featured museum. Eventually, the film can be made available online for all to see and hopefully inspire people to keep educating the young and visit not only this, but all great museums.

If you have reached this far, thank you very very much. Your time and attention reading the plethora of information above is greatly appreciated. I hope you find our project worthy of a donation.

Thank you.
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Martin Hemingway-Moseley 
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