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** The information you are about to read, we ask that you not share with Drake (if you know him personally) as to not cause any anxiety for the upcoming surgery. He has not been told it has been scheduled **

Looking at this sweet kiddo, you could never really tell all he has gone through. Meet Drake. In the 13 years he’s been alive, he’s had to go through more than what any typical kiddo has ever had to go through. As you read on, you’ll begin to understand all the hurdles he’s had to overcome in the 13 years he’s had so far. The struggles aren’t over yet, which is why I this GoFundMe exists.

Why create a GoFundMe page for him? Trust me, I know. I see so many… so why. create. one. more.? I’m glad you asked ;)

I met this family in a professional setting. My job was to work with Drake one on one, and also in social settings. As I began planning trips and activities for us to do, I realized all the limitations he has, which made it almost impossible for him to enjoy any activity a typical teenager would enjoy. 

Drake had a cadaver bone placed in his pelvis to form the hip socket, which he was born without. The surgery he had when he was just a little guy helped things form, but sadly didn’t grow as the doctors were hoping it would. Now he is scheduled for another surgery, which we are all hoping will resolve the issue and allow him to have the quality of life we all want our kiddo’s to have. (Again, please do not chat with Drake about the upcoming surgery as it sets off his anxiety.) 

With the upcoming surgery, his family will be faced with many obstacles. First, they will have to take off time for the surgery and afterwards during recovery. Their home will need some modifications that will allow Drake to be able to do simple things like use the restroom and having a place on the main floor to sleep. They will also have to rent a van throughout his recovery that will be handicap accessible. All these expenses add up and frankly, I will be their voice in asking for some help since I know they won’t.

At this point, anything will help. There is nothing too big or too small. If you’d rather donate straight to the family, that’s ok too. And know that because of your donation, Drake will be able to walk again without pain. He can go to the Zoo. Play sports. Roller skate. Swim. Ride a bike. Walk across the pedestrian bridge into downtown Omaha. You would be helping to change his life. For that, I’ll say thank you in advance. Thank you for taking the time to hear from my heart. Below, I will share what his parents have to say...

“We knew something wasn’t right when Drake was 6 months old and learning to walk; he had some what of a limp. We found out when he was 14 months old that he didn’t have a left hip socket. So he went through a couple different surgeries-the one that was successful was performed by the wonderful doctors at the Shriners Hospital in Twin Cities, MN. Since his last surgery almost 10 years ago Drake has grown, but unfortunately his hip socket angle is not correct yet, so Drake will need to have another surgery. And anyone that has been around him over the last couple years, has seen how much pain his hip really causes him. He can’t do sports, he can’t do PE, he honestly can’t even walk around the zoo due to the pain he ends up being in. We want what’s best for our son and for him not to be in so much pain doing everyday things, that a boy his age should be doing. As much as I don’t want to put this out there, I am faced with the decision that we need help getting some things for Drake. Our house is not handicap accessible and he will be in a wheel chair for some time. The first 6 weeks he will not be able to move his hip, which means we need a couch with a hide-abed so he can have somewhere to sleep, as all of our bedrooms are upstairs. We will also need to redo the bathroom downstairs somehow, so he can try to get in there to use the toilet. His surgery will be at the end of May. I appreciate your time and ask that you say a prayer or 2 for Drake.”
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