Alicia D is building homes for Women & Girls

The Road to Kilimanjaro Docuseries
The Road to Kilimanjaro is a docuseries that showcases

Alicia D’s journey to climbing the tallest single peak in the world - Mount Kilimanjaro. In 2019, Alicia D. turned 50 years old. It was also the same time, her former husband of 27 years walked out on her and their girls. She admits, those were the scariest times of her life. With no reliable job and limited options, she moved out of her house no longer being able to afford it. Rather than let her circumstances paralyze her, she began looking for new avenues of joy- placing less value on relationship status or material things, and more value on experiences, wellness, and generosity.


Alicia D decided to climb Kilimanjaro last summer during the peak of the pandemic when marginalized residents in her community were suffering the most - with limited food and makeshift tents as shelter. In an effort to help, she began going to Tent City. She says, “I will never forget the first night there. It was December 23rd. My friend, Sobriyia and I cooked 100 meals and we went to distribute it. No sooner we arrived, I was startled by a lady who ran up to me and asked if I could help a mother and her two toddlers. The mother was extremely scared and cried the entire time - she was desperate and had nowhere to go. I immediately started soliciting help from my friends and donations poured in. That night this mother had about 10 complete strangers come together to help her. We secured her a hotel that night because it was too dangerous to stay in Tent City. I mean, this is a place where just a few months prior, a man was murdered. We also witnessed the burning of tents.” Ultimately, the mom and her two little girls were able to have a good Christmas. Alicia D and the others continued to help her. Together, they raised about $10k which included a car that was donated. It opened Alicia’s eyes to the problems facing women and girls. The more she engaged with them, the more she saw herself and her struggles as a new single mom. It made her realize that she could make a difference. “

When I got serious about my training to climb Kilimanjaro, I also got serious about raising my voice. I saw documenting my climbing journey as a chance to raise awareness for women and girls facing homelessness. We are all drawn to big, daring feats. We love a story of overcoming and triumph. When people tune in, I want to shift their focus off of just me and give them an opportunity to sow a seed that leads to another women’s victory. The goal is to build a Tiny Home Community. I am looking for people to make donations in order to start phase one; creating the docuseries and securing the land. As my audience grows, so does my ability to advocate to more people.”

It’s Alicia D., the brand is creating a docuseries as a way of raising $100,000 to fund her dream of building homes for women and girls.

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What We Need & What You Get:
It’s Alicia D is raising it's first $100,000 to begin funding:
- Phase one: Produce docuseries
- Phase two: Purchase land
- Phase three: Build homes (small or tiny homes)

As we reach each milestone, the goal will increase in order to fully fund the projected $500,000 needed.

I am also working with my 501(C)3 The M.A.E Foundation for Women & Girls to create a survey to assess how people's perspectives change before and after they view the series. We will use this survey to help women implement ACTUAL change. If I don't reach my funding goal we will begin filming and fundraise in increments to pay expenses.

ALL donors will be recognized in the end credits. Thank you for your support!!!

EIGHT shared-screen sponsors (who give $10,000) will appear in the opening credits of each episode of the documentary series with their co-sponsors.

These donations are tax deductible if they are made via a check written to The M.A.E. Foundation for Women & Girls. Please reach out for more details.

ONE title sponsor (a $20,000 donor) will get a title slide to themselves in every episode and be on the surveys given to professional organizations to evaluate organizational behavioral changes after screening the series.

These donations are tax deductible if they are made via a check written to The M.A.E. Foundation for Women & Girls.
Please reach out for more details.

*** Special thanks to our first sponsor: Impact Fitness, Owner, David Greenleaf

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