My Healing Journey

Hi, my name is Alexandra Haulbrook and I am 27-years old. I am a happy wife and mother of (2) beautiful boys (Elijah and Jaxon).

Elijah just recently turned 9-years old and Jaxon will be joining us June of this year!

(Elijah eating one of his favorites... Pepperoni Pizza!)

(Jaxon smiling for the camera during a recent ultrasound)

I want to start out by saying thank you from the very bottom of my heart for taking time out of your day to hear about my personal journey over the last few years. I am humbled, to say the least, that you are here. Since July of 2015, I have experienced many lows, the lowest of lows, but I have also experienced some amazing highs that were only made possible by the mercy and grace of God over my life. It has mainly come through the love and support of those that God has positioned around me, knowing that their encouragement would see me through and allow me to stand today. God continues to show up in ways that only "He" can. If there is anything that has been solidified for me throughout all that I have experienced, it would be that God is faithful and he really does love me. That truth in itself makes it all worthwhile! In the same breath, my family and I are in need of additional support. We have wrestled with the idea of launching a GoFundMe account for the last 2-years. To be completely transparent, we have not done so because my husband and I both have been pretty prideful in this area. Many have suggested to us that we should launch the campaign, but we both have had the same mindset that we will somehow make things work on our own. We thought this was honorable, but we recently realized through a trusted counselor that we have been keeping ourselves in the same position of need because we have not completely opened ourselves up to the help and support of others. Don't get me wrong, many have come to our aid in the last several years and we are most certainly grateful for it! Simply said, we can no longer afford to stay stuck in this mindset and realize now that God is asking us to allow him to carry the weight of our ongoing circumstances through the generous support of others. We are now open to whatever God decides to do with this campaign and appreciate ALL who decide to make a difference for us! Your prayers and petitions are also extremely valuable to both of us and we thank you all in-advance for anything that you are able to do and any way that you are able to help!

 How My Story Began...

On July 13, 2015, I awoke to discover that my neck and right arm were completely locked-up. I was unable to turn my neck and my right arm felt tingly, numb, and stiff. Not thinking too much of it, I went about my day as I normally would have, assuming that I simply slept wrong. As the day progressed, so did the symptoms, as they became more severe. I decided to drive myself to the emergency room, just to be on the safe side. After being looked at, I was diagnosed with having a severe muscle spasm and was given a muscle relaxer to treat the affected areas. I was told that everything would resolve naturally within the next 24-48 hours. Although it seemed promising, I remained a bit concerned because what I was feeling did not feel like the typical muscle spasm and related symptoms. Nonetheless, I took the advice of the medical professional and hoped for the best.  

A couple of days had passed and my symptoms only began to worsen. I had traveled to Bradenton, FL for a business appointment with a co-worker, that lasted most of (1) day. I had just recently started a new position for a local insurance company and was attending the meeting as-part-of my training. During the meeting, the pain in my neck and arm began to move to additional areas in my body. My co-worker had noticed how bad I was feeling and decided to cut the meeting short. It had gotten so bad that I was forced to rush back home to Orlando for further and immediate evaluation. 

Upon arrival, I was dropped off at a Center Care location where my fiancé at the time, Jeris, met me. Jeris and I have now been married for 2-years, going on (3). 

The doctor on site performed a series of acupuncture treatments as he also believed that I was experiencing a severe muscle spasm. I was given more medication and told to go home to rest and that everything would resolve itself naturally. Again, I decided to trust the MD although my body was telling me otherwise. Several more days had passed and the symptoms only strengthened and had spread down to my right foot. I was unable to lift my right leg/foot off of my bed. Not really knowing what to do, Jeris and my mother rushed me back to the ER. Several tests were once again performed and I was finally given a different diagnosis. The ER doctor on duty told me that I was suffering from  what is called "Thoracic Outlet Syndrome" (The compression of nerves in the space between the collarbone and 1st rib). I was given additional medication before being referred to an orthopedic doctor who would oversee my treatment and recovery. 

It was during my 1st appointment with the orthopedic doctor that I soon realized I once again had been wrongfully diagnosed. The face of the orthopedic confirmed my suspicion. By this time, my right arm had turned purple, starting at my shoulder and going all the way down to my hand.

I was quickly rushed downstairs to have my arteries tested. Everything seemed to check out okay so the next step was to have performed a stat (Rushed) MRI scan. The results of the MRI scan would finally provide me with the answers that I had been searching for.

At the next meeting with a different orthopedic doctor, I was diagnosed correctly with what is called "Chiari Malformation" (A condition in which brain tissue extends into the spinal canal, present at birth). In simple terms, my skull is abnormally small and does not leave enough space for my brain tissue, forcing the tissue down into the top portion of my spinal cord. 

This would explain all of the symptoms that I had been experiencing up until that point. Although I was happy to finally know the source of my pain and discomfort, I was very nervous to hear that there is no cure for the condition and that I may need to have surgery performed. I also needed to know how this condition would affect my life. You see, being a single mother for 5-years, I had learned to be independent and strong, out of necessity. I had no time for chronic illness. My little boy needed me and that thought ran through my head on repeat. 

(Elijah and I with friends from church)

The orthopedic expressed that the condition was not his expertise and referred me to a local neurosurgeon who would be-able-to help me further.  

I met with the referred local neurosurgeon soon thereafter, but unfortunately, I did not have a great experience. The surgeon was very dismissive and played down my symptoms. He told me that everything could be treated with medication and that I would not require any additional treatment. I did my best to explain the pain I was in, but nothing seemed to be taken too seriously. I decided to go see a different local neurosurgeon for a 2nd opinion. My experience with the 2nd surgeon went much better, other than the fact that I was informed that I would require immediate brain decompression surgery (Removal of the bone at the back of the skull and spine to create needed space for the brain).

Ouch! I did my very best to remain strong, at least externally, but inside I was terrified. To comfort myself, I continued to recite these specific Bible verses found in the books of Jeremiah  and Galatians that read...

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

These verses became my life's motto and my source of strength leading up until my surgery which took place on October 24th, 2015. The surgery, in theory, would alleviate all of my previous symptoms and allow me to go back to leading the life that I lived before the symptoms 1st occurred. I was told that I would experience immediate relief and would have a short stay in the hospital to recover from the surgery. Unfortunately, this was not the case and things took a turn for the worse. 

All I can remember really is waking up from the anesthesia and seeing my friends and family gathered around me. 

Once I finally came back to my senses, I remember feeling hopeful about the future, however, it did not last as-long-as I had hoped for. As I assessed myself, I did feel relief in my neck area and on the right side of my body, which was a huge victory for me! Unfortunately, all of the symptoms that I had been experiencing on my right side had now shifted to my left side, except the left-side symptoms were 10x worse and more painful. I could not move my left arm at all. I could not put any pressure on my left foot. The nurses could not explain the symptom shift and everyone became very concerned very quickly.

Once we were finally able to reach the neurosurgeon, we were informed that a blood vessel had burst during surgery and I had experienced a stroke while under. Just when I had thought that things were on the up-and-up, the unimaginable happened and I was now worse off than before. All I could do was continue to choose to trust God that he was still in control and that his plans and purposes for my life had not ceased, although I was more scared than I had ever been before.

For the next several weeks, I underwent extensive rehab in the hospital where I had to learn to walk again and use my left arm, hand, and fingers. I had lost nearly all of my grip. My face felt droopy and my nerves were sending shock waves of extreme pain up my left side. I was told that the extent of my recovery really depended on my dedication to the rehabilitation process. Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I am far too independent and stubborn to accept anything less than 100% recovery. I worked extremely hard every single day and began standing on my own again just weeks after the stroke occurred.

With the help of the very caring rehab nurses, I also began walking again soon thereafter. 

As I continued to push forward in my rehabilitation, I soon began walking independently again.

It was a huge victory for me when I was released from the hospital and able to stand-up from the wheelchair and get into my car all by myself. Although I was still experiencing physical complications, I was feeling very positive that I would soon recover full-functionality in my left side again (Or at least the 80% functionality that I was promised based on my rehab results). 

Wish I could say that the story ends there, but more adversity would soon await me...

Over the next 6-8 months, slowly but surely, my body began to breakdown and fail again. The pain returned with a vengeance and I started to lose the ability to function altogether. I revisited the same hospital 10+ times and had more than 30+ MRI scans and additional tests ran to determine why I was not healing as anticipated. The hospital nurses were always so very nice to me and very helpful, but many of the doctors were not so kind. The last time I remember visiting this particular hospital, the doctor and his staff told me that I must be imagining the pain and that I had allowed stress to re-create the symptoms that I was experiencing. They referred to me as "A Regular" and I actually heard them mocking me right outside my hospital room door once. To say that I felt embarrassed and disappointed, would be a great understatement. Even though I was declining in the hospital, they order my discharge. The nurse staff often questioned the doctors, asking them to keep me in their care since I only seemed to be getting worse. I still appreciate the nurses that fought for me when I could not fight for myself. This was the last time I would visit this hospital as I was discharged in worse condition then I was in when I was 1st admitted.

It was soon after that when my body began to breakdown to the point where I could no longer stand-up, feed myself, bathe myself, or use the restroom on my own. I had lost nearly all of my functionality and independence. No one could even touch my leg/foot without sending shockwaves of pain throughout my entire body. My husband, along with many others, had to basically care for me from sun-up to sun-down. For 3-months I was stuck in a reclining chair in my living room while others tended to my every need. It felt humiliating.

This was the most humbled I had ever felt, even to this day. I felt useless, ashamed, and hopeless. I felt like a burden to my new husband and everyone else who had to take care of me. They would pick me up out of the chair and set me on the nearby bedside commode, to use the restroom. They would clothe me each day, hand feed me my meals, and bathe me in the evenings. It was awful! My husband had to leave his office and work his full-time job from home for the full (3) months while simultaneously taking care of me and my son (12-15 hour days, 7-days per week). My mother also moved-in for part of that time to help out. Many others would come and sit with me for hours at-a-time in-order-to let my husband get out of the house here-and-there. 

During this 3-month span, I went and met with several local neurologists and even a world renown acupuncture specialist, hoping that someone would be-able-to help me. 

(That's me trying to maintain my composure with several needles in my head)

Unfortunately, my body only weakened as time went on. On many occasions, I was unable to finish the treatments due to the associated pain and many fainting spells that would occur at-any-time of the day. We were also no longer able to afford further treatment as our savings account had been completely depleted. If it wasn't for the amazing people who brought us groceries and home-cooked meals, I don't know that we would have been-able-to eat each day. Things were extremely tough for our family then, but we kept our hope in God's provision and did our very best to endure.

By-this-time, my body had become completely non-functional and I was in extreme pain all-of-the-time. I was obviously unable to work and our financial situation continued to get more-and-more overwhelming. I really needed someone (Anyone) to point me in the right direction. The doctors in Orlando had basically told me that they could no longer offer me any additional support, forcing me to go elsewhere for the treatment that I needed. My neurosurgeon would not take my many phone calls and I was never able to follow-up with him directly about things. In fact, he never met with me, not even once, following my brain decompression surgery. This was very hard to accept at-the-time, but I had no choice but to move on to search out the treatment that I so desperately needed.

Seeing our desperate situation, a close family friend offered to pay for me to travel to New York to see a Chiari specialist. The trip to New York did not seem promising as there were no available openings, but God allowed for a cancellation and I was-able-to be seen much sooner than originally expected. Myself, our family friend, and my mother, departed for New York at the earliest availability, leaving my husband behind to tend to our 8-year old son. The New York trip felt to me like a last-ditched effort to get the help that I needed since I had already exhausted all of my resources at home in Orlando.

Once in NY, I met with a fantastic Chiari specialist. I spent hours explaining to him my medical history and every pivotal moment leading up to our visit together. He was very attentive and seemed to really care about what I was going through. This was a great change for me in and of itself! At the end of our long meeting, the specialist sadly looked at me and regretfully said that he did not think that he could help me. He believed that I was suffering from symptoms related to a PICCA stroke and that I needed to see a stroke specialist. He proceeded to refer me to the University of Miami for further evaluation. He apologized that I had spent the resources to travel all the way to see him and that he knew it took a lot for me to be there due to my physical condition. He said that as-much-as he would like to help, there was nothing he could really do for me.  Hearing his words was like pulling the floor right out from underneath me. At-that-point I could no longer hold back my fears and concerns. I could no longer hold back my emotions as I felt stuck in a very dark and hopeless place. In my mind, I would no longer be-able-to give to my husband and son in the ways that I longed to and in the ways that they needed me to. These are just a couple of the thoughts that raced through my head on repeat. The rejection of yet another doctor was just too overwhelming and I honestly had no idea when things would take a turn for the better. It felt as if I was on a wild goose chase and that the help I needed was always one-step ahead of me while I continued to decline. Nonetheless, I had no choice, but to keep moving forward.

Soon thereafter, my mother and I met with the referred stroke specialist in Miami for our 1st of many appointments. Meanwhile, my husband was still back home doing his very best at managing our day-to-day lives. During the meeting, I proceeded to explain ALL of my symptoms and complete medical history. The specialist expressed that she did not believe that I was experiencing stroke-related symptoms. She did reassure me that she would do everything in her power to figure out what was causing me so much pain. To say that she was a God-send would be a great understatement! The level of care that I experienced in Miami was 2nd-to-none. I was treated so very well and could not have asked for a better team of doctors to be surrounded by. I am still very grateful for their efforts! 

After several MRI scans, CT scans, etc., the team of doctors were still unable to identify the source of my failing body. By-this-time, I was completely bed-ridden and non-functional. I was no longer urinating and had gotten to the place of not being able to breath very well on my own. I remember lying in bed at my grandmother's home in Miami and faintly asking God to either take away the pain or just go ahead and take me home to be with Him. This was just about as-bad-as things got for me. 

Seeing that my body was completely shutting down, the doctors were afraid that my organs would begin to shut down also. Consequently, the lead doctor decided to have performed what's called a "genetic blood test". The genetic blood test evaluated everything from my magnesium level to my b12 level, and so much more. When the test results came back, everything appeared to be normal except for one thing. My ganglioceptors were not reading in the correct range. It was the genetic blood test that revealed that I was experiencing the symptoms of yet another rare condition called "Autoimmune Autonomic Ganglionaphty" or "AAG". AAG is a rare autoimmune disorder in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks and damages certain parts of the autonomic nervous system. Here are just some of the major symptoms that coincide with this condition...

- Bladder Dysfunction
- Decreased Ability to Sweat
- Fainting
- Dysmotility (When the strength or coordination of the esophagus, stomach or intestines muscles do not work as they should)
- Small Fiber Neuropathy (A condition characterized by severe pain attacks that typically begin in the feet or hands. As a person ages, the pain attacks can affect other regions)
- Pupillary Dysfunction (Eye complications)
- Severe Orthostatic Hypotension (Extreme tension causing dizziness or lightheadedness, and even fainting spells)
- SICCA Syndrome (Chronic dryness of the eyes and mouth)

AAG is often coupled with several forms of cancer that may develop over time. More accurately, 50% of patients who are diagnosed with AAG end up being developing lung, bladder, and/or breast cancer. Sometimes with ganglionopathy, the antibodies can appear long before the cancer cells. Fortunately, I am cancer free to date, but will need to undergo regular testing/screenings to ensure nothing develops in the future. Only approx. (100) Americans are diagnosed with AAG each year in the US. This-being-said, there is not a lot of research available as-to-how to best treat AAG in diagnosed patients. The only form of treatment available at-this-time is what's called "Intravenous Immunoglobulin" or "IVIG" (Immunoglobulin is part of your blood’s plasma. When people donate blood, this part can be separated out. Then it can be given to a patient through a vein in the arm, or IV. If you get IVIG, it can help strengthen your immune system so you can fight infections and stay as healthy as possible). 

Our body’s immune system normally produces enough antibodies to fight-off germs that can cause infection. If you suffer from an immune deficiency (I.e. AAG), your body cannot produce the needed antibodies to protect itself from potential life-threatening diseases. The IVIG treatment basically infuses the deficient person (Temporarily) with the needed antibodies to combat infection and disease. My body is unable to fight-off potential infection on its own. My immune system ends up attacking my nervous system which affects the functionality of my organs. 

FINNALY I had received the answers I had been searching for although they were not the answers I was hoping to hear. Of the team of doctors, the lead neurologist soon submitted a request to my medical insurance provider for the recommended IVIG treatments. Unfortunately, due to the lack of studies on the rare AAG condition, the insurance company denied my treatments. As-you-can imagine, I was physically hanging on by a thread at-this-point. Soon after, my lungs began to close up and I was struggling tremendously to breath, even-at-all. My aunt was sitting with me bedside when I began to struggle to catch my breath altogether. She immediately called 9-1-1 and an ambulance came to my aid. I was taken to the restroom before the ambulance arrived and ended up fainting in the restroom. After being rushed to the hospital and undergoing additional testing, my insurance company finally agreed to approve the recommended treatments.  From there, I underwent 5-days of IVIG injections (4-hour treatments daily). Miraculously, on the 5th day I began walking in my own strength again! The results were almost immediate! God's faithfulness rang true once again for me! It was one of the best days of my life and I was able to celebrate with family and nurses who had become like family to me.

Following further support from my family in Miami, I was able to return home to Orlando to my husband and son. I was excited again about the idea of regaining my life back. A BIG thank you to ALL of my family in Miami who supported me while there! 

Moving forward, I would receive IVIG treatments every 3-weeks with no time-table for ceasing the treatment. Every 3rd week, I would receive treatments for (2) consecutive days and each treatment would last between 4-6 hours. This allowed me to return to work more so on a part-time basis where I could start contributing financially again. This was also a great victory for me and my family as we had been relying on the support of our family and friends up until that point.

It would happen just like clock-work. For (2) weeks I would lead a fairly normal life, although the symptoms never truly go away. I would experience set-backs here and there, but was able to work through things most times. By the 3rd week however, the treatment would wear off and my body would quickly begin to breakdown again just like it did before. A nurse would come to our apartment home on the 3rd week and administer the treatment. Once treated, it usually didn't take long before I would feel well enough to go back to work again and perform some house chores. Although it was never ideal for me financially to miss work every 3rd week, I was happy to be back to work at all. Like anyone else, we did our best to make the most of our situation. 

I have to stop once again and acknowledge another angel who made such a difference for me. I owe my in-home nurse the world for how she cared for me and her heart towards me.

As many know, it had been a dream of mine to have another baby. I had been told that I may or may not be-able-to get pregnant again due to my physical complications. I was also told that if I were to become pregnant, that there was a good chance that I would experience a miscarriage for the same reasons. This was very hard to hear as newlyweds. Nonetheless, I found out that I was pregnant on October of last year (2017). How exciting it was to know that it was still possible even though I have always carried some worry that I may lose my baby. Nonetheless, Jaxon Cole is alive and well and kicking strong. Often too strong if I am to be honest. My husband and I are absolutely overjoyed as we anticipate his arrival in June of this year! I call him my miracle baby.

To some, pregnancy slightly lowers the immune system rendering a pregnant woman more susceptible to coughs, colds, and the flu. In others, pregnancy can supercharge the immune system. For me, pregnancy has actually assisted my IVIG treatments, allowing the effects to last a few days longer than normal. I am grateful for this! Since becoming pregnant, I have been seeing a high-risk OBGYN and mid-wife. I have also been traveling back-and-forth to the University of Florida (Gainesville) to be seen by my wonderful neuromuscular doctor who oversees my "AAG" condition and related treatments. Both doctors have been working together to ensure that I am most prepared for child birth and the many risks involved. 

One of the current issues I face today involves my new medical insurance provider. I recently was forced to switch insurance companies because of my age. Even after my many attempts, including hours of phone/email/fax correspondence, my current medical insurance provider has denied me coverage for the treatments that I need in-order-to keep myself and my baby boy as healthy as can be. It has been months now that I, along with all of my past and current doctors, have tried to convince the insurance company that I desperately need the IVIG treatments. I have provided them with ALL of my extensive medical history and reports. I have given them ALL of the evidence needed to prove that I need the treatments and also what happens to me when I do not receive them. 

Recently, my body began to breakdown again since it cannot fight off germs and disease on its own without the treatments. It got so bad that I had to check myself into the hospital in-order-to have the treatments administered there. At 1st, the hospital would not administer the treatments because they were not well versed on the rare AAG condition. As I began to decline in their care, they finally decided to treat me accordingly. I have now gone through this process with the hospital already (3) times this year as I have yet to receive approval from my medical insurance provider. In fact, I will be admitting myself back to the hospital emergency room in the next 1-2 weeks for yet another treatment. 

The estimated cost of each IVIG treatment is around $10,000. I received (2) treatments every 3-weeks for several months. My former insurance company covered a portion of the owed balance, but we are paying on the remaining balance a small amount each month that we can afford at-this-time. Additionally, we have already racked-up a $7500.00 balance derived from the 1st hospital visit alone that I was forced to make when the insurance company denied me coverage. Additionally, our credit cards have all been maxed-out (Over $10,000 in total) due to the many invoices for MRI's, CAT scans, blood tests, hospital stays, follow-up doctor visits, prescription medication, etc. It has felt like a revolving door of financial stress. My husband has been most affected by this as he takes care of our finances. We have done our very best to stay on top of things, however, I'm afraid that it has become too heavy a weight to carry alone. My husband and I follow the leadership of popular financial advisor, Dave Ramsey. His principles have been very helpful for us, but we just can’t seem to make any lasting progress. My husband has been working a 2nd part-time job in the evenings since late last year. He works from 8am to sometimes 10pm-11pm, depending on the schedule each day. At a minimum, he has been working 12-15 hours daily to help keep us afloat. I am no longer afraid to admit this and say this humbly... We have been sinking.

I write all of this not to ask for pity, but I am asking for help and support, if you have the means and desire. I will be leaving my job on May 18th to begin preparation for our little one's arrival. My doctor has indicated that I will need 3-6 months to recover from child birth due to my conditions. Because I have been unbale to receive approval for the needed treatments, I will also be applying for disability. I have not been able to work consistently since returning from Miami and I will need lots of extra time for recovery post the baby's arrival. Disability is known to take at least 6-months to be approved (Best case scenario), if approved. We are also going to be moving out of our apartment and into another unit in the beginning of May, right before Jaxon arrives. There are so many variables that come into play for us and we are really needing God to show up and provide for us in this time of need.

On June 10, 2018, the arrival of our little "Jaxon Cole" will finally become a reality! This means that I will get to stay home with both of my boys for 3+ months on maternity leave (Unpaid of course). As earlier mentioned, Jeris has been working his full time job during the day and his part-time job in the evenings. He works from Monday- Friday 8am to 5pm (Often 5:30pm), comes home and quickly eats dinner around 6pm, and then leaves for work at 6:45pm (Sunday-Thursday). He has been burning the candle at both ends and is wearing thin himself. 

Another goal of ours has been to pay off our debt that had accumulated from ALL of my past and recent-past health-related appointments and procedures. We were blessed beyond belief by family and friends who had graciously given to help support us while I was not working for 6-months. Unfortunately, we were forced to use our credit cards for additional expenses that I was unable to contribute towards while out of work. This has led us further into debt and I am most concerned that we will be driven farther into debt for the 6+ months I will be waiting for disability to be approved. Unfortunately, Jeris' 2nd job will not make up for my lost income and all of the pending expenses surrounding our monthly bills and necessities for our newborn. Plainly said, the bills keep coming in and I continue to miss work due to my health.

Jeris and I were led in this direction long before creating this GoFundMe page and we had completely rejected it over-and-over again. Our counselor recently said something so profound that left us both lost for words. He said, “If you are not willing to receive from God's people, you cannot do ministry. You are robbing others of their blessing if you are unable to receive from them.” This hit us like a ton of bricks! Jeris and I both have been serving in ministry for several years now. It really convicted us both and put things into perspective for us. We were led to this Bible verse found in Luke 6:38 for confirmation...

"Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full-pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back." 

You see, often times, we as human beings can feel as though we do not deserve to receive from others. We often battle with the feeling of unworthiness. I think it is safe to say that we all can relate to this feeling on some level from time-to-time. This is especially true when we see others struggling themselves. 

Our counselor prayed a very specific prayer over our lives. It was a prayer for humility, not false humility that may appear to be comfortable with our position, but of true and genuine humility. There is definitely a difference! We feel that God has given us the choice to allow him control of the situation or to keep control ourselves, while potentially killing ourselves in the process. It always appears to be a deeper issue with God. He tends to get right down to the heart of the matter. We have chosen to release control to God and follow the advice of our counselor. Believe me, this was very hard for me to complete and has taken me far outside of my comfort zone. This is a big leap of faith for me and I am choosing not to worry about the judgements or opinions of others in the process. We all have needs, some greater than others. I hope that Jeris and I are one day in a position to give back in the same way that we have received. Not just with our time and efforts in ministry, but also financially. In fact, we believe that we will be positioned to give in a big way and look forward to that day!

In conclusion, thank you again for reading my story! Sorry that it was a long one as I did my best to consolidate. Anything that you are able to do for us is so greatly appreciated. We pray that God will bless you far greater in your own life and that he will meet every need that you encounter. We know clearly that giving is a two-sided venture and look forward to how God will use us to make a difference in the future. We also look forward to what God is going to do with this campaign and also how he chooses to bless you in return for your faithfulness to Him!

Love and Many Blessings,



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