Aidan's Bone Marrow Transplant

When Nadine White known by many as Aidan, was 17 years old she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her left foot. Under the care of her surgeon, she had the tumor removed.  Following the surgery No Physical therapy was offered or provided. After the surgery Aidan was still in Pain though her Doctor explained that it was normal for these issues and when she was comfortable she could remove her post-op boot and go back to wearing a normal shoes again.  1 month following the surgery Aidan was removed from her families medical health insurance.

    In August 2016 though still in pain daily and not able to function, Aidan took a leap and moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career in the Arts. After being laid off from her design job in 2017 Aidan continued to work as a Bar Tender in her neighborhood to make ends meet and afford rent. After almost a year physical labor including heavy lifting, running food, and long hours on her feet, the pain finally became unbearable. After a few doctors appointments and visits to the ER that resulted from unbearable pain and Stress induced seizures we decided enough was enough and it was time that Aidan was due for some serious medical attention and help. 

   After leaving the food service industry as a Bar Tender with serious damage to her foot we spent the majority of our time setting appointments, waiting weeks for authorizations , even waiting months for her disability to go through due to her podiatrist submitting important dates going backwards in time which led to disability checks never coming in and as a result of checks not coming in Aidan was forced to be completely broke and had no choice but to rely on others for help just to survive and have a roof over her head. By the time we  made it to this point Aidan had also been prescribed numerous medicines to treat her health issues and pain induced seizures which she never had before the surgery in 2012. Some of these medicines had an effect on her mentality and altered her attitude and actions. They also led to months of depression and anxiety.

    From April 2017 to August 2018 Aidan had to cycle through numerous health care providers to make it possible to receive care from the only doctors in her health care insurances network. Most of which were D rated doctors and Specialists in the Los Angeles Area. These health care facilities also participated in negligence and improper care for her health issues which were constantly being misdiagnosed or looked over. She was told numerous times that she was too young to be having the problems they said she "claimed" to have which were (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, muscle damage, tissue damage, nerve damage, and heart problems) which also led to pain/stress induced seizures. All of these issues however were diagnosed after months of testing medicines, blood, and imaging done at the Beverly Tower yet denied by her Specialists and Primary care physician. 

 Finally, in August 2017 Aidan had received an MRI of her left foot at the RADNET IMAGING CENTER at the Beverly Tower Facility located in Beverly Hills, CA. The Physician that reviewed the results then discovered a foreign metallic object located in her left foot. This metallic object was not an implant or supposed to be there and is a result of negligence and lack of attention to detail from the only surgery in her left foot in 2012 (Removal of Malignant Tumor). Not only was there a foreign artifact left in her foot but also a fractured sesmoid bone in the same foot. This fracture was actually stated in X-rays before her surgery in 2012 yet it was never addressed. This metallic artifact was left behind is a result of Medical Mal Practice which has led to a number of other health problems which can be proven not only from her test results but also from  a study provided by Dr. Robert Pedowitz that can be seen in the link below. 

For more information on results gathered from Dr. Robert Pedowitz explaining how foreign metallic artifacts left in the human body just after an hour results in cell death, Refer to this link  - (  ) 

    In conclusion after the last 6 years of negligence and improper care from numerous health care providers and facilities. Aidan has been unable to lead a happy healthy lifestyle and has been exposed to permanent and irreversible health problems. She has been unable to exercise and at most times even walk leading her to have rely on wheelchairs and help from others to get around. She has been dealing with these issues and doctors dismissing her complaints from the time she was 17 up until now at the age of 23. She has had to wear a  Foot brace/Boot on for the last 2 years and most importantly had to put her career on hold which forced her to rely on the help of others just to survive. With the help of improper care from her physicians and lawyers, she has been lead on for up to 8 months at a time before having receiving news that they would no longer be able to help her through these issues or even represent her in the court of law to get justice.

As a result she has had to face the following irreversible / misdiagnosed health issues for the last 6 years with no proper direction, care or attention all stemming from a surgery in 2012 when she was still a minor under the age of 18. 

Osteoporosis:  A medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue.

Osteoarthritis: Degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone, most common from middle age onward. It causes pain and stiffness, especially in the hip, knee, and thumb joints.

STAGE 3 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / RSD :  Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), formerly known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), is a chronic pain condition that may result in extreme sensitivity and pain to the hands and elbows or knees and legs
Stage Three CRPS Pain
    During stage three of CRPS, the intensity of pain will typically reach a plateau. CRPS pain is generally constant. However, most patients experience increases and decreases in pain as time passes. Some days may be characterized by extreme pain, while other days are more manageable.
    The pain may spread from the initially-affected area. For example, if CRPS first developed in a patient’s wrist, stage three of CRPS may result in pain throughout the entire arm. The pain may also spread to other parts of the body. CRPS pain from the right arm may spread to the left arm, or throughout the right side of the patient’s body.
Other Stage Three Symptoms
    During stage three of CRPS, the patient’s skin may appear thin and shiny. During the earlier stages of CRPS, the skin of the affected area often fluctuates temperature from warm to cold. However, during stage three of CRPS, the affected skin typically maintains a cool temperature.
Stage Three CRPS Prognosis
    Prognosis for stage three of CRPS is generally poorer than the prognosis for earlier stages of the condition. This is primarily due to the irreversible damage that can occur to the affected muscles, bones, tissues, and skin. Patients who receive aggressive treatment in the earlier stages of CRPS are significantly more likely to experience improvement in the condition. Early treatment may also prevent the patient’s CRPS from progressing to more advanced stages.

    After years of searching for a surgeon who could identify these issues through x-rays, MRI's, and blood work as well as agree to create a procedure and recovery plan tailored to Aidans medical needs. We've finally come across Dr. Raj . Dr. Raj is a Double Board Certified best orthopedic doctor in Los Angeles who has been in private practice for 10 years. Dr. Raj in his short career and at a young age has been named as one of “Americas Top Orthopedists”,  been featured on the “Best of LA” and has received numerous other accolades and awards as one of the Top Orthopedic doctors in Beverly Hills.

   Dr Raj is willing to help after hearing her story and reviewing previous and up to date medical records obtained by his practice. The procedures and recovery plan to come have a success rate of 75-80%. They will also require anywhere from 6-12 months of recovery time and intense physical therapy. The Surgery will require an aggressive surgical approach that will require Bone marrow to be extracted from her hip bone and injected into the damaged areas of her left foot. If successful, she will also need to have the same procedure performed to her lower spine area which also has a great deal of bone loss resulting from her osteoporosis. 

Aidans Surgery Date is scheduled for September 2018 through the 
medical practice of Dr. Raj located in Beverly Hills California. 

More info on Doctor Raj -  ( )


Bone Marrow Transplant 
Removal of Metallic Artifact
Removal of Broken Sesamoid Bone

   We're seeking your Help to fund this procedure because the out of pocket cost with no current employment is going to be almost impossible for her to afford with no job and or disability relief.  Since Aidans Health Insurance (Medi-cal) isn't able to cover the cost for these procedures 
and follow up treatments were reaching out to friends and family for help. I just want to see my girlfriend get justice and be able to lead a normal life without dealing with health issues that were caused by no fault of her own. I'd like to see her walk and maybe one day even run again. If you feel that you can help us in any way whether it be financially, with help finding a lawyer that can dedicate his time to this case or even just reposting this Campaign to help raise money for her surgery, we would really appreciate it and like to say Thank you! 

for any questions or more info you can contact us via email at 

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