I was scammed by a man I met in a Senior chat room he did a lot for me never asked me for anything infact he won my trust and Loyalty because I never caught him in a lie he gifted me money and helped me in my time of need he presented himself as a International investor and Security broker named Jerry Lawson. And he was  a White man. So I thought and said he was White he had an accent it was European. He worked for a Firm in England. He presented documents I did research the Company existed since. 2008 I believed him he always said to me I don't want you to worry or be stressed out about bills or money what criminal in life gives a rats ass about you're well being where do they  do that at. So  I trusted him I never asked anyone for a dime these rich white people kept putting there money in this investment account the Same people all the time so I thought he was Legit why would these. Same wealthy people keep giving there money to a Crook it made no sense to me this only solidified for me that everything was Legal 8 month's after we met I get a call from a white lady named Barbara I ask her how did She get my phone number she said she got it from Mr Solomon Jerry's boss at the Firm. I knew of Mr Solomon so this didn't alarm me she instructed me to handle her money and give it to Mr Solomon for investment. Because I was in the States and Mr Solomon was in Europe she didn't trust doing it herself I did it for her per her instruction a year passes next thing I know I am being taken from Las Vegas to Mechanicsburg Ohio transported like a Slave after just having my fourth knee surgery for this Woman Barbara who said in a Statement Ms  Parker never asked or took anything from me any money I gave was Solely of my choice yet the State of Ohio decided to make an example of me for what Because I was black and Barbara was White  not because I committed any crime simply because I was Black George Floyd was killed by a White policeman my Life was killed by injustice in the Courts. In Ohio its the most racist place on earth I was in the Tri County regional jail. All the employees in this private institution are White And most were racist they treated me like shit I have documents as proof of my Story which I will gladly post they kept me in this racist State for 14 Month s I am homeless at 64. I lost my Sec 8 after 30 years no issues ever but because I was out of my unit past 120 days they took it even after I told them what happened they didn't care I am just another Nigger to them my excellent record on the Sec 8 program didn't mean squat to them . I ported here from Chicago because I couldn't deal with the cold any more I have severe Arthritis because of trauma to my Spine in 1995 I nearly lost my life in a car accident. And became temporarily paralyzed I lost my Career as. A Lab tech early in life due to this accident didn't get to retire didn't get no 401K no pension nothing I live off my SSDI and it's very little having Sec 8 made my life manageable I could live decent now that's gone I can't afford Market rent So basically the Government added another disabled Black woman a Senior to the already over whelmed Homeless population I wanted to video my Story but my phone just won't cooperate it keeps heating up and Shutting down I need money to  move into my own space I am presently in my Daughters home she does not want me here I did everything for this girl but She is evil she has emotionally verbally. And psychologically abused me even put me out after foot surgery on April 22 2020 in 101 degree weather.  Then texted my phone and said the only way you're getting back in this house you better call the police I have proof of all I say here and I will upload all of it She even looked me in my face and said I have not been a good daughter to you but keeps treating me like pure shit I have been very good to my Daughter have rose to the call each and everytime she's needed me and the only time I needed her in my life she Disappoints me. Greatly She presents herself as this Stellar person in her outside phony life she's  called me Bitches countless times who does that to a good Mother she sent me an electronic Mother's day card saying to a Wonderful Mother if I am Wonderful why do you treat me Otherwise She and her Husband took money from the Man that Scammed me he sent it to them for my Legal defense as If I would want anything from this Lying ass Crook. Well they spent it and didn't care that the money was probably scammed from one of his victims in the 30 State's I found out he was scamming. People in She admitted it to my face and said she would do it again it pains my Soul that I am in the home of a person with no Character no integrity. And those are the things I stand for and thought I had instilled in my only child but it's not my Fault she is what she is the way she is it's called Choices and she made her Choice to be as she is I didn't raise her like this .I just want to raise enough money to get out of her house and wait out this HUD waiting list I am on for affordable housing I am so Stressed. I suffer from PTSD Anxiety and deep depression now and I see a Therapists that has diagnosed me with these conditions I cry just about everyday and all I do is  pray and hope God  favors me I will post all my proof on this Funding page this is real I really wish I could have. Made a video theirs a lot more I. Wanted to add also My Daughter has said to me that she is going to make my life as miserable as possible while I am here she threw me out of a Bedroom she gave me to sleep in and threw all my things in the Living room because I slammed a door in her face And would not allow her to call me Bitches and Disrespect me any more I literally had to fight white Women in the Tri County regional jail that tried to bully me and to come home to another Bully I raised is far to much I have pictures I will post also I sleep in the Living room where I have no privacy. . I dress in the bathroom that has no windows. And no ventilation and quite hot after a shower or I dress in her garage please help free me from this hell on Earth I know God hears all prayers and I know he freed me from Ohio he kept sending me a message it said this to shall pass so I am asking you the people to donate to my cause and help me before my Daughter evicts me she has threatened to do that also thank you God bless give if you can 48718896_15922675283315_r.jpeg



Denise Parker 
Las Vegas, NV
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