Medical Emergency

In 2018, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.   Rapid weight gain, shortness of breath, and tiredness.  As the conditioned worsened, they found that I have a weakened left ventricle.  Due to the weakness of this left ventricle, my heart injection fraction had decreased from a normal rate of 60% down to 15%.  

My life is on the line.   It is being managed by daily medication.   With the low blood flow, I developed a pain in my leg.  It felt like a clot.  I went to one hospital here and they did all the tests and said I did not have a clot.  They told me to return home and massage the leg and add a warm compress.  A day later one of my friends just so happen to be visiting me.  I told him I was feeling well.  I laid down and I had excruciating pain in my side and now I could not breathe.  He rushed me to a different hospital.  Within 2 minutes they discovered I had a blood clot and it had broken off and entered in my lungs.   If I had not got to the hospital then, I would have died.  Misdiagnosed by another doctor almost cost me my life.  After revealing to the new doctors of my heart condition, I told them what meds the other hospital had prescribed.  They once again had diagnosed me wrong and prescribed the incorrect med thus worsening my condition.  

The new hospital seemed to be working out for me but then there was an insurance change and I now can no longer receive medical treatment from the Western hospital. So now I had to find another hospital.    In 2019 in the midst of all the health scares, I lost my job in November 2019.   Financially I was able to manage for a few months with no issues. 

The Dilemma

I have a personal loan with my bank.  I have never missed a single payment nor been late but due to the job loss, I missed 3 payments in a row.  January thru March 2020.  After the 3 missed payments, the bank filed a police case against me and put me on a travel ban.  After discussing the matter with the bank, in March they said if I paid them 6000 aed, they would lift the travel ban.  Through the assistance of friends, I was able to pay the 6000 aed.  Everything was okay so I thought. 

 In April, my conditioned worsened and I entered the hospital for 3 weeks.  The bank reached out and wanted more money.  I'm in hospital and am unable to pay anything else.  They offered a solution.  They allowed me defer the April payment.  It was approved and I didnt owe them any money until May 12th.  After getting out of the hospital near the end of April, I was advised by cardiologist here as well as doctors in the U.S. to report to America asap for further review.

With the help a friend, A ticket was purchased for me to America to leave on May 6th.  Upon arrival at the airport at 5 am, I was detained by the police because the bank still had a travel ban against of which I paid 6000 aed to have removed.   They did not keep their end of the bargain in which they themselves made.  I was detained for 18 hours in the airport just sitting in the lobby with the police.  They confiscated my phone.  At 11:30 that night, they said I would be going to jail.  I became ill, they had to take me out of the airport via wheel chair.  I get into the police van and I'm escorted to the police station.   The driver of the van said that I would not be going to jail.   I reached the station and he was correct.  They then returned my cell phone and confiscated my passport.  

The next morning May 7th, I contacted the bank as to why they didn't keep their word and they gave the excuse was that their legal department changed their minds.   They then requested an additional 11200 aed and the travel ban would be lifted so I can get to America asap for treatment.  I am getting worse by the day.  On the morning of May 8th, I paid the additional 11200 aed to have the ban lifted.   May 12th, I am really ill but they requested that I drive to Dubai, 1.5 hour drive, to talk to the loan officers to get the forms needed to release the case.   

Upon arrival, they wanted me to pay more money and to sign a form that I would not take them to court.  I did not pay nor sign this form.  I left the bank as my condition worsened.  I could not breathe, yet I had to drive back 1.5 hours to Abu Dhabi.    Once I arrived I went in to the hospital again for 20 days. 

The bank now wants an additional 11200 aed or 3050 usd. But this time they will not accept the money until they have given me the police release forms. (I have everything in writing)  This is an emergency because they doctors here wants to have me fitted for a pacemaker asap but I would prefer a second opinion before agreeing with this surgery. 

The other 4000 is to cover a rental car.  Upon losing my job, I requested to turn in my car so charges would not continue to accrue over the time that I'm here without a job.    After much debate with the car company, their policy states that no customer is allowed to return the car unless they have all the money to settle the bill at the time of returning the car.   As a result I have a rental car bill that needs to be settled so that is not hindering me from leaving the country as well.  

Everyday that I remain stranded in the country is a day I am losing for the treatment I need to get better.  I presented the letters from each of my doctors to the bank and no compassion was given.  So as a last resort I am seeking the assistance from you so I can get the help that I need. 

Sorry the letter was so long, but hopefully it gives you some deep insight into the dilemma I am enduring.
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