Addisens Rally Against Cancer

On Tuesday July 18 th my sister Sarah took her little baby girl Addisen to see doctor with something that at this time seemed like " not a big deal" possible UTI - Addisen was passing blood in her urine . We all thought " easy fix right ?!? " she will get medication for it and in few days everything will be back to normal .
How little did we know.....
Addisen was sent to Albany Medical - within hours The VanTyles family's whole world was turned upside down !!!
After testing, blood work, CT scans doctors found mass in her left kidney 10 cm tumor ( a size of the infants head) and the heartbreaking diagnosis was Wilms Tumor !!!
I'm sure you all can imagine how shocking of the news this was for Addisens parents and our whole family!!! Our little Addisen has cancer!!! More our little Addisen isn't even 2 years old yet has cancer that doctors greded as stage 3 !!! How is this even possible ?!? How could this happened and how could this happened to her?!?!?
Wilms Tumor is a kidney cancer it is the most common kidney cancer in children and often become quite large in many cases much bigger then the kidney in which it started!!!
The team of doctors met together to determine an action plan.
July 21 st Addisen has surgery - her left kidney that was effected by the cancer was removed as well as her adrenaline glens , doctors considered removing her spleen as well but while in surgery they made choice of to leave the spleen untouched at this time.
The surgery was very long over 7 hour process !!! Addisen is struggling with high blood pressure but thank God with all the prayers and wonderful work of a great team of doctors surgery was a success !!!
But this is just the beginning of what's ahead and what Addisens near future holds for her!!!
So far Addisen has been a strong little girl and a true fighter and we all pray she will stay as strong and " kicks this cancers ass" !!!!
Unfortunately there is so much more to come and it's not going to be " an easy ride"!!!

Last night Addisen was being fitted at Albany Medical for her radiation treatments that will start on Monday the 7 th . This little peanut will have to receive 12 treatments of radiation over 2 weeks that radiation is going to be done every single day with a short break over the weekend !!! But this is not the end!!! On the top of radiation Addisen needs chemotherapy 7 moths of it - 28 weeks of going to Albany and coming back home till is all completed !!!
This is so much for one little girl as I'm sure you can all imagine !!! And of course as every patient with cancer she's dealing with side effects like nausea and pain. Doctors are trying to help as much as they can of course Addisen is taking antibiotic and there is a numbing cream used on her in place where she has her port insert to insure she's as comfortable as possible and I'm sure at some point we'll learn that Addisen needs medication to help her bust her immune system as after all the radiation and chemo she won't be as strong as she is right now!!!
Not everyone knows Addison so I'm going to tell you a little bit about her :)
Addisen is a daughter of Sarah and Eric VanTyle and these great parents are blessed with more then one child they have four all together !!! Trent 11 Reaghan 7 and Finn 4 - Addisen is the youngest one of them and she will be 2 years old on august 17 th . They have home filled with beautiful children and love one for another!!!Addisen is a cute little girl with red curly hair and always has big smile on her face she loves to play with her siblings and her cousins our Tosia is just few month yonger and just loves her !!! She likes to play outside and play dressed up pretending that she's a little princess

Her family can't wait to have her back at home as she can't have visitors due to the risk of anyone bringing any germs etc making her recovery even harder!!!
Her mommy Sarah is off for the summer but while school is in session she's working at our walton school as a substitute teacher and her daddy Eric is working for DEP this job is pretty new to him as he was serving 8 years in army and protecting our county !!! He was twice in Afghanistan and once in Iraq !!! Who could ever even think that they will be dealing with this right now when everything was going so well for them and their little family !!!
So I'm asking everyone who can help HELP US HELP our ADDISEN and her PARENTS !!!
All the money raised will be given to Sarah and Eric VanTyle to help them face all the hospital bills that will come will all Addisens treatments as well as all unanticipated costs of long hospital stay . Admits the worry of Addisen care we hope they don't have to worry about the money. Even with the insurance medical bills can be a burden !!! Traveling costs lost of wages cost of staying in Albany this is all adding up really fast!!!
I believe that together we can make sure that the VanTyle family can concentrate just on their little baby girl and her getting back to good health without the worries of the expensive treatments as they have to stay strong and their heads needs to be clear as Addisen needs then now more the ever!!!
Please SHARE Addisen story the more people with big hearts we can reach the better chance we have to help them!!!
Thank you in advance to anyone who will make difference and donate to our campaign for " Addisens Rally Against Cancer"
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