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I have a sacred calling to take a journey to the amazon rain forest in Peru for healing. Also learning from indigenous tribes ancient knowledge and wisdom that has been forgotten in the western societies. The experience, healings, wisdom, and teachings I gain will benefit not only me but the entire world. I will bring this wisdom and teaching back into the western world for all to learn, and through my healing and experiences, I then can help heal others. 

Qori Inti (pronounced kori inti) comes from the ancient Quechua language of the Andean Highlands. It translates to "gold sun" and references a culture that worshipped the sun as the source of all life. All living things on this planet depend on the sun for sustenance. Without the constant rising of the sun every day, we would lack the energy needed for survival. Like the sun, Qori Inti  comprises an essential part our daily nourishment. I strive to preserve the rich tradition of preparing Amazonian plant remedies in order to bring the wisdom and healing of the rainforest to you.

Master Plants are called so for their amazing curative powers that work in a truly holistic way, addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being. These plants contain powerful spirits that embody the wisdom of the Amazon jungle. 

This practice comes from an ancient but revolutionary belief that every living aspect of creation possesses an individual spirit, even plants. Acknowledging and honoring the life and spirit in all things creates a connection and facilitates profound healing between our own spirit and the natural world that we are an integral part of my work I seek to build a vital connection between the ancient, animistic world of plant spirit healing and our busy modern lives.

This is a sacred trip that was put upon my path for many reasons. I will be writing a book and many other articles while I am in Peru and if anyone would like to stay in touch I will send them these writings. Also there will be many pictures for anyone who is interested. This sacred journey is a heart based journey and my only agenda is to bring healing to the world and humanity. Its a journey of service and humility. I will be in Peru for at least 6 months, depending on how things go I will be there for up to 3 years. During the first 6 months of my journey I will be volunteering in a healing community. Being of service, learning from shipbo shamans and having healings done. Some things I will be doing is.

"¢    Developing the soil management program (composting, mulching, building swales, etc). 
"¢    Seeding, sowing and planting.  
"¢    Helping with the waste management system.
"¢    Building pathways and fencing. Woodwork and help with construction of new buildings.
"¢    Cleaning and sweeping the grounds.
"¢    Generally helping out to also ensure smooth running of guest workshops (link between kitchen and guests, handing out plant remedies prepared by the healers).

The second part of my journey I will find a guide and spend around 1 to 2 years in solitude with this guide in the amazon rain forest. During this time I learn ancient wisdom and teachings, Experience a direct connect with the earth ,and Become a healer and shaman.  This is a heroic calling that I want to fulfill for myself, the earth and humanity. This is one of many sacred journeys I will take but this one is the most important because it will put me on the path of becoming a great healer and leader of the young people on earth today. The children are the future and they need examples of young people who come from unconditional love and high integrity. If you would like any more information about my trip email me at [email redacted]
Approximately 30 years ago, as many as 150 different ethno-linguistic groups could be identified living in the rainforest jungles of Peru. Today less than 30 ethnic groups remain. Among these survivors is one of the oldest ancestral groups, the Shipibo people, who now are at risk of becoming extinct. It is estimated perhaps only 35,000 Shipibo remain living, spread out in as many as 300 different family villages. For centuries, these people have survived primarily through their relationship with the jungle and through activities such as hunting, fishing and traditional agriculture.
Shipibo artisans are well known for their colorful designs on pottery and textiles. Inspired by Ayahuasca-induced visions, creation stories and mythic folklore, these refined geometrical designs are sophisticated interpretations of cosmic realities. This ancient knowledge will be lost if we do not honoring and respecting these peoples way of life.

Becoming a true ayahuasquero really is a very long and hard process that requires considerable sacrifice, patience, courage, strength and determination. It is also a calling from the plants. There are no exact figures / statistics out there but typically in the Shipibo communities, only 3 out of every 10 apprentices will actually make it through an apprenticeship and become true healers. Of the 7 that give up along the way, some will still offer themselves as "healers" to others:!


Authentic ayahuasqueros train for many many years devoting their lives to the plants. It is not possible to apprentice for only a few months and really learn very much from the plants "“ it takes a minimum of 6 months to obtain a basic understanding of what are plant spirits, build a basic relationship with them, learn from them the basics of what is a true plant spirit healer in the Amazon. There are commercial plant dietas / apprenticeships available although I would like to be clear "“ the learning process on these will be more of a theoretical, mental, and basic practical level. True healing can ONLY come when you have built a solid relationship with the plant spirits, shown your ability to sacrifice yourself, passed a series of very challenging tests and have then subsequently been filled with the wisdom, medicine and love of the plants in order to help heal others "“ this takes a long time to achieve:


Fundamentally, when working within Amazonian shamanism, you must build a relationship with the plants spirits "“ it is really the plant spirits who are the doctors "“ who then work through a true healer. A healer is a vessel / conduit for the energies of the plants doctors and the first step in the process of apprenticeship needs to be personal deep healing. In order for the plants to eventually work with you to heal others, you would need to be clean of negative / dense energies. MANY people start the process of dieting without actually focusing sufficiently on their personal healing process to start with. There are different levels of shamanism which essentially start from those who are working more with their mind (and have more interests in their self) working through different levels until you find really good healers (who are working from their hearts). When the mind / ego are not in the way, the healing energies are transmitted much more effectively. It is our focus , when offering advice and guidance to those interested in learning from the plants, to really understand the path, the difficulties involved, the sacrifice that needs to be made, etc.


To work towards becoming a healer, you would need to start off by finding a teacher / a maestro/a (male or female) that would be willing to guide you. Really, it is the plants that teach you to heal. You would need to carry out plant dietas adhering to a very strict food diet in order to sensitize your body to the energy of the plants and often live in difficult conditions (lots of mosquitoes, humid heat, fatigue, no sexual activity, no contact with other people, etc, etc). Each plant requires a different length dieta (to start the process it would be from min 1 month per plant up to 6 months each plant). Each plant has a different energy that they bring to healing patients therefore you would need to diet many different plants. As mentioned, to reach a basic level, you would need to dieta for a minimum of 6 months. This would then give you an initial general understanding of / relationship with the plant spirits although really you would need a minimum of 2 years of dietas before you could start working as a true healer. Then, over time, you would diet more and more plants.


Ayahuasca is really more of a general nexus of the medicinal plants herself acting as a doctor and a teacher (and the "chief" of the plant doctors in the Amazon). She diagnoses the patients and tells the healers which plants to use to heal the patients whilst also working on them herself. It is however by working in ceremony, through ikaros (the songs sung by the plant spirits transmitting their energies) with the plethora of other plant doctors that deep healing is able to be effected.

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The money I will collect will be for my plane ticket and some of the cost towards staying in the healing community I will live at in the first 3 to 6 months that I will be in Peru. I trust in the universe to bring me the rest of the money I need for this trip.

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Anyway someone feels guided to help is much appreciated. The energetic contribution you make towards my journey will come back to you 100 fold. I will offer all free healings when I return to all who help me make this sacred journey. You all will be held dearly in my heart and will be sent love throughout my journey.

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