Teen Girl Losing Mom/Best Friend

Over the past year or so,  our school counselor and my fellow teachers and I have been working with a girl named Alex, and her mom, Sara, who are going through overwhelming challenges. Sara was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease at 40. It caused her to have a stroke, fall backwards and hit her head on concrete. It fractured her skull and the traumatic brain injury put her into a coma. Alex’s father left them years ago so she only has her mom. Alex was so terrified of losing her mom, she hardly left her side. The nurse told Sara that during the coma, Alex stayed with her day and night. She talked to her, cried, told her how much she loved her, and played her favorite music. Miraculously, with surgery, Sara pulled through.

Unfortunately, later scans showed that the injury wasn't healing correctly so she had to have another surgery. Sara learned that the surgery had only been performed six times, and only half of the patients survived. She somehow managed to live through the procedure, but her condition continues to deteriorate with strokes, seizures, and fading senses, including sight, hearing, smell, and taste. They believe the brain injury could leave her immobile or even take her life within 4-8 years.

Alex said:

My mom has always been my best friend. I am a teenager and she continues to be my best friend. My mom is dying. The person who brought me into this world, and throughout my entire existence has strived to give me nothing but the world, is dying. I’m sorry for repeatedly saying it, but it feels foreign coming out of my mouth. There isn’t enough denial left inside of me to burrow up and hide in anymore.

Alex helps take care of her mom, alongside a physical therapist and nurses that specialize in traumatic brain injuries. In addition to this, she is struggling to finish school, and it is overwhelming. She has had to call 911 to save her mom’s life three times, which left her very traumatized. Alex suffers from severe depression, and after calling 911 for the third time, she attempted to take her life and was hospitalized. 

Despite the miracles, they continue to struggle. Alex recently lost her best friend to suicide. Alex and Sara lost their home and had to move to what turned out to be a dangerous neighborhood. This became very clear when a neighbor began harassing and threatening them. They are also afraid to report him to the police because when they did, he retaliated with physical violence and damage to their home. They urgently need to move as soon as possible, but currently can’t afford it. Alex’s laptop, which she uses for school, was damaged by water and they can’t afford to get it fixed. To make matters worse, someone totaled their car while it was parked on the street, and their insurance won't cover it.

They are very private people and don’t like to ask for help--in fact, they have always been the ones donating and volunteering to help others--but Sara finally gave in because she knows her daughter needs the help. She is so grateful that anyone is even willing to help that she cried when I mentioned it to her. My coworkers and I recently brought them some groceries and it was so sad to see the neighborhood they are living in.

The money from this GoFundMe will go toward helping them move into a safe place, and if there is enough, for healthcare, groceries, and transportation Thank you so much for your donation, even if you can only afford $5. 

**Names have been changed for the safety of the individuals involved.
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