A sustainable future for everyone!

I have been presented an amazing opportunity this fall to partake on a 12 day journey in southern California exploring eco-education centers by Earth Journeys.

This experience and education will open up so many new doors, not just for me but for so many others as well.  I believe this tour will allow me to form very important bonds with other people and entities locally, nationally, and perhaps globally as I share my ever growing connection with the earth.

I have always had a passion for nature and for saving our environment, even the little things add up.  Now is as good of a time as any for me to start the BIG things! The knowledge and wisdom I will gain from this trip will allow me to better formulate the next step, and lay down concrete plans towards a sustainability project in my own neighborhood. From this I will continue to grow and broaden the scope.

Sustainability* is very important to me. Having a son has made me realize how self-sustainable I truly wish to be, and how much I want to educate him on all facets of this topic. While one enlightened child can make a difference, multiple children making a huge difference is what I'm aiming for. The younger we can start the journey of appreciation and interest in the natural world, the better!
I have considered time and time again about a career in education but know that I myself am in need of further learning before this is possible. Now that my son is pre-school aged, I feel confident in my decisionto follow my passions and gain success from this scholarly pursuit.

A big reason I feel so strongly about participating in this educational opportunity is how I align with Earth Journeys' mission and foundations. The foundations below are copied directly from their website:

Healthy soil is the key to all of life! Learn how to increase the microbiology in our soil, secure a future of healthy food production and sequester carbon to reverse climate change.

Learn to create nourishing personal and group relationships with tools and frameworks in governance, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and harvesting collective intelligence.

We can no longer afford to lose rainfall by watching it run away to sewers carrying our soil and pollutants with it. Learn how to slow and sink water into the ground to rehydrate our land.

Through transformative activities, we will cultivate positive life habits, release our fears, open our hearts and gain more clarity into our path and purpose as changemakers.

Using natural systems as our guide, we will learn the basics of how to design our land, lives and communities using a framework based in ethics.

Inspired by Joanna Macy, through ritual and lecture, we explore the understanding of our interconnection as humans on this finite earth and open our awareness to the how we grieve the destruction. 

This journey in its entirety and the lasting impact it will have on my life and my ability to affect others is truly exciting for me - I couldn't imagine saying no. I believe in transparency and would like to break down why I am asking for these funds.

The tuition for the tour alone is $1,700, which includes local transport on the eco-tour, all  meals and safe camping accommodations.  I will need to procure a few necessary camping items since we will be camping during the tour, please contact me about specifics.  I’m happy to reuse and recycle!

The transportation included only starts when I arrive at the center in LA, so I would also need help with getting there.

I will also be taking almost two weeks off of work at Whole Foods Market and as a single mother, missing that amount will impact my ability to comfortably pay bills the following month.  I will not use any of these funds towards bills if it is not absolutely necessary. With that being said, any remaining amount of my goal/fund that is met and not directly used for the tour will go towards my own sustainability project.  I will be crafting and executing my project once I return with the knowledge and resources to successfully do so

The deadline for me to pay my tuition is August 15th, so I am hoping to get close enough to my goal by August 1st, and to be able to get everything else in order before the trip itself arrives. 

I welcome any and all questions, and invite anyone(especially those who choose to donate) to inquire about a follow up conversation once I have completed the tour. I will also glady accept any help or advice that doesn't come in monetary value as well!

Be Well, and thank you for your time and consideration!
Beyond Grateful,

Alexis Loftness

*Sustainability- "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

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