**UPDATE: Going for a second Surgery, August 9. My jaw is still broken and my wisdom tooth is digging into the break. I am getting my tooth removed, a metal plate implanted and my mouth wired shut, again. Three hour surgery with five days in the hospital. 
Man grabs woman in her pussy then breaks her jaw while she was defending herself. May 26, 1 in the morning, here in Thailand...

That’s my headline. 
Here’s my story.

Let me start with a little about me. My name is Brittany Bochart and I’m a 26 year old artist from New York. I have been a model for over eight years and traveling the world for over two years. I have been living my dreams, seeing the world and creating magic everywhere I go, with a smile on my face. I am truly blessed.

Life isn’t always so beautiful though. I have been mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually abused and assaulted more times than I can count. Each time makes me stronger than the last. Last year changed me though. I took three men to court for a sexual assault case in a foreign country. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I won! After that, I will never stand back and let people be disrespected. I will never not stand up for myself and for others.

The other night in Chiang Mai, the bar we were at just closed. We were sitting outside, happy as I could be. Two Thai men decided to pee right next to us so I started to record. (Yes, this is all on video/audio.) They begin to talk to my friend and to my camera. Both drunk, the one guy then grabs me by the pussy. That’s right, he pulled a Donald Trump.. I yell at him, I tell him if he does that again, I’ll punch him in the face. (I’m not afraid to get hit by anyone.) For no reason, he then punches my friend in the face, so I said some words and then started swinging. Some of you may disagree with this but I will always defend myself and others.


I got punched over and over by this man, leaving me with a broken jaw.

It is hard to swallow. It is hard to talk. It is hard to drink. It is hard to eat.

I can not close my jaw. It is hard to move. I am okay. I will be okay but I am in a lot of pain and need surgery.

I do not have insurance and the surgery here in Thailand will only cost $5,000 but I could use some help. I am trying to find the best surgeon here and I am looking to get surgery tomorrow. I will spend one night in the hospital.

Every penny helps...

It is never acceptable for a man to hit a woman. Hit a woman so many times and hard enough you break her jaw...

The man has not been arrested yet... Still fighting with the police everyday but right now, need to focus on surgery and healing.

I thank you in advance for your help. The emotional support I’ve received already continues to bring me to tears. Lucky to have so many that care about me. Thank you thank you!
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Brittany Bochart 
Newburgh, NY