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In Jan of 2017 I started a journey of tests which lead to a plan for a partial thyroid removal with suspicious cells. In May 2017 it then turned to a total thyroid removal because of cancer found in a DNA test. In June I had Cancer treatment, which was to kill any remaining thyroid cells, however it has caused many side effects which have effected many systems in my body. Two surgeries later and additional exploratory procedures in July, 2018. The Dr’s are trying to find out why I am Anemic, Blood results are off, there’s inflammation in my body, and getting my systems back in order.

I am Yvonne, a single gal who has a strong work ethic since I was 16. I’ve been acting, singing, teaching, and directing professionally since 1998. I lost my job in November 2017 when my medical leave became a problem with my employer and they had no disability insurance for employees.

Many of you have asked how can we help or support you during this? My honest answer is gifts of financial support. I have depleted any savings I had. My Cars transmission went out in February of 2018 and is sitting in the driveway. My laptop died shortly after that. WiFi and Cable got shut off and things are tight. Family that has assisted, but the monthly burden is even hard for them. Many people have given when this go fund page started in summer of 2017. Some have sent gifts directly to me. Thank you!!! I am also very proud to let you know I have been selling things at my home on FB marketplace and eBay, which equaled $1300 over a 4 month period. If you feel led to give, any amount will help. Thank you!

Here's my story updated on 6/29/18:
On May 16, I was scheduled for a partial thyroidectomy, due to suspicious nodules after Fine Needle Biopsies and Ultrasound results. A few weeks before surgery, we got results back from an extensive DNA test on those cells. It showed cancer. I then had the option to remove the whole thyroid or partial. I opted for the complete removal 6 hour surgery on May 16.

One of my biggest concerns was that my voice would not be damaged during the surgery. The surgeon explained that there are 2 main vocal nerves that run up and down both sides of our neck and they could get paralyzed.

On May 22nd after surgery the pathology report confirmed, it was Papillary Carcinoma Cancer with Hashimoto's disease. Good news my voice was intact! The Dr said, "good thing you said to take the whole Thyroid. If you didn't we would have had to bring you in for another surgery to remove the rest". Due to the size of the tumors they required me to go through Cancer Treatment one month later. During that time I was NOT on Thyroid replacement medication, my body was reaching high levels to be able to receive the treatment. Radioactive Iodine (RAI-131) a toxic way to kill the Papillary Carcinoma Cells. I had to be 7 days quarantined while radioactive. Two weeks from getting the RAI-131 treatment, I went in for a full body scan to see if any cancer cells are remaining or metastasized to other lymph nodes, bone, or lung, which can be common when spread.

July 1st, I was able to start thyroid replacement medication and that is and has been another journey, which I am still on. No easy way to find out dosage, only trial and error till TSH is under 1.0 and I was at high 130, and barely able to move and many other fun side effects (I am being sarcastic there). July 20, I got the word, "the cells did not metastasize anywhere else in your body"! There is some in the thyroid bed and is 0.02% Thyroglobulin. Not even 1%, CANCER FREE! Thank you Lord! Dr. said, "we will test you at 12 wks from scan and then every 3 months for a couple years until I feel that we are out of the woods". The main thing is to not have the Thyroglobulin % increase. That would mean the cells have grown and a tumor is present. I am believing for complete Healing & Wholeness with 0% Thyroglobulin.

Starting in July to present day. I have had attacks of inflammation in different joints in my body, I had shingles mostly like from the stress. In November they thought I had a torn meniscus in my knee which ended up being inflammation and cyst. My hormones have been all over and something caused a large amount of uterine fibroids to grow rapidly. Due to the pain and the amount that we’re found in he MRI I had a myomectomy on 12/16/17. They did this to save my uterus, since I haven’t had kids and I still wanted to have the option.

I was back in the ER on 12/21/17, shortly after that with pain in my chest, while in the ER my Mom was showing symptoms of stress. We are now both in the ER and thankfully my Dad was down in FL to help! I was realized he next day and Mom had to stay, some blockage in her heart. After 2 procedures, on Christmas Day they transferred her to another hospital for open heart bypass surgery on 12/26/17. Mom is doing great and recovering well!

Since January, I have had some discomfort in my abdomen and have 2 growing ovarian cyst. One on the L is no longer simple and is complex. They wanted me to have surgery and I asked to wait and recheck in August. My blood work is showing some downward progressions. So I am now seeing an Orthopedic and Rheumatologist for the inflammation and joint pain, a new Endocrine Dr in July. My new GI Dr will be doing exploratory endoscopy for any bleeding or other things that could be causing the anemia and blood counts.

God has seen me through this journey so far and I know he has me in the palm of his hand. Thank you to those that have reached out to me in prayer and kind words of encouragement. They have been life to me in some dark days this past year.

Any amount will help out so much. I am grateful for so many friends near and far that have been on this journey with me. Thank you! Yvonne
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