Viridian Brewing Company

Who are we?

Over the years my father and I  have continued to convert my fathers garage into a fully functioning brewery, with high quality equipment and commercial level processes.  By leveraging my Engineering background and my fathers' mechanical knowledge, coupled with our decade of joined brewing experience, we formed Viridian Homebrewery in order to brew the beer than what we wanted to drink.  As we continued to brew beer in 2015, we realized that instead of making high quality beer just for ourselves, we could brew it for everyone.  Enter Viridian Brewing Company.

Why Viridian Brewing Company?

We seek to bring to the Grand Rapids, MI area what does not currently exist in substantial form: NEIPAs.  These wonderfully crafted ales shine a different light on the tired IPA style.  While still a hop forward beer that is pale in color, the hop aroma and flavor coupled with a soft mouth-feel make the focal points of the drinking experience; not purely the bitterness.  We like to call these beers Juicy Pale Ales (JPAs).

In order to be successful, we believe that we must uphold and portray the following virtues:

1.   Brew using quality ingredients and elite production processes

2.   Craft unique, character driven products – if we can’t brew it better, we will not brew it at all

3.   Make people as passionate about craft beer as we are

Why will we be successful?

We often hear people ask about the market saturation in Grand Rapids, with so many operating breweries that pose as competition.  The simple answer is that we are approaching market saturation – but it isn’t due to the sheer number of operating breweries – it is due to the demand for quality.  The average consumer knows the difference between boring and uninspired beer and quality beer with defined character.  Now that the market for craft beer continues to soar across Michigan and the US as a whole, the average consumer demands a higher quality product, which will naturally force some of the breweries out of the market.  The virtues at Viridian revolve around bringing consumers the quality that they demand, and rightfully deserve.  

What makes us so different?

Quality - we demand it.  Our most important business virtue is to ensure that the product we offer our customers is of the highest quality that we're physically able to produce.  No matter how large our brewhouse is or how many fermenters we fill - we will remain vigilant in giving our customers a high quality and memorable drinking experience with every beer they taste.

We take an analytical and scientific approach to brewing, which results in the ability to fine tune and fully control the brewing process.  By properly studying and manipulating the chemistry and biology of the brewing process, we are able to create a high quality beer product that a consumer can tell the difference with.

Finally, our signature product (the Juicy Pale Ale) is best enjoyed when it is fresh and has been properly cared for once it is brewed.  For this reason, we will focus a large portion of our sales on schedule 16oz can releases.  These can releases will be held at the tap-house, will be painlessly efficient, and will allow the customer to purchase a variety of Viridian beers in a can.

What is our current status?

* Our extensive business & marketing plan is finished
* We have investor proposals and pitches put together
* The trademark for Viridian Brewing Company is pending USPTO review
* Our LLC formation and company operating agreement are underway
* We have constructed 5 years of financial projection for the company that show that we will be profitable
* We are currently pursuing several properties in Grand Rapids
* We have a lawyer, artist, attorney and architect that are already dedicated to the cause of making Viridian Brewing Company a reality

What do we need from you?

Opening a brewery is expensive.  For the last year we've spent nearly $15,000 on starting Viridian, as well as brewing nearly every weekend to fine tune recipes.  As we move towards our open date of March 2019, we continue to pay for legal fees, license fees, equipment purchases, brewing ingredients and many other costs that are incurred with starting a business.  

Outside of costs already incurred, it is estimated that Viridian Brewing Company will cost just over $500,000.00 to get off the ground successfully, in addition to the $210,000 that we are providing for the start-up costs.  

We need your help to make Viridian happen.

We will use your money for:
1)  Start up costs such as lawyer fees, art work, architecture design support and licensing fees
2)  Equipment purchases for the brewery
3)  Tap-house decorations and furniture
4)  Operating capital for the brewery

Help us make Viridian Brewing Company a reality, so that we can bring our quality craft beer to Grand Rapids, MI.

A note about our "Mug Club":

Considering that we are doing things a bit differently at Viridian, why should we do Mug Club the same as everyone else?  Our mug club will work like this:

1)  For 3 can releases a year (you pick), you are gifted and RESERVED a 4-pack of 16oz cans.  Pick them up at the day of the release, or for a few days after.
2)  Mug Club members can show up an hour early to scheduled can releases
3)  Mug Club members will drink TIER 1 pours out of a larger, 18oz Belgian snifter - for the same price as a normal pour.
4)  Viridian will have four private tasting events per year - and you are invited.  During these events, you will be able to try new experimental brews.

*We are planning on charging $200 / year for a mug club membership*

Cheers and thank you for your support!


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