Ulrich's Journey to Option Process Mentor Training

Hi dear friends and family!

Thank you for coming here. It is a step closer to my dream! My dream is to help people all over the world to help themselves to become happier, stronger and empowered so they can fiercefully reach for the stars and persue their dreams and live their dreams!

We all can be happy if we believe we can and if we want to. I learned this through this amazingly strong yet simple method, that is called The option Process ® Dialogue.

To help others to really take control of their lives and create more happiness: I want to become a Certified Mentor/Counselor!

Becoming certified will help me with several things.
It is a 4 week intensive training program where I explore my own feelings, thoughts and beliefs (like judgments) about all aspects in my own life. I will come out of these 4 weeks knowing who I am, accepting (no more judgments), clear and focused!
That is a major gift for myself. To become the best, best version of myself. This is so cool, because I will be a person that will be happier and more clear as to what I want. This helps me in every aspect. I will be so more open and loving towards my children, wife and friends. Relationships will be honest and without masks. Imagine me going into the Son-Rise® playroom with Hanna when I am 1000% accepting of myself and her and the world around me. This can boost our program for Hanna so much!

Because of my own history of feeling misunderstood and having experts around me telling what is best for me or for my children, I know how important it can be to have someone that really listens, really accepts me, asks questions to gain more clarity about myself. When I started doing dialogues (Option Process® Dialogues) I changed the way I see the world
I started to become more focused to what I think is important and what I think I can do. I started to believe in myself and in a place where I can create my own happiness and comfort of living.
It totally changed how I am as a father to my children. More accepting, loving, playfull. It all started with the dialogue and the Option attitude of being non-judgmental, non-directive and totally believing I am my own best expert on me!

I want to create that space for others. When I am certified, we will start a foundation (oh yeah baby!!) to help other parents who are experiencing difficulties with their child and their place in society because they are/behave different in a way. More news on that in November :)
I really like to help other people and now I found this method that just "clicked". Everything about it, is so what I think is important when helping others.

And the time to do it is now! This year (january 2020!!) is the last year that the certification will be In-Person with the people who created it ! How exciting!!!
I really, really want to be part of that last time magic! Because it is such a magical place.

I'm so excited! Yes!
All I need to do, is clear the cost of the training (a 4 week intensive, morning, day and evening 6 days a week :) ) and I'm all set to go!

So thats why I am asking you, my wonderful friends and family to help me achieve my dream! 

Every contribution you make, will be part of this amazing process of a happier world and will be a part of every dialogue I will do in the future.
You can be part of that amazing process! 

Thank you so much for your donation, love and help!

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Ulrich Van Werkhoven 
Monster, NL