Help launch The Unique Learning Ability Show!

Hi there! I am Rory Lemon, Osteopath and health coach.

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of The Unique Learning Ability Show, looking at learning challenges and top secrets to thrive with confidence, stability and productivity!

My mission is to help people understand how to think well, manage their energy and become emotionally fit, working on their strengths through challenges with learning, neurodiversity issues and chronic health conditions.

Your contribution will help kick-start a movement, community and business supporting my initial needs and all the people it will help going forward!

Why this event?

I found out I was dyslexic when I was 33 years old, and since then, I have broken an old pattern of belief that kept me from reaching my full potential as a creative thought leader and sustainable business owner.

I have seen myself restored to health in so many instances within my life, including psychological problems, often with direct help, and at points, from considerably nocuous conditions.

With this experiential understanding of healing processes in mind, I am driven to work with people going through issues with productivity, neurodiversity, emotional reactivity and overall wellbeing, as these are all things I have been through and overcome in the past.

I love to substantiate healthy habits and self-care beyond the treatment room, using a mix of mental fitness techniques, Holistic Health Hygiene, optimal energy and somatic coaching.

I call this whole process Emotional Energy Fitness (EEF).

I am involved in a project where I'm building out and launching a fantastic online event that will be shown to over 150,000 people. It's a brilliant strategy, foundational to growing my business, and there is an opportunity to support and benefit from it.

The Unique Learning Ability Show, launching on the 12th of October, addresses the issues people face today with their long-term health goals and neurodiversity issues.

It aims to bring together all the best-known practical tools for working with fundamental learning processes, to promote how to thrive with energy, health, productivity, personal relationships and professional performance.

I stand as the source of a transforming world.

I believe that maintaining health and happiness relies directly on understanding our Unique Learning Ability (ULA), and therefore how we relate to the world, support and lead each other as a global community, and utilise learning, growth and inspiration from the inside out.

I believe everyone has a Unique Learning Ability that can be harnessed and employed with significant effect. I think more people need to hear a solid message of positivity for overcoming their learning challenges, thus improving their overall health, productivity and happiness.

This project is backed up by the strategies and tactics of one of the world's top entrepreneurial companies, supported by leaders in this field, so I can launch and continue to build a legitimate and profitable business.

This event will kick-start the development and research into defining what a ULA and EEF can truly help with in society and institutions going forward. 

I'm putting this fundraiser together to help keep me financially stable in the next three months, covering all my requirements and set-up costs before the event is launched.

I'll be super happy and massively grateful for what you can provide!

This money will contribute towards:

  • My living costs for 3 months
  • Summit web hosting, email automation and tech support
  • Copy Writing
  • Personal training and coaching
  • Virtual Assistant

I have been working towards a great opportunity like this for years, and it's finally about to happen!

So thank you so much for your time and patience with me :)

Please share this with anyone you feel would love to support and see this project going forward and create a better world.

Best regards

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