Family In Desperate Need

This GoFundMe page is being established in the hope of raising funds for emergency housing for my daughter, son-in-law, and two young grandsons, who are tragically losing their home through absolutely no fault or doing of their own.  Here's the backstory:

In 2015 my daughter and son-in-law (Teressa and Cordal) purchased their first house together in suburban Baltimore.  It was a nice home for a young couple with two small children (James and Cordal Jr. are 6 and 5 years old respectively).  Shortly after they moved in, a single man bought the townhouse right next door (they share walls with him).  Sadly, for all parties involved, it turns out that the neighbor appears to be SERIOUSLY mentally ill and suffering from dangerous paranoid delusions.  Please check out the timeline below:

December 2016:  The neighbor engages in extremely violent banging on my daughter's front door.  The police were called and the neighbor told them that my son-in-law is a federal agent (he is not), and that he has been harassing him.  A peace order was granted by the courts for 6 months.

March 2016:  The Sheriff's Department served my son-in-law papers informing him of a lawsuit which the neighbor had filed against him.  The lawsuit accused my son-in-law of implanting a tracking device into the neighbor's bone graft, sexual torture, turning his family against him, etc.  Other defendants were named in the lawsuit, to include the neighbor's health insurance provider, his mortgage company, his neighbors who live on the other side of him, and the U.S. Government.  The lawsuit was dismissed in November 2017. However, my son-in-law was required to take several unpaid days off work in order to show up in court to answer these charges.

August 2017:  At 5:00 A.M., my daughter and son-in-law woke up to violent banging on their bedroom wall.  They called the police, who responded and subsequently made contact with the neighbor.  He told the officers that the reason he was banging on the walls was because he believes my son-in-law is sending sound waves through the walls trying to communicate with him.  The police instructed him to cease and desist with the banging.

January 14, 2018:  At 5:14 A.M., the whole family was awakened to violent banging on the bedroom wall again.  However, this time the banging was accompanied by the sound of what was clearly some  kind of power tool that was being used to drill into the wall.  Since these noises sounded SO different and MUCH CLOSER, my son-in-law placed his hand on the wall to investigate.  His blood ran cold when he realized the man next door had actually drilled through his own side of the wall, the firewall, and was INTO MY DAUGHTER AND SON-IN-LAW'S OWN DRYWALL on their side of the townhouse!!  The police were called, and they tried to make contact with the neighbor, but he refused to answer the door.  The police then left, saying there was nothing else they could do.

January 14, 2018:  At 11:44 P.M, the family was awakened again by the same violent banging and use of power tools.  In a panic, they called the police again, who attempted to make contact with the neighbor, who once again refused to answer the door.  The police said there was nothing else they could do.  One of the patrol officers actually had the audacity to inform my daughter that if they continued to call 911 for help with this situation, they could be viewed as abusing the 911 system, and therefore law enforcement would no longer respond!

January 15, 2018:  After returning home from work and school, they immediately heard the same banging, drilling, and chipping noises in their bedroom area.  This time it sounded like it was happening in a different part of the same wall.  Shortly thereafter, the neighbor started banging, drilling, and chipping away on my grandsons' bedroom wall!  The police were NOT called this time, because my daughter and son-in-law recalled how the last officers who responded told them they could be labeled as "911 abusers" for continuing to call for help.  They did call "311" for assistance, but to no avail.

January 16, 2018:  My son-in-law sought a second peace order against the neighbor.  As it stands, he has yet to be served because he will not open his door.  They have been told by police that if he cannot be served, the peace order is not in effect.  

January 18, 2018:  Due to extreme fear for their own lives and especially for the lives of their young sons, they made the decision to vacate their home.  The children were confused, frightened, and unable to understand the upheaval.  Since they had no other viable options, they checked in to a hotel.

In my daughter's own words:

     "Please let me be clear: this is NOT a neighborly dispute or a feud.  This is a one-sided issue with a potentially dangerous man.  We have never provoked him, nor have we ever banged on his walls - not even in response to his banging.  Our only actions have been calling the police, and seeking a peace order in response to his actions.  At the same time, we don't know if he has more sinister intentions regarding our family.  We simply cannot live there while we fear that he may break   through our walls and invade our home."
Also involved in this huge nightmare is the Anne Arundel County Crisis Response Team.  The Lieutenant and his team have responded to the Tucker home to evaluate the situation.  The Lieutenant sympathized with them, but told them that law enforcement's hands are tied and there is nothing they can do.  Apparently, since the neighbor is not demonstrably homicidal or suicidal (yet), law enforcement has no right to enact a forced entry into his home.  

I spent almost a decade in law enforcement myself.  I was a New York City Police Officer assigned to the 32 precinct in the borough of Manhattan.  My son-in-law also has an extensive background working on the front lines of law enforcement.  Neither of us have ever seen such an utterly outrageous and potentially disastrous situation in which local authorities just seem to throw up their hands, and claim they are powerless to help.  In this day and age, AFTER a violent tragedy occurs, Federal and Local officials routinely advise citizens to do the following:  "If you SEE something, SAY something".  Are they listening at all????

This man's parents have each spoken to my daughter and son-in-law on separate occasions.  The mother has confirmed that her son DEFINITELY HAS FIREARMS IN HIS HOME.  She said that the last time she saw the inside of his house (last year), he had painted his walls black and covered them with foil.  He has deactivated the sprinkler system in his house, because it scares him.  He will no longer allow his parents (or anyone) access to his home. Recently, the mother showed up accompanied by the police at his front door, but he just waved at them from the window, and refused to open the door.

Eventually this sick man will probably hurt himself or someone else.  Unfortunately for us ALL,  the fact of the matter is that the state of mental health intervention in this country is REACTIVE and not PROACTIVE.  I suppose if this mentally unstable person starts blasting through the walls with an assault rifle, law enforcement will quickly respond and pick up the dead bodies.  But by then it'll be too late to save anybody.  It just make NO sense whatsoever.

One of the saddest parts of this story is that this neighbor is a  decorated Veteran.  He is a former Marine who served at least one tour of duty in Iraq.  He was honorably discharged.  This man deserves to have someone intervene and assist him in getting the help he needs.  

I realize this story reads like a Lifetime move plot, but I assure you, it is truly happening to my loved ones. The emotional toll, and the fear they have had to endure is still causing sleepless nights filled with nightmares.   And the sudden financial toll is also weighing heavily on them.  They are not people of great financial wealth.  They belong to the hard-working middle class of America, and they are just trying to make ends meet, and provide a safe and happy home for their children.

Currently, they are residing in a cheap hotel with just the basic necessities.. They plan on finding an apartment that will allow my 6 year old grandson to stay in his present school.  They are fighting with their homeowner's insurance company, which is refusing to pay for their emergency accommodations 
(since their situation is unique, unlike a fire, flood, or other natural disaster).  And I believe that is unjust, because the bottom line is that their home is UNINHABITABLE, due to substantiated, verifiable and documented threats to their personal safety.

Sadly, their house will undoubtedly go into foreclosure, since they cannot afford to pay rent on an apartment, AND make a mortgage payment.  Bankruptcy will most likely be their only option, and they have already consulted with a bankruptcy attorney.

They are not legally allowed to rent or sell their home without disclosing the current status of the situation with the next door neighbor..  As honorable people who live a faith based life,  they would never do that anyway, as they know that would just be passing on a nightmare to another family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to everyone who may consider donating any amount to this beautiful family's emergency needs;  and also THANK YOU to everyone who is willing to share this link on their FACEBOOK TIMELINE, so that we can spread the word. Also, and most importantly, thank you for your prayers, as that is a powerful tool that can move mountains.  Please keep in mind that prayer is needed not only for the Tucker family, but also for their neighbor and his parents as well.

Any and all donations collected will go toward defraying the costs of the Tucker family's emergency accommodations, moving expenses, and attorney/bankruptcy fees.  Again, thank you.
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