Help Save The American Dream

AMERICA... IT'S TIME... TO... show the world just how beautiful The Idea of America can really be, when enough people truly believe that- 'America's Founding Promise'... is just an incomplete promise in the process of being completed... instead of being completely untrue.

Welcome to an idea called 'Strategic Equality'... and... my GoFundMe campaign to 'Help Save The American Dream'. It's the place where we begin to bring out the best in America once again--- and it's how we begin to re-build Our Common Ground. So we can finally, truly begin to fix our problems with Racial Injustice & Income Inequality and at the same time, begin to fix Our 'Sick' Economy.

Where to begin? Let's begin here...

It's 19 years after September 11th... and The Endless War just rages on and on and on in one form or another... and all Democrats and Republicans really want is to keep US at war with each other... so they can keep their precious power.

This GoFundMe Campaign to... 'Help Save The American Dream'... is where we will UNITE 300 million Americans and begin to build an America that we can ALL be proud of!

TODAY, AMERICA IS IN REAL CRISIS... and it's time for clear thinking Americans to change course for America.

This new venture that I am asking you to help fund, is a massive Strategic Plan to unite 300 million Americans behind the idea to 'Help Save The American Dream'... so we can respond to... THE GREAT 2020 LEADERSHIP CRISIS... in The Spirit of Unity by building a better, new America that we can... ALL BE PROUD OF... and put politics aside and begin to fix all that has gone so terribly wrong post 9.11.

What is The American Dream? It's this...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,"

In other words... THE AMERICAN DREAM... IS...


The popularity of Social Networking Technology has helped shine a light on why orators, artists and authors have created such sway for themselves throughout human history.

Fundamentally all humans have a story and their infinite value comes from their desire and ability to share it.

Today's technology allows for all people to Tell and... SELL... their story. And if they do share the lessons of their life's journey within the right context and to enough people, society has a very real chance to overcome all of the major crises of our time and so will the future generations to come.

Within each person or nation's climb is The Real Story about what ideas, beliefs and knowledge lead to a successful journey.

With all that is wrong in the world today... it's obvious the 'secrets' need to be shared with as many people and nations as possible.

So it's finally time to use Social Networking Technology to release the light within all of us by ushering in The 'magic' Learning Economy, a new system of economic prosperity that allows every person to play a dual role of Student and Teacher as we teach each other the secrets to living a successful Dream, in every language and every country in the world.

In time, We... You, Me and every person across the Globe will attempt to close "The Circle of Life" with the best stories delivered to the right person at the exact right time, chronicled and available to mankind forever... a Sacred Storytelling Medium of a sort, where each person can know that their life will have value in the now moment and long after they are gone.

This is...!

Over time, we might even turn the world's education system on its head as we learn to ignore the generational wisdom of those who say you must have a degree... to become a Gifted Teacher. This Generation is on the very real verge of proving that being a Student of Life will suffice.

Why is a project like this so important?

What type of an impact do you think 100 million or so new "teachers" could make in the next year or two?

ALSO COMING SOON: The 174 Billion Dollar Entrepreneurial Fund or 'E-Fund' ...

In every city, state and town in America... all Americans Wishing to pursue their American Dream will begin with a visit to their local Library and witness its transformation into a Community Entrepreneurial Support Center.

OR... visit... (coming soon).

The Entrepreneurial Spirit has always been the cornerstone of our Nation's advancement and economy.

Throughout our history, the government has taken a very active and supportive role in commercial enterprises. Now it is time for the government to remove the special interest stranglehold on business development and establish a direct function to widen the average American's access to the benefits of the entrepreneurial umbrella.

We must end the practice of campaign contributions influencing which ventures or industries will receive taxpayer dollars.

The E-Fund will invest taxpayer money at the individual level, based on thoroughness and viability of a business undertaking without regard for political connections and donations.

By making it possible… more will try. And We need more to try!

The Objective is Simple… design institutional infrastructure aimed at demystifying and energizing the entrepreneurial process for those American Citizens with ideas and courage but without the historical experience, family/political connections or seed money to turn their thoughts into tangible value.

Every successful enterprise has common components which lead to success.

We will use social networking technology and a shared National Purpose to ensure the circulation of resources, experience and ideas for the greatest good of... The Many.

The Entrepreneurial Support Centers and E-Fund will make individual skill training and development a primary intention.

The Centers will also provide start-up expertise, seed capital investment and large scale coordination of federal, state and local resources while building a bridge to existing small and large business entities.

The intent of the Entrepreneurial Support Center is to provide idea incubation until the holder(s) of the idea invest enough "sweat equity" to create value which permits the proposition to stand on its own.

Once a sustainable business model is established, banks and other traditional funding mechanisms will take over.

Remember this... "If We build it... Congress MUST fund it!"


Funds raised by this GoFundMe campaign will be used to cover the expenses of launching a Tech Start-Up called 'Freice Media'... and... help make the ideas detailed above a reality.

To learn more about Freice Media please check us out on LinkedIn:

Obviously, it will take a great deal more than 1 million dollars to get a new venture like this off the ground. But with ideas like these... and with financial support coming directly from The American People...

YOU... will begin to help change everything!

Please feel free to connect with me on...



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