The Heaven Whisperer


a wise soul observed that millions of people on Earth agonized over the ramifications of the pandemic and the possibility of death for themselves and their loved ones.

And so, this wise being (nicknamed Theo), decided to create an antidote to counter their fear. He would share his journey from physical life on Earth to non-physical life in Heaven. 

Theo realized his story-telling style would immediately identify him as the author of dozens of children's books. 600 Million readers of his stories would be happy to learn that Theo continued to live and thrive . . . just in a different zip code. 

This would lead his fans to a logical conclusion:  since Theo continued to exist after physical death, so would they. 

And so will you!

To launch his book project, Theo created a team that included a publisher of spiritual psychology (that would be me), a gifted psychic and spiritual healer, Norma Hughes, and Oscar-nominated artist Gary Lund.

First Theo whispered into Norma's quiet mind during her daily meditative walk in the park. He invited her to become his scribe and take dictation for his book.  Norma, who communicated with spirit beings (mostly departed show biz people) on a regular basis, agreed to join Theo's team. 

Theo dictated his EARTH'S GRAND HOTEL manuscript to Norma and asked her to send it to me since I was (at that time), publishing SPIRIT SPEAKS magazine. 


I immediately recognized the writer/illustrator whose stories I'd loved and read, over and over again, to my children and  grandchildren.  

I created an elaborate presentation for EARTH'S GRAND HOTEL and my literary agent presented it to the company which had published Theo's stories when he was physically alive on Earth (but known by a slightly different name).

It seemed logical that his former publisher would be wildly excited to continue a profitable association with one of their best-selling authors.

INDEED, THEY WERE WILDLY EXCITED, but in a manner different than expected.  

The publisher sicced their attorneys from hell who threatened lawsuits galore if I ever, EVER referred to Ted Geisel, Dr. Seuss, or used his trademarked characters in any of our publications. 

Frankly, there's almost nothing as scary as nasty attorneys threatening endless and costly litigation.  Disappointed in the outcome, and majorly pissed off at God for allowing me to travel down this dead-end street, I  slammed and locked the door of SPIRIT SPEAKS and stomped away. I decided to live a normal life of swimming, lunching, reading, hanging out with my husband, and enjoying our grandchildren.

BTW: The full story of soul buddies and the challenges of being hardheaded, stubborn and Irish (as I am) is told in more detail at 

Even though his book project had fallen into the abyss of non-action, Theo didn't give up. He continued to send messages of encouragement which included the manuscript for a second story,  GREEN, that encourages the reader "no matter your size or age, never give up." How appropriate!


I pinned GREEN on my bulletin board and looked at it occasionally. But, because of my fear about publishing the work of  this universally known author might generate legal problems, I chose not to take action.

But Theo continued to whisper in my ear and suggested that I consider a different route to publish his book. He suggested, "just begin the project, all else will unfold in it's most perfect time, space, and way."  In other words, get yourself in gear, and trust in the outcome.

I pondered his suggestion, but the trust factor was difficult for me. Although I'm an author and have been a Time-Life editor and publisher, I'd been inactive for several years. The publishing biz had gone digital and had developed entirely new means to produce and market books. Could I adapt?

The cost factor was another major issue. Creation of a 52-page, four-color book requires many hours of work by the artist and the project producer and requires hiring (and paying for) book marketing professionals to create promotional programs and manage the Alexa briefings. 

So, I enlisted my former art director, Gary Lund, and we decided to create GREEN as a "practice" book. Gary agreed to donate his time and skills until funding became available. 

We plowed through the learning curve and were pleased with our finished product.  (GREEN will be available after EARTH'S GRAND HOTEL has been funded, published, and marketed to readers all over the world.)

We began working on EARTH'S GRAND HOTEL a few weeks before the pandemic erupted around the world.

It became obvious that this  was the most appropriate time to publish guidance from a beloved and trusted storyteller whose personal experience validated the on-going-ness of life. 

Theo's story begins with . . .  

The confusin', amusin' aspects of choosin'
Which spirit to speak with that's not an intrusion
On thoughts of your own (that you feel you are losin'),
Is something we all think about.
For who could be certain
If those who are flirtin' with words that are blurtin'
From 'yond spirit's curtain,
Might wipe us all out with the gout?

So for years did I ponder
On matters up yonder,
'Til fin'ly I wandered there too.

The answers I've found true
Will amaze and astound you!
Thus, sharing my knowledge
From Ghostly-ville college
Is what I'm determined to do.   (End of excerpt).

CURRENTLY, illustration rough drafts and book layout are being created.

The following shows development of the art where Theo tests a newly installed communication device on the 7th floor of Earth's Grand Hotel. 



Theo, Norma, Gary and I thank you for reading about the Heaven Whisperer and his book, EARTH'S GRAND HOTEL.

Please join Theo's team and contribute whatever you can, knowing you'll be helping us share Theo's journey from physical life on Earth to non-physical life in heaven.

His story will comfort and inspire you (and everyone in your personal universe) to face whatever tomorrow presents with more confidence and considerably less fear. 

Thank you for supporting this Heaven-sent  project.


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