Help Save Amber Oaks Educational Farm

The Amber Oaks farm, located in Auburn California, is a 20 acre parcel that has unique soil and irrigation water. This farm has been in operation for the past 56 years. Keith and Shirley Anderson purchased the farm in 1965 as a plan for their retirement. Timothy Boughton grew up next to the farm tending his own raspberry patch from the age of 8. Tim participated in the 4H program with a focus on farming. In 1970, Tim did a 4H project where received an award from the Spreckels Sugar Company for the highest percentage of sugar in sugar beets in Placer County. When Tim turned twelve, Keith asked if he would be willing to work on the farm moving water and raking leaves. Tim started working on the farm and Keith asked if he could have some raspberry starts for his farm. Keith took Tim’s starts and planted 12 short rows which he called the Nursery and started U-Pick raspberries. Keith encouraged Tim to grow enough crops to make an income and he also mentored Tim in planning for the economic future of the Boughton family. In 1988, Keith and Shirley Anderson turned the land over to Tim and his wife Rhonda to manage full time. 

Keith and Shirly allowed the Boughtons to move a modular home on to the property so Tim and Rhonda could better tend to the needs of the farm while also raising their family. Over the years, the farm has produced over a hundred different crops annually for farmers markets, restaurants, and the communities throughout northern California. The Boughton's three children learned from a young age how to tend fields, raise crops, and work hard to support their family’s farm. However, these children were not the only children that learned valuable lessons from the farm. Farmer Tim uses the farm to teach thousands of children about how things grow and where food comes from. Families are invited to come out to the farm to pick crops themselves and learn from Farmer Tim. A yearly tradition for local schools is to have a field trip where classes tour the farm to get a more engaged experience as they taste crops, walk through a kiwi maze, harvest and roast chestnuts in the orchard, search for pumpkins, and have a hayride while learning first hand from Farmer Tim. Many schools have participated in these field trips for over 30 years. The Andersons often encouraged the Boughtons to grow and produce good quality crops and educate all who visit the farm. Tim and Rhonda’s most prized memories of the farm have been  getting to know their regular customers and teaching children.

 Keith Anderson is now over 101 years old. This summer during the peak harvesting season Keith and Shirley moved into an assisted living community. The Anderson’s children have decided to sell the property in order to have the financial capability to aid their parents as they age. The Anderson children support the idea of the land remaining a farm. Tim and Rhonda would love to secure this special fertile farmland before it gets split and developed. The Boughtons do not have enough financial means to do this on their own and they are humbly asking for donations to support them in their desire to preserve the educational farm for the community.

The Boughtons would like to continue to operate the farm and put the land into a land trust. This trust would protect the farmland from being developed into anything other than a farm. The hope is to continue the U-Pick operation, farmers markets, and educational field trips. The Boughtons would love for more children and families to experience farming and learn how their food grows. The Boughtons wish to encourage future generations to farm this land as they have been able to do. 

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