Tragic death

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If you are reading this Go Fund Me Page. Then you may have read something online about this family.

My Name is Sumer. (yes only 1 m). I have known Ronnie for 23 years. We met in grade school. Her high school friend and I have set up this Go Fund me page. You will find out more about this family from this Go Fund me page that is Factual. Unlike the Spin that the news wants to put on what has happen.

I grew up with this family. I can tell you stories upon stories of nights I have stayed at Ronnie’s home or her staying with me. When we were kids you couldn’t find us apart. Connected at the hips our moms would say. Ronnie would call my mom hers and I could call her mom mine. So I feel I have a pretty good idea about this family.

Linked Below you will find the News Stories. You must understand the news will only post what will drive sales. What they have posted is this family had trouble within. But they do not share what kind of trouble’s the family had. Yes, they have Hinted to it the source being LeRoy. But they never go in to that.

Right after I met Ronnie, her family had just moved from a tent in to a trailer. This family of 4 started from nothing. And I mean nothing. When Gary was able to upgrade that Tent to a new travel trailer he was so happy to have been able to provide his family with a roof. Somewhere dry and warm for them to live in. A kitchen for Teresa to cook in. A place they could call home. It was still in the KOA campground. But it was something and it was theirs.

I have watched this family struggle. I have watched LeRoy with his struggles. He as you have read he made things tense in the home. LeRoy had some major struggles. He did some unthinkable things that I’m not willing to go in to details about. Just trust when I say. You would have written him off as a teenager.

But this family. They are not like that. Gary and Teresa fought too help their son the best way that they could. But it seemed no matter how many times they tried to fix whatever LeRoy did. It never seemed to help him in the way he needed in order for him to make life changes. He had gotten into trouble with the Law a time or two. He had gone to Jail a time or 2. The list goes on.

I tell you this because I need you to visualize yourself as a parent with a child who is a daily struggle. Maybe you would have went down the road of hard knocks with him. But Teresa and Gary wouldn’t. That wasn’t their style. I need you to understand this.

So, on top of dealing with a now 44 year old son who on a daily basis makes everyday living difficult. You have a husband who is fighting cancer. And not just a little cancer… Like cancer in his whole body. So, he is in pain… This is a man that you have married almost 50 years ago. This is a man who even at your lowest lows worked his tail off to now provide a home for your family with a home, land. Cars, food… ect. And he is suffering. He is trying to put his best foot forward like he always has. But he is finding it hard everyday to fight this fight. If you talk to anyone that knew Gary and Teresa. They will tell you they were happy. They will tell you they would give you the shirt off their backs and a pillow to lay your head on.

I will never forget after Ronnie’s family got the land out in Bella Vista. When they bought it the land already had a mobile on it. However, the mobile was in bad shape. Gary again worked hard and was able to have a manufactured home placed on this property on Bella Vista Crt. I swear he was as proud as a peacock! You would see him walk tall and proud. This was a defining moment for him. And it was amazing to watch.

So, this all was a surprise to anyone who knew the Wilsons. And yes. When we heard what happened we all thought it was LeRoy. So, to find out that it wasn’t. That is mind blowing. And to find out that it was Mom… Wow… That in itself  knocked us all on our butts.

And even though she did this. You still won’t find someone who will talk badly about Teresa or Gary. We will all fight to keep their names clean.

What I struggle with… Is this… How… And Why.. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. What breaks me.. What makes me cry. Is to think this woman.. This woman that I loved for years, this woman that my best longest childhood friend calls her best friend… How low she got or what happened to push her to the point to do this. And the fact that she of all people got to that point. That in itself is also heartbreaking. She was an amazing woman! And I know she will be missed greatly.

So not only has my friend lost two people who she loved and adored. I have to worry about what is coming next. I have seen my life long friend lose every person in her close little family... And this is  my fear...

I think she is going to end up losing her parents land as well. I know that they didn’t have life insurance. So that’s out. And being that it was mom that set the fire. I’m pretty sure that homeowners is out. We also found out that they may have had to take a second mortgage on the home. So, my fear is Ronnie will lose this land. I know she wants to keep this land. And if you saw how proud Gary was to get to the point where he was able to buy that land. And then put a new home on it for his family. You would want to keep it to. And at the end of the day. If Ronnie wants to walk away from that land. It should be due to her wanting to and being able to be ready to move on. Not a bank taking it from her. She doesn’t have the means to get a loan. Or move the current loan in to her name and take over payments if their are some left to pay.

We now we must find a way to put her parents and brother to rest. We must come up with the funds to place her mom. Victim witness will help with LeRoy (and I’m sure help his wife’s family for her services ) And the Va will be able to cover some costs for Gary. But now we need to find a way to lay mom to rest. They wanted to be cremated. And that is what Ronnie is going to do.

Please keep in mind we have one person that is alive from this family.. And no matter how much I try and keep her away from Social Media. Its not working. Please be mindful of your words. She hurts, and your words can make it much worse. Please be aware of the impact you can make. Please help me, help her keep her parents land. Please help me clean up this land. So, she can start over.

Thank you for your time.

Sumer F.
***********************************************************Hello From Cherie B. 

First, I want to thank you for your time. Let me tell you what has happened.

I’m writing this for one of my best friends who I have known for close to 20 years. We found out that both her parents and older brother along with his new wife have died on January 7th 2018.

Due to a current investigation going on. I can only give what is now public information . The crime investigative team is calling what this a murder suicide. My best friend is the only one left from her family other then her 2 small children. 

She does not have the means to pay for the up coming expenses. She is a stay at home mom. Who home schools her kids as well as take care of home needs. While her husband works to support their family of 5.

At this point we have no idea what the costs are going to be. The home her parents were in has been burned so bad the whole roof feel in on her parents. She is not only going to have to lay 3 people to rest. She is going to have to pay for the home to be removed and processed. And i'm sure the list will go on...

She is a mom of 2 kidos . Her daughter will be 11 next month and her son will be will 9 this year. These two babies have lost two amazing grandparents. Who loved and cared for them so much. Her dad was a vet in the Army. Who was currently fighting cancer. And when he wasn't doing that. He volunteered as a Color Guard. You may have seen him if you have been to a service for a Service man or woman in the last few years. If you were to ask anyone they knew they would tell you that The Wilson's would give you the shirt of their backs.

While my friend is currently married with an amazing husband and step son. She does not have the means to cover the up coming expenses. The time off her husband has taken off to care for Ronnie and the kids, As well as get things started at her parents home. Has all been unpaid. He does not have paid leave at his place of employment. However we are thankful that his employer is allowing him the time to take care of what is going on at home.  We are also very Thankful for those who have helped Dan get what they can save from the home. Every picture or piece of her parents things mean more now then they every have. Its been a lot of work along with keeping Ronnie together.

We have been able to get details about help from the VA to cover Gary and Teresa's cremation. I'm sure you are thinking.... What about Life Insurance and Home Owners. At this point we are unaware what they will cover if anything.

The investigation is still pending and i'm sure will be for sometime to come. In the mean time we need to help Ronnie move on and put this to rest. Knowing Ronnie for as long as i have. She will not be able to full process this until she is done taking care of what needs to be done. She is very much like her parents. In which putting her own needs aside for others. At that point she will be able to Scream, Cry, Be angry... Sad... and just break. And Sumer and I will be there for her when that time comes.

Sumer Falls and myself are the ONLY ones that Ronnie has in charge of Fund Raising. She trusts us fully and knows we will NOT take a dime of what is given. If anything we will make sure what needs to be taken of is. Sumer and I will also be looking in to local business's to place donation buckets in. Please Feel free to ask who picks up the funds. It will only Be Myself, Sumer, Ronnie or her husband Dan Krug ! We are also looking in to maybe a car wash as well as maybe a spaghetti feed. We will keep you all posted via Facebook posts. We will be looking in to ways to help Ronnie as much as we can.

Unlike some we are not here for any spot light or personal gain. I also want to make sure you know that we are not connected with LeRoy's wife's family. From what we understand the only LOCAL family Zoe had was her mother. If any Go fund me account is set up for her or her family that is not connected to this one in anyway.

Again Thank you for your time. I know this is a lot to read. We have linked the news story as well. So you know this is real! Please if you have any questions. Or you want to offer help contact Cherie Burwell Or Sumer Falls Via Facebook. Please do NOT ask about what happened at the home. What we know is limited. And we are not able to talk about what we do know until the police say what took place that night.  At this point we are full of questions and ideas of what took place.  Just like you.... 

We also want to send a big THANK YOU!! To everyone who has donated. We know you work hard for every penny. And we are thankful! This will not heal Ronnie. But it will help with make it easier.  

Please if you have 5$  to give. That will be so appreciated. If not that's okay. But please at least share this.

Even if it’s just a share. Please do at least that!

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