Thank you for Helpind Patsy

It is with heavy hearts that we must let you know that our beloved sister Patsy has passed away. She died on October 24 , 2017 quite suddenly at home.

Patsy had been fighting a very hard and brave fight. Other challenges, heart disease and cancer also presented themselves during her treatment. We are all very grateful for your kindness. Your contributions have helped her get the dialysis treatment she needed. Without a doubt, your donations greatly helped us afford the treatments for Patsy to get some measure of relief on the difficult road she was travelling.

Thank you to everyone of our friends and family who donated and sent messages of love and support. Many of you wrote to share your experiences with Patsy and remember her kindness and her sense of humour.

May she rest in peace now, free from discomfort and pain. She will be greatly missed.

We have chosen to keep this campaign open to continue to raise money to help pay off the remaining medical bills. 

Meet Patsy
Our sister. She is the first daughter of Maurice and Inez Wedemire from Seaford Town Jamaica. Life has thrown some very hard challenges her way but she is soldiering through, when many would have given up.  

When she is well, Patsy loves to crochet and earns money raising chickens, rabbits and pigs on the small family farm. She makes some of the most beautiful crochet centre pieces. Everyone in our family has a crochet piece made by Patsy. Some of the larger pieces have taken years to finish.
Currently she isn't well enough to do her crochet or take care of the animals. 

Patsy is very strong - a breast cancer survivor. She is now suffering from complications due to diabetes. She lives in rural Jamaica where there is a deep strain on the public health care system. 

Patsy's kidneys are failing and currently functioning at less than 10%. Because her body cannot eliminate the toxins in her, every passing day gets a little more difficult for her. She was hospitalized two days ago with difficulty breathing as her lungs kept filling with fluid. They have since drained the fluid and she is on oxygen.  The demand  for access to public health dialysis is extremely high, and unfortunately Patsy is a long way form the top of the waiting list. She will likely need dialysis 2x per week for the rest of her life.

Without dialysis her lungs will continue to fill with fluid and toxins which she cannot eliminate on her own. It's extremely dangerous. It's like drownning while being  poisoned at the same time. Patsy though, is a fighter a tough girl who doesn't really want us to know just how much she is suffering.  Even now in her distress, she still has a sense of humour and doesn't  miss an opportunity to tease. Every day as she waits for dialysis, things become more critical.  

Today we were able to call and ask her if stay at the hospital was helping, she wouldn't tell us that she is suffering. True to her way she is more worried for our mother being at home at the farm alone without her. 

The dialysis that she desperately needs  is available sooner through a private facility however, Patsy needs our help to cover the cost of nearly $2,000 per month.

We as a family will give what we can but her treatment will be long and ongoing. We are told that with regular dialysis this would mean multiple trips per month to Montego Bay to receive treatment. She doesn't drive and  so has to pay for transportation to get to and from the clinic and to cover dialysis and other medications. 
Patsy still has a lot of love to give,  and a lot more teasing to do. The members of her community and church are all praying for her. 

Please help us,  any amount will be much appreciated. Every dollar raised will be used for the sole purpose of giving Patsy a fighting chance.  Jamaica is not on the list of  GoFundMe countries to accept donations  so Patsy cannot access the funds raised by this campaign directly. We are running  the campaign here in Canada on her behalf.  The funds will go to a Canadian account set up specifically for this purpose, and from there, sent directly to Jamaica to manage her care.

Help Patsy  to recover well enough so she can go back home, pick up her crochet needle and yarn, begin creating wonderful pieces, tend to her animals and gather eggs.

She will be so happy to once again be able to do all these things, rejoin her congregation and contribute without struggling to breathe.

On behalf of the family,  Thank you for taking the time to read through this. We really appreciate it. 

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