Please Read my story of Four  long years of Suffering and Fighting to Overcome  Serious Heart Disease, Serious Lung Disease, Cancer, and Extreme Poverty. I get next to no donations because I am Friendless except for my 90 year old sister, who is about as bad off as I am. Please Help. 

 You can make a huge difference in my life by Donating  

I am not asking for a wonder life. That would be total fantasy. I just ask for a life with less hell.  You have  the power to help me. Please think about your power as you read on.

I am 79 years old and I AM VERY POOR. I can't work in any traditional ways due to  MANY  DREADFUL HEALTH PROBLEMS like fighting  Bladder CANCER.  Two Bladder CANCER operations in 2015 followed by years of chemo kept it away. But the Cancer  came back again recently and   had e third Cancer operations April 2, 2019,  .. .... If I could work, I  certainly would  and not be here asking  strangers to give me their support. I cannot even walk up a flight of stairs with out getting badly out of breath due to  Serious Heart Disease, and Serious Lung Disease,

Now here is a LIST of the major HEALTH PROBLEMS  that are treated by the fine doctors and nurses at the hospital, I have CANCER. I have Serious HEART Problems. I recently had a pacemaker put in but I also have aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitation which means I may need serious work done on my heart valve.   Ten years ago I had operations on both eyes.  I have Glaucoma in both eyes. MY EYESIGHT IS FADING. It is harder and harder to read normal size print. I have Arthritis  and Neck Pain. I have breathing troubles. I have digestive problems.  ... It is hard for me to eat food so I am extremely under weight. I keep losing weight. I lost over 75  pounds in the past year.  ... I have acute bronchitis. With all this, sometimes I wonder why I am still alive.

Here is more  about my Cancer.  After my   first TWO CANCER SURGERIES on my Bladder in October, 2015 and November, 2015, I been having series of chemotherapy. Often after chemo sessions I experience very bad side effects were I am very disorientated with chills, pain and high fever and can just lay in bed the whole day and can hardly get anything done.  Than a third Cancer Surgery in April 2019. Now I have a terrible chemo brain. Oh the horror, the horror!


My house needs many serious repairs. IT COMES DOWN TO LACK OF ENOUGH MONEY.

In spite of working very hard since I was 15 years old, I have no savings. I live on a SMALL FIXED MONTHLY INCOME. I live with my frail 90 year old sister, born in 1929. ( She also has serious health issues, ) I am very weak but I help my sister as much as I possibly can.
 We have lived in the house most of our lives and we deeply want to keep it until the very end. .  All our memories and  all that we were and are is in that house and that is just fine despite bad physical condition. However we would be happy to move to a very small, one floor house that has no need for repairs. But we cannot sell our old house for enough money to buy a small house, The only hope is to trade our house for the new house. That may not come to be.  SEE UPDATE  of 2/06/2020 >>>  After a long talk, my 90 year old sister and I came to an overdue conclusion. Our 125 year old house is not wroth saving at all. We need a very small house in a WARM climate. Our old sick bodies can no longer take the hellish cold of Northern Ohio. It is pure hell just to step out the door. Please give what you can. Thank you.  <<<<<

 People on the internet have said many things about me,  Some have said have said I should get a loan, There is no way I could pay a loan back even if I could get one.
Also people have said  I should contact the church, salvation army, goodwill, and places like that, Well I have many times and in the end it most basically say "Sorry we can NOT help." But I get food  at all the food pantries I can get to.  So that does not work out out  at social agencies for me, . ... One reason I don't get help is that I have a life long speech impediment,  many people because of my speech impediment, think I  am just strange, dumb, unfit or just nuts.  The fact is that I have a BA and a high IQ.  But most DO NOT SEE PAST MY SPEECH  IMPEDIMENT. Also that is why I always had a terrible time making friends all my life. 

I do NOT have the benefit of  any friends and family (Except one sister). The last of them  died or I lost all contact with around 12 to 15 years ago.  This is a key reason why I have got so few donations. I am a stranger.  I now know that people  just don't care to give to a stranger.  But if I was in a group of strangers, like in a hurricane, flood or earthquake ,  that would be a different story.  People would give. But a stranger of one like me, NO. No one  will give. I thought that good people  would give  to someone who is all alone in the world and in great need but I was wrong. Very few have given.  But now you can give if you want to make a difference. 

Also some people on the internet have said  terrible things about me. I feel sorry for them for somewhere  along the way they have lost their humanity.

There is a REAL DANGER OF LOSING THE HOUSE BECAUSE OF REAL ESTATE TAXES  AND UTILITY BILLS.                                                                                                                                                                                         
UPDATE 9/28/2019  >>>>> I get out of breath doing normal activities. I have a lot of trouble breathing thru out the day. I have a very hard time urinating and have much pain urinating. I have constipation. Now I must pay for cab rides to my hospital appointments. My free rides from The American, Cancer Society have past the yearly allotment. I can only sleep an hour or so a day. Please Help.    <<<<<<<<

UPDATE 10/26/2019 >>>>>> My breathing problem has gotten worst recently. More and more I have to fight for air. If this goes on like this it may very well end in respiratory failure and death, I need more home care with physical therapy for breathing and also for walking. We must work on this in order for me to live. Help. <<<<<<<<

UPDATE  12/27/2019  > In the area of the second floor bathroom, a water pipe broke causing much water to leak into the kitchen below. It was too much for the handyman to fix. He said I should get a plumber over but went on to say it is a major job and could run into thousands of dollars. To temporarily stop the leak, he had to turn OFF all the hot water in  most the house, Now we cannot wash our hands in second floor bathroom. We only have hot water in the kitchen.     <<<                                                                                                                                                                                             

UPDATE 2/06/2020  >>>>>>  After a long talk, my 90 year old sister and I came to an overdue conclusion. Our 125 year old house is not wroth saving at all. We need a very small house in a WARM climate. Our old sick bodies can no longer take the hellish cold of Northern Ohio. It is pure hell just to step out the door. Please give what you can. Thank you.  <<<<<<<

Can you  please take the time and Give before we die?   It would be greatly appreciated. It will help  full the ugly void. 

Have a Wonderful Life
Thank you,

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