Soften the blow to Nick's Sarcoma!

About three months ago, Nick noticed he had a little swelling on his right calf. Because he is an avid urban biker and only 32 years old, he brushed it off. Soon after, he noticed he was having some pain in the area. Again, he thought he must have pulled a muscle or something of that nature. His calf continued to swell and cause him more extreme pain so he went to his doctor who advised him to keep an eye on it and come back if it didn't go away.  It didn't go away. After X-Rays and a CT scan, his doctor referred him to a oncology surgeon, who biopsied the swollen calf.  The biopsy revealed that Nick had high grade undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma .  

Soft tissue sarcoma  is a very rare cancer, accounting for about 1 % of all new cancer cases each year.  The sub-type that Nick has, undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma, accounts for around 5% of all sarcoma. 

As of now, his treatment plan includes three rounds of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before surgery. If all goes well, he will then have limb salvage surgery. Limb salvage surgery is done with the intent of  trying to avoid amputation by removing the cancer and a margin of healthy tissue around it, leaving as much functional use of the limb as possible.  The surgery will then be followed by three more rounds of chemotherapy. Nick is scheduled to begin his first round of chemotherapy next week.

Because of the fast growth rate of this cancer, Nick has been in great amounts of pain. He has been unable to work for the past few months because of his symptoms. His monthly bills are starting to pile up and adding high levels of stress to an already incomprehensible situation. 

My heart is breaking for him a little more as each day passes. He has been so positive throughout this journey so far. However, as the pain continues to worsen, the bills continue to pile up and the fact that he has cancer becomes more real, I see it starting to take a toll on him.  What lies ahead for Nick is a very rough and scary road. Seeing him prepare to go down that path while being constantly worried about keeping a roof over his head and food in his belly  is almost unbearable. 

You see, Nick is my little brother. As the older sibling, it has always been my job to look after him. However, no matter how much I want to, I cannot make this better for him.  What I can do is pray. And listen. And ask you to help me help him. 

Any donations that Nick receives will go towards his rent, utilities and food.  The doctors have informed him that even if everything goes exactly as planned, he probably won't be able to work for at least a year. Your donations will help keep the added stress of unpayable bills away. They will help to pay for his medications, including insulin. Nick also happens to be a type-1 diabetic since childhood. Getting healthy food in his body is going to be of the utmost importance.  They will also help him remember there is good in the world and something worth fighting for. Finally, they will help his big sister sleep a little easier.  

Even if you can only donate $5, please consider it. It will still be so very appreciated. My goal is for Nick to have this weight off of him before he starts treatment, so he can save all his energy for what lies ahead of him. 

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