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12/10/18 Update:  Friends,  Earlier this year many were so kind to donate money for my friend to try and get home to see her sick mother.  We did not raise the needed mother and by the time summer came around when her children could travel the ticket prices had gone up to over $1000 per ticket.  I have put all the money aside waiting for an additional opportunity for her to travel.  In the meantime, her father has been diagnosed with liver and bone cancer and although he is being treated, his cancer is severe, his prognosis is poor, and his health is declining.  Ticket prices are now back to the $700 range and I'd like to see if we can raise another $1500 to send her and her children home.  Not only will she see her parents, possibly for the last time, she will also be able to get her high school diploma, that has been impossible to obtain from here in the United States (and her abusive husband took it from her when he abandoned them years ago).  This is vitally important for her future earning potential and potential educational experiences.  

I give you my word that I will post pictures of the tickets and proof of the travel and expenses to justify the funds raised.  I have no personal interest in this money whatsoever.  I have personally contributed to this family and paid for her children's passports, but at present, cannot fund the additional $1500 as I am now in grad school for social work, so am requesting collaboration from others. 

You can read the original story below if you are not familiar with her story.  

Thank you for your consideration,


Jan 18
Please help my friend get home to her sick mother and father on the African continent.  My friend hasn't seen her in 9 yrs and since then she has been the victim of horrific domestic violence by her husband here in America before he fled back to their country, leaving her with three small children 8, 6, and 4; at the time he deserted them, they were 5, 4, and 6 months old.  
     Her mother is elderly and suffering from complications of diabetes and is in and out of the hospital.  My friend fears she'll not see her again if she doesn't get home soon.  Plus, her precious children have never even met their grandparents....ever.   This woman and her 3 children are American citizens.  Many have asked her "why don't you just go home and let your family take care of you?"  The answer is this.  Her family back home is poverty stricken and she has no hope for a better life for herself or her children if she returns to live in her home country.  Here in America, she's working hard to improve her English language skills, get her GED, and provide for her children the life that is possible in America.  Like us all, she wants her children to have a better life than she had.  Don't we all want the same things?   

     Will you help?  Tickets to her country are currently on sale so I'm trying to raise enough to send them all home while the price is more reasonable.  
     I will upload pictures to document her trip when she returns.  Let's not let this woman, whose suffered so much pain, loose her mother without seeing her again or having her own mother meet her grandchildren.  

Thank you for your consideration.  If everyone gave, even just a few dollars, and continued to share, we could change the life of this family forever.
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    • $150 
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    • $50 
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    • $20 
    • 44 mos
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    • $25 
    • 54 mos
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