Matrix-Q Research Institute

I would like Matrix-Q Knowledge to become available globally,  for the most complex and pressing challenges of human kind to be solved, with trapped value release and nature inspired innovation.


Matrix-Q Knowledge applications already developed are diverse and multidisciplinary
Our new mathematics system and algorithms design methodology have proven to serve natural and social science, as well as ICT applications and health innovations. We would like to continue research on the background knowledge and innovation.

For most of the applications fields below we have already developed solutions.[✔️]
For few that are extremely important and that would solve pressing issues of our time like climate change and quantum computing, we still need to complete research and development. [ ⚛️ ✔️% R&D : still under development]

[✔️] Education: new methodology  
[✔️] Sustainable Development : Systemic and inclusive methodology
[✔️] Circular Economy - Human Inclusive Circularity (new model)
[✔️] Climate Change - Innovation Tool  (Smart App)
[✔️] SDG2030 (Innovations in SDG3,4,5,8,9,10,11,12,13,16 & 17)
[✔️] Leadership (Complete leadership development program for adults, children and executives)
[✔️] Resilience & Collective Emotional Intelligence (Actionable tools and methods)
[✔️] Gender Equity Effectiveness (Methodology)
[✔️] Sustainable Global Economy (9 Economies Methodology)

[✔️] Mild Cognitive Impairment (Sonic & Visual Therapy)
[ ⚛️ ✔️] A.D. (R&D 10%: still under development)
[ ⚛️ ✔️] Neuroscience - Brain Mapping Tool (30% R&D : still under development)
[ ⚛️ ✔️] Quality of Life - Assessment Tool (50% R&D : still under development)
[ ⚛️✔️ ] Life Span ( 30% R&D : still under development)
[ ⚛️ ✔️] DNA Studies, Human Potential (30% R&D : still under development)

[✔️] Systemic Strategic Management Tools
[✔️] Corporate immunology - Methodology
[✔️] Time reversible algorithms ( R&D 60%  : still under development)
[✔️] Consultancy, coaching, training standard, licenses

[✔️] Emotional Intelligence
[✔️] Matrix-Q Intelligence 
[✔️] Quantification of human capital value tools
[✔️] Complex Thinking  
[✔️] Brain GYM (Brain performance enhancement methodology)
[✔️] Creativity
[✔️] Communication : Actionable communication method
[✔️] Human encoding (new human archetypes model)
[⚛️ ✔️] Arts and Music Instruments (80% R&D : still under development)
[✔️] Family & Parenting

[✔️] Artificial Intelligence: New programming language for A.I. (R&D : still under development)
[✔️] Mathematics (New mathematics system and algorithms design methodology)
[ ⚛️ ✔️] Engines / Machines design (10% R&D : still under development)
[ ⚛️ ✔️] Materials : new materials, nano technology. (10% R&D : still under development)
[ ⚛️ ✔️] Clean Energy  (10% R&D : still under development)
[ ⚛️ ✔️] Quantum Computing ( 40% R&D : still under development)
[✔️] Smart Applications, e-Games, e-Learning (new production methodology) A.I. (Machine Learning)


1993-2019 Field Research "Nature Inspired Knowledge and Technology of Ancient Cultures & Civilizations"
1993-1998 Multidisciplinary exploration
1998-2007 Travel and field research
2007-2016  Pilot projects and validation of knowledge, development of practical applications through consultancy, training, coaching, publications.
2016-2019 Publications Scientific Research Network, Scalable Innovations Design, Register of the Non Profit Matrix-Q Research Institute, Incubation of Innovation Projects
2018-2019  Validation and organization of innovation-start ups


I believe that nature-inspired knowledge, wisdom, and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations have an answer to the future of humankind. 
A bridge in time, between cultures and civilizations. 

Within the stream of human evolution, a journey filled with learning lessons for the human-global collective to become.  For each new generation, an opportunity to actualize nature inspired knowledge and apply it to the needs of their current time. 

I believe we are living at the edge of a wonderful global opportunity: to come together as humanity, take responsibility for the human footprint on our planet and create a circular sustainable global civilization. 

We are all invited to play a role in this journey. With a collective conscious effort, we will become successful in creating the world and the future we want. 

Climate Innovation, for example, will pivot and harness climate change outcomes. It is a priority global challenge.


- Natural Language Publications -
The Matrix-Q Knowledge Publications available are still raw in technical and scientific and symbolic language, that belongs to the field of study and instruments necessary for its use. It is not yet written in a language that can be accessible for every one, from scientists, to technologist and innovators, entrepreneurs, community care-takers, family house-holders and leaders.

- Scientific Research -
We have seen only 10% of the potential of this innovative knowledge (see list above). In order to bring more of it to humanity its necessary more research, for which a lab, equipment, installations, materials, technology and multidisciplinary collaboration is needed. The capital necessary for research and development, innovation for pressing issues like clean energy, climate change, life span, neuroscience, for example.

- Legacy - TorchBearers - Exponential Multiplicators
Our founder would like to bring by the most of his knowledge and insight to as many researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, trainers, coaches, leaders and consultants as possibles.  Infrastructure, budget for reaching out to the most qualified candidates and supporting them in their learning process is needed. We would like to facilitate this knowledge to engaged young leaders from all around the world. In order to make this knowledge and innovative resources to them world wide, we need of a budget.

- Implementation - Social Entrepreneurship
Matrix-Q Knowledge innovation ready to be delivered is being deployed by our non profit organization. Yet in order to access to global deployment channels, and  with social and systemic impact reach beneficiaries globally, we have learned it is necessary to implement start-ups and scale ups. Seed capital is necessary to support these ventures and the teams that engage into their development. Once the start ups have reached a stable level of revenue generation, we will be able to fund ourselves as an ecosystem.

- Funding Campaigns  -
In order to create funding campaigns, travel to meet potential funders, donors or loaners, for marketing campaigns we also need an important budget.

- Legal register of a non profit, Matrix-Q Research Institute in The Netherlands. Our innovations for climate change in clean energy field need of a lab and additional technical team.
- Legal register of 3 limited liability companies, with key innovations, which each of them needs of seed capital 100.000,00 EUR each
- Organization of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Partners and Collaborations in the Netherlands. 
- Currently we are producing one smart app, go live summer 2019
- Consultancy, training and coaching services will be promoted in 2019
- A new publication is in draft, we need a team of editors and publishers.
- We still need a team of sales representatives and marketing, to support our first steps into the market.
- We are building a new sales website.

-The Matrix-Q Research Institute  Research, publications, ecosystem
-Circular Economy, Human Capital, SDG & Climate Change
-Torchbearers, Multiplicators & Associated Consultants
-ICT Applications Development
-Human Enhancement

Our focus changes fully to production and commercialization, of few products and services, we believe will generate a return; yet we have not continued with research and innovation in fields of work, like clean energy, climate innovation, materials, neuroscience, that would solve pressing issues for human kind the following 20 years.


With your support we will be able to continue research and innovation, and also support the process of implementation, reach out to the right team members, share our knowledge globally, support leaders, communities, create a social systemic impact.



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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 
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