My dear friend

My best friend (she decided to keep her identity hidden and I will respect that) was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 12 years old. She’s lived a healthy and normal life and never had complications until a few years ago when they arose and were very severe. She is the kindest, smartest and most hard working human I have ever met, and she is the strongest human you will ever know. If you happen to see a photo of her or meet her you might see how kind and full of life she is. She radiates wisdom and energy and she has a big heart . She is one of the rarest girls in the world. She’s always been there for me and I am now here to do the same.

Last year she was in and out of the hospital at least 1-2 times per month for a week at a time because she couldn’t even keep fluids down and her blood pressure was around 60/30. She was so dizzy all the time she could barely walk and would often faint. Some of her complications include recurrent UTI’s that are resistant to every medication. Every medication they give her will only work one time, then she becomes resistant and has to start another medication and the UTI does not go away. She doesn’t get normal symptoms as the UTI presents itself with terrible nausea and vomiting which leads to severe dehydration and ending up in the hospital for fluids. Now that she is resistant to every oral medication she has to go on a series of IV medication to get rid of the infection and then start a series of oral preventative medications. She also has gastroparesis (a chronic condition that affects the stomach muscles and prevents proper stomach emptying), micro hemorrhages in the brain, hair thinning, random blisters on her lower limbs- legs, feet, ankles that take forever to heal and once they do, they leave huge VERY UNATTRACTIVE scars (see pics below). Hopefully laser treatment will help this but is very expensive and not covered by insurance.  

Another side effect that came about is her compromised vision called retinopathy. As a result every month she has to get injections of Lucentis in both eyes so that she does not lose her vision. Luckily this is working! She’s also anemic and has had to get 3 blood transfusions because of internal bleeding but nobody could find out from where. They believe she has Chronic Lyme disease although it is impossible to completely diagnose it. Although the bands from the spinal tap point towards Lyme. 

My friend has seen a series of doctors including: Infections Disease Dr., Hematologist, Gastroenterologist, Urologist, Endocrinologist, Ophthalmologist and of course her diabetes doctor. She is one of those rare cases where nobody can completely figure out what is causing all of these issues. Her urologist told her he has never seen a case like hers in the 37 years he has been practicing.

Her journey is probably not like anyone else’s, or understood, but it is hers and I’m with her in this and we need your help!

At this point, her team of doctors thinks that the last alternative treatment would be Stem Cell Treatment. This would help with both the Diabetes and Lyme and hopefully the gastroparesis as well. Since she has been on such intense antibiotics, her system is completely wiped out so this treatment would be the best option and probably the only one affective but the reason why I’m writing to you all is because Stem Cell Treatment IS NOT COVERED BY ANY MEDICAL INSURANCE. We are hoping to get her to Europe asap, hopefully by this fall she will have gotten all the treatments needed and could approach 2019 with a healthier and much stronger body.

What will the money be used for?
- IV antibiotics for Lyme
- Stem Cell Treatment (ONLY) overseas
- Specialized blood work from labs out of network 
- Cost of travel and accommodations while oversees for the treatment.

We are so grateful in advance for the generous help we might receive. I hope everyone could come along for this ride now and show us that compassion and understanding can go a long way.
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