School supplies for Maasai

** UPDATE! August 22 2017:
So much thanks to be giving to everyone that has contributed! WOWEY what a supportive message we each are sending about one world, one love. Your contributions have been put to good use. We are digging the trenches for the piping into the school for the water-filter. Its a giant tank that drops 50m into the earth where there is a natural spring river coming from Mount Kilimanjaro already available to drink, wash, bathe and serve livestock or farmland. John-Claude and Valerie, the founders of Q.O.A, have put in two water tanks, motor and pump over the course of this year. It serves for the whole Maasai community! It has helped the Maasai people shorten their 10 km walk to water sources or the river to just a short walk of 2-10 minutes. We have given the children who live in the surrounding burmas -small homes of families that serve 2-6 houses of Maasai families- new/used donated clothes, 5 out of 15 basketballs (so far), 8 hula hoops and lots of play, write and draw time. They have all echoed their gratitude for the generosity with lots of laughter, ASANTI-SANA which means thank you very much in Swahili and lots of visits to the Q.O.A Osotua Village burma. I will keep you updated over time. We have upgraded the donation amount to $6,000 in hopes of paying for more labor to build a basketball court, add Solar panels, and whatever other needs we would like to add here as well as the wildlife sanctuary at Kigio Conservancy. THANK YOU! ASANTI-SANA<3

July 30th will mark the start of a first HUGE expedition to Kenya, Africa for three months of immersive experience, teaching and learning with the Maasai children of the Quand on Aime school. Located 4 hours from Nairobi town in a small village called Osotua, the school holds everyday 80 Maasai children aged 5 to 10 years old.

Your support to this campaign is a chance for you to have a DIRECT impact on the lives of these children. Every dollar will go straight towards funding the flowing projects without any losses associated with overhead costs:

- Installation of a running clean water system with water supply for a full year ($1,500)
- School materials (chairs, desks, pens, paper, etc.) ($720)
- Additional contributions allocated towards other necessities (food, clothing, teachers, etc.)

This is a high impact project with positive encouragement to the future lives of these children. For the Maasai tribes, receiving adequate education is a mean of survival. There are inherent cultural discriminatory barriers to gain access to higher skilled jobs, this prevents the Maasais to integrate adequately within their economically growing society.

Your contribution will help their future right now!

Project link for more info:!

--QOA Association support a local non-profit organization and that for a few years. Conducted by Helen Goiran, Osotua, Children Women Environmental Organization"working for the well-being and the better life of one of the Amboseli Maasai communities, renamed Osotua. It is she who built the school 'Osotua Ebenezer Nursery School' opened in 2012 (Ebenezer meaning "blessed of the gods") with two classes of kindergarten of 80 students.

---"...with a need of both integration and literacy.
Today, it is necessary to help them preserve their culture, while allowing them to adapt to current lifestyles and expectations of society. Where the birth of our project "Osotua."-
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