Medical Expenses for Loyd

Loyd is 20 years old.  He has found himself struggling with a lot of issues.  He has had sleep apnea for most of his life and he began self medicating with melatonin about 5 years ago, trying to get enough sleep.  That issue has snowballed and he has been using 50-60 times the recommended dose at bedtime, and even began using it all day throughout the day.  It had begun to do the opposite of its purpose and was keeping him awake.  He struggles with ADD, and thought it was helping him stay focused when he took it in the daytime. 

Then Loyd decided to try alcohol when no one was looking at a friend's house about 4 years ago.  The alcohol use intensified last year and he gave it up a couple of months ago.  

Somewhere along the way, my best guess is about 2 years ago, he was exposed to marijuana.  He dabbled in it for a while before deciding to quit in Aug of last year.  But that didn't last long.  He started using again shortly after because he needed help from professionals.

He spent a whole month with me in Colorado during October of last year. During that month we thought he had altitude sickness, but now we realize it was withdrawal from the marijuana.  It was causing him to have difficulty sleeping and have stomach pains.  Once it even made him feel like he was going to throw up. 

He went back to Texas and began using marijuana again.  And then, the first weekend of December he decided to try meth.  He used it for a whole 24 hour period and does not know how much he did, but it scared him enough to never want to do it again.  

But the marijuana use continued, and intesified.  He was using a lot, most every day.  We had no idea that anything was going on.  Everything seemed completely normal.

He came to spend a week with us again in Colorado for our Christmas celebration from the 28th of Dec thru Jan 8th.  Again we saw signs of withdrawal from the marijuana, but it was explained away with altitude sickness.  

When he returned to Texas in January, he again tried to quit since he had already been without it for several days.  But, again, without help, he didn't last long on his own.  He fell back to the marijuana again.  

At that point, though, he had lost a lot of sleep, was still taking a massive amount of melatonin, had not been eating well, was sick with an ear infection, and had just recieved some personal news that overwhelmed him.  All of this, combined with family history of mental illness, and possibly other factors that we have yet to discover, created the perfect storm for him to have a psychotic break from reality.  

All of the drug screening lab tests were perfomed within hours of the event, and repeated 3 days later.  They show only the marijuana that he smoked and the meds that were adminstered to him by paramedics.  

Right now there are no easy answers and no quick fixes.  He is currently in a behavorial health facility that is only for stabilization.  He needs long term help and that is expensive.  

Loyd needs psychiatric treatment, chemical dependency treatment, and a lot of Biblically sound counseling/guidance.  

I have found a few options.  They all cost money.  My insurance will cover some of the expenses, but I have a $4000 deductible, plus copays after that.  

I promise that any monies that are donated will be used to pay the bills we have already now accrued,  to transport Loyd to treatment, and provide treatment.   

This is my baby boy.  Loyd is incredibly brilliant and has such a bright future if he can move forward with God, and learn how to stay away from harmful things. 

Loyd wants to be a youth pastor, or whatever God leads him to.  Loyd wants to never go back to this.  He is ready to get help and move forward with God.  

I believe I have found the perfect facility for him that will treat him, body, mind, and spirit.  I just need help getting him there and meeting our deductible and other copays.  IF everyone could give $5, $10, $20, or whatever amount you can afford, I know the goal will be easily met.  

I absolutely cannot do any of this alone.  We are dependent on God to see us through.  We need everyone's help and support with encouraging words, prayers, vigilance to keep him clean and sober, and right now financial help as well.  

Thank you all so very much for your outpouring of love, and prayers.
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