Limbe Wildlife Centre Gorillas

Dear all,

November 2009 was the first time that I volunteered at the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon. Almost every year since then,sometimes twice a year, I returned to visit or to volunteer.

Until recently, LWC had 2 gorilla groups, made of 16 individuals.

Group 1 included Chella, Nyango, Brighter, Balinga,  Akiba, Atinbe,Emma, Twigs, Batek and Benito.
Unfortunately Nyango died last year in november.

Group 2 included Arno, Tinu, Abby, Jumbo and Adjibolo.

Few years ago,as Batek and Benito were reaching full male maturity and became silverbacks, they were separated from Chella's group and lived as solitary male, all sharing one enclosure. Arno's group enjoying outings every days.

In 2016, the social units were recomposed, and females introduced to Batek and Benito to form their own group. Batek's group includes Pitchou and Benito's group includes Jumbo and Adjibolo. The new groups are content with their group members.

Unfortunately, the 3 groups,(Batek's, Chella's and
Benito's)must share the outside enclosure and therefore go out 2 or 3 days a week. Because the outdoor enclosure is quite large, LWC is considering splitting the outside enclosure into 2 separate spaces so that the 3 groups can increase their outdoor time.

With the talents of  Cedric, volunteer engineer, and Vallarine, construction manager at LWC, a desigh for the modified outdoor enclosure  has been made for the entire populations and the 2 enclosures.

I think it's most important for the outdoor enclosure construction for group 1 (which includes the 3 subgroups) take place so that all groups can increase their outdoor time. I would like to help LWC raise money for this project.The project cost estimate 11.500 euro/13.500 USD. I will start fundraising through the website "" and hope that many of you will consider making a donation.I will personally double the amount of funds raised by the first 10 donations. I will also try to raise money in other ways and will provide updates on facebook.

In november , I hope to go back to Limbe and deliver the donated money to managment.

Best regards,

Annelies Begas

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Annelies Begas 
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