Surgery for Kuma Latte Lee's Knees

This adorable darling is Kuma Latte Lee, and he's one of two pomeranians we rescued last year. He is only 1 year, 4 months old and has a full doggy life ahead of him!

Unfortunately, he was born with a condition called Patellar Luxation, which causes the hind knees to displace out of position. He currently suffers from a Grade 4 Luxation (the worst level) in his right leg and a Grade 3 Luxation in his left.

Kuma cannot use his right hind leg at all, and his left leg will most likely worsen to a grade 4 if left untreated. This would leave him without the use of both his hind legs =[

His left knee also displaces frequently, at which point he ends up either crawling/limping slowly or walks using only his two front legs while balancing both hind legs off the floor (a trick he learned to cope).

The vet strongly recommended surgery on both knees, and an estimate for just the right leg came out to $3,548.20-$3,751.84. We would need to double that for the left leg, and these estimates don't account for the cost of the physical therapy he will need post surgery.

Our family is in no position to afford the medical bill, but leaving Kuma untreated is not an option.  Thus, we turn to all of you out there to please help Kuma! Any and every amount donated will go a long way and sharing Kuma's page is also forever appreciated by Kuma and the Lee family

Despite having to hop around on 3 legs, Kuma loves life + treats (broccoli is his favorite), and is as happy as he can be. He loves the outdoors, but is no longer allowed to go out for long periods of time because of his condition. We humbly ask you for help so that Kuma can look forward to years of running and jumping with other dogs again.

Kuma (and Coco's) Instagram: @kumacocopuffs

(Baby Kuma)

(Sleepy Kuma)

(Valiant Kuma)

(Shy Kuma)

(Wet Kuma)

(Kuma's Awkward Smile)

(Kuma's Gaze)

(Kuma in a Cup)

(Kuma in a Bag)

(Kuma in a Box - If Kuma Fits, Kuma Sits)

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